The title may sound somewhat misleading, but it is a reference to the fact that the film is a straight re-issue of the film, following all the same plot points, but with better color fidelity and a much better transfer. The fact that there’s also a new commentary track by director George A. Romero, and a new featurette with interviews from the cast, crew, and fans, and a new interview with the late film critic Roger Ebert, all add to the value of this edition.

Zombie is one of the most iconic genre films of all-time, with its original release in 1979 still standing as the highest grossing independent film and one of the all time highest grossing horror films. But how does the latest 3-disc Special Edition, newly remastered from the original 35mm camera negative (and with an awesome new audio commentary and interview), hold up to this masterpiece?

When I first heard about the limited collector’s edition of the Zombie Blu-ray, I was excited. When I saw it, I was even more excited. Upon watching it, I was blown away. This is the best Zombie Blu-ray that I have ever seen. It has a lot of the extras from the other editions, but so much more. It has a really nice, cheap price, and it looks and sounds fantastic.



Zombie, a classic from director Lucio Fulci, is a very simple and straightforward film with a unique take on the genre.


A yacht from an uncharted island lands in New York and unleashes the zombie apocalypse.


A scientist conducting experiments on the indigenous people of an uncharted island is interfering with something he shouldn’t be doing. His yacht floats out to sea and lands in a New York harbor. The Coast Guard takes him aboard, uncovers chaos and finds zombies on board! One of the coastguards is bitten and a zombie is killed, but the harm has already been done: Soon the streets of New York are overrun by the undead. Meanwhile, a journalist (played by Ian McCulloch, from the wonderful post-apocalyptic series Survivors) teams up with the daughter of the scientist whose boat brought the first zombie to the Big Apple, and they travel with another couple to an uncharted island to find answers. All hell has already broken loose on the island, zombies are everywhere, and the scientist’s daughter (played by Tisa Farrow) finds out things about her father she’d rather not know.

Zombie, a classic from director Lucio Fulci, is a very simple and straightforward film with a unique take on the genre. In the vein of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, this film capitulates to the smaller elements of that film, but without the social commentary, and settles for a visceral impact with indelible killing scenes and memorable bloodshed. Highlights include the famous shark versus zombie scene (awesome), a splinter in the eye (shocking and realistic), and a grub-eyed zombie getting his brain sliced open like a watermelon. The film has an endless array of sinister, moody textures, and Fabio Fizzi’s eerie score completes the package. The film has nothing to say, but is a feast for the eyes.

Blue Underground recently released a 4K Blu-ray edition and a limited edition 3-disc Blu-ray with a bonus CD of the soundtrack. Although this film has been released several times over the years in different formats, this is the latest, complete and perfect release. It’s a little hard to know which edition to order, but I prefer the three-disc Blu-ray edition with the soundtrack. If you prefer 4K, go for it, but this version does not come with a CD. Different lenticular covers can be chosen for the three-disc version, and both versions include many special features. New and archived special features include two different audio commentaries, filmed interviews, an introduction by Guillermo del Toro, trailers and an attached booklet that fans will spend hours browsing. The 4K restoration surpasses anything previously available for this film and is an excellent example of the paper medium.

Over the past few months I’ve been looking for a blu-ray release of Zombie that wasn’t a straight-up “Double Feature.” When I say straight-up I mean it doesn’t have any bonus features. This is probably the first time I’ve done a blog post without any bonus features. However, Blue Underground is a wonderful company and I recently received a 3-disc edition of the movie. The set includes a 32-page booklet featuring an article by cinematographer Russell Harlan, a pinup of Rutger Hauer, and a special bonus disc.. Read more about disney zombies blu-ray and let us know what you think.

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