Zombie Quicksilver wasn’t even the first Marvel zombie (at least their version) to appear on WandaVision: A few episodes ago, in We Interrupt This Program, Vision also appeared briefly in a not quite lively state. When Wanda tells her beloved husband that Geraldine had to hurry home, she sees him as the undead, with his head partially destroyed, just as it was when Thanos ripped the Stone from his mind. All of this leads viewers to believe that Wanda can keep her husband and brother alive if she is focused and loses the ability to do so if she is distracted…. but we shall see. In the meantime, let’s take a look at The Vision of Zombies as it appears in the comic books.

The life of Earth Vision-2149 was much the same as that of Earth Vision-616, although his creation, his rebellion against Ultron, and perhaps his marriage and divorce from Scarlet Witch occurred many years later. Things got strange in this reality when a man (adventurer Ash Williams, of Earth-818793) entered the Avenger’s house and warned the heroes present of an impending attack he called the Army of the Dead. Vision was with the others and tried to question the intruder, but when he started to get angry, the Scarlet Witch just beamed him back to where he came from. Unfortunately, they had to listen to a stranger: A zombie sentinel from another dimensional portal appeared not far from them, and when Colonel America and a small team of avengers went to investigate, they never returned, infected by a plague that turned them into cannibal zombies. The Vision was Nick Fury on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with all the other superhumans who could answer his call: As the super spy explained, it was the end of the world, and all capable fighters had to put aside their differences and animosities to fight together. He divided the heroes into two teams: one that would stay behind to find a cure for the plague, and another that would be sent to New York City to eliminate as many infected zombies from the city as possible. Vision was part of the second team, and he sincerely believed that as a Synthesoid, he would be immune to the plague: What followed proved him wrong and that he was finally human enough to handle it. An artificial man, perhaps, but a man nonetheless. Shortly after he started fighting the undead, Vision became one himself, and for the first time in his life he felt too human: Hungry.

Zombie Vision immediately joined the hoard, and while it was initially doubtful whether he was actually infected or had been reprogrammed by some zombies to serve them, it was later revealed that the plague had affected his organic parts and reprogrammed him as well. He took part in the hunt for the other invaders, the Fantastic Four of Earth-1610, who managed to escape and take a few surviving humans with them, but left behind Magneto’s leader of the human resistance, who was quickly devoured by the zombies. He also took part in the Silver Surfer’s attack, but failed to eat him, and instead escaped when the seven zombies that did so began killing non-spacecraft to eat them as well. When the seven so-called Galacti-zombies finally left the planet, Zombie Vision began doing what everyone else did: wandering, driven by the hunger to hunt. He eventually joined up with the Scarlet Zombie Witch, but this new partnership didn’t last long and didn’t end well for the android: You see, his ex-wife has now joined Zombie Kingpin and is working for him in exchange for daily fresh meat. The vision of the zombies was adapted to a specific purpose. He was kidnapped and forcibly connected to a silencer that became an integral part of his body, preventing him from moving at all. From that moment on, Zombie Vision had only one task: He had to intercept, block and track all the transmissions he could find to locate the survivors who would hunt down the other agents of the Kingpin Zombie, lead them to their master and then consume them. The only one not allowed to eat was the Vision zombie himself, condemned to hunt without enjoying the spoils of his work. Worse, his personal guard was a zombie, the Scarlet Witch, who liked to torment him emotionally and mock his attempts to revive their past affections. In the hell of the undead, Zombie Vision has found a way to make things worse.

The soft, reflective gaze is gone, only a brutal shell remains, forced to follow the bestial instincts that make him a monster. It has all the capabilities of its Earth-616 counterpart, including flight, density control, the ability to absorb and manipulate solar radiation, and of course its super-intelligence, but once it’s connected to the Kingpin Zombie device, its brain is the only thing it can use so far. Being a synthetic undead is scary, but being a synthetic undead is even scarier because you’re starving while your body isn’t programmed to eat.


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frequently asked questions

Who is the bad guy for WandaVision?

Agatha WandaVision looks much younger and angrier than her counterpart in the comics, her cat has been traded in for a rabbit, and she seems as interested in guiding Scarlet Witch as Wanda would be in talking about Ultron or the world outside of Westview.

Who is Agatha Harkness?

Agatha Harkness was one of the most powerful witches on earth and a member of New Salem who later left the colony on her own. She became a housekeeper and taught needy children, but eventually retired.

Who is the girl with the vision in The Avengers?

Scarlet Witch – Wikipedia

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