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#23 of Another Week of Wrestling (25th October 2021)

Wrestling news, MJF, Britt Baker, Charlotte Flair, Powerhouse Hobbs, WWE Crown Jewel, and more!



MJF, Britt Baker, Charlotte Flair, Powerhouse Hobbs, WWE Crown Jewel, wrestling news, and more are all discussed! Thank you for visiting Geeks + Gamers, and welcome!

I’m here to talk about wrestling news, outcomes, and events that grab my eye, ear, and occasionally my nose on a Monday, in addition to giving you That’s Not Wrestling and raving about PPVs on YouTube. I’m Danny Damage, and here is Another Week of Wrestling for October 25th, 2021, for Geeks + Gamers!

—From last week’s episode of Another Week of Wrestling!

Another Week of Wrestling #23, wrestling news. wrestling, WWE, AEW


Bianca Belair has two chances at two distinct championships this week, according to Charlotte Flair, which is more remarkable than what Charlotte normally gets dished up! Flair and Belair will face off in the main event when Belair came up and performed some words made for her.

Xavier Woods defeated Jinder Mahal to progress to the final of the King of the Ring competition.

Drew McIntyre and Big E patched things up for the time being and prepped for a game against the Dirty Dawgs. The faces triumphed, coexisted, and will face off in Saudi Arabia on Thursday at WWE Blood Money.

Monsoor defeated Cedric Alexander with a neck breaker. Monsoor and M’st’fa (Christopher with a M) Ali then had a brief spat.

By whoring individuals out, Vince McMahon demonstrated that he’s just a few doors down from “The Fabulous” Moolah. Vince donated a few of his skills to the show Top Chef Family Style. It’s not just another instance of Vince fishing for more of that casual/mainstream audience at the expense of his apparent wrestling product… it’s a deal that I’m sure will do the wrestlers a great service to their wrestling careers… honestly, it’s not just another instance of Vince fishing for more of that casual/mainstream audience at the expense of his apparent wrestling product.

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley spent a few minutes denying that Goldberg would try murder at WWE Blood Money in Saudi Arabia. Lashley mentioned the criminal aspect of the danger, but omitted to mention that they don’t carry their laws with them when they travel, thus anything might happen. Hopefully, Bill doesn’t have a terrible reaction to the heat this time and drops Lashley on his head.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton went through some of their stuff backstage, attempting to make each other break character.

Once the draft is in force, Raw will publicize Keith “Bearcat” Lee’s entrance. It’s a pity that this nonsense has been grafted upon Lee. I was one of the few to criticize his “limitless” shtick, but I’ll gladly concede that it’s well off the mark. The quiet, intimidating presence is excellent, but the moniker and all of the accompanying sound effects make it a comedy.


Before AJ Styles and Omos came and decimated everyone in sight, RK-Bro and The Street Prophets were halfway through a nice tag team fight.

In the second Women’s King of the Ring semi-final, Shayna Baszler faced off against Doudrop. The victor of this bout will face Zelina Vega at WWE Blood Money; Vega was also there to see the event. As she chopped down her bigger opponent from the bell, Baszler didn’t take the novice for granted. Baszler did all she could to keep Doudrop grounded and wrapped the Kirifuda Clutch around her at all times. Doudrop hung in there for a time, acquiring a strange sense of relief. She then flung her weight back onto Baszler, pinning her shoulders to the ground and giving Doudrop the unexpected victory.

In a matter of minutes, Finn Balor slaughtered Mace. After Xavier Woods taunted Balor, Balor instructed Woods to quit behaving like a bellend (which he was), and then Kofi Kingston strolled out to make it seem like Balor initiated it. Why did the New Day ever change its mind? Their personalities are deplorable individuals.

Backstage, John Morrison was captured teaching meditation to The Viking Raiders… or at least attempting to do so. I’m hoping this goes someplace.

The main event match between Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair was decent; yet, the conclusion was unexpected. The audience was enthralled by the battle, but Charlotte was eventually disqualified with a chair, and the spectacle was over.

NXT 3.0

Last week, Carmello Hayes “executed his championship chance” on Isaiah Scott, as Carmello Hayes and Trick Williams reminded everyone. Angelo Dawkins’ part of leaning into the picture, raising his fist in the air, and repeating “Yeaaah” to whatever his buddy said was all Williams was doing. Johnny Gargano came and said that he is searching for something to do while his wife is away having a kid and his “daughter” is married. They threatened Gargano, and he pointed out that they were being led by his “son-in-law.” They were despatched on their way by Dexter Lumis and Gargano.

Odyssey Jones had an easy night and dispatched Andre Chase with ease.

The Diamond Mine stated that instead of waiting for chances, they would seize them, and they proceeded to the arena. Malcolm Bivens has a pair of really insane eyes.

The Creed Brothers attacked Imperium, but Ikemen Jiro and Kushida created a diversion, allowing a Creed to be rolled. MSK sneak-attacked Imperium after the match and was told by the audience, “You stink.” I don’t usually agree with the NXT Universe, but I do on this occasion. MSK should simply go back to Impact and pee.

Kyle O’Reilly, a local PTSD sufferer, and his huge new buddy Von Wagner spent some time in the woods and connected.

Joe Gacy, wrestling news, wrestling, WWE, AEW

This week, Joe Gacy’s stare got more intense and frightening. His “Follow me, little snowflake” phrase, like Bray Wyatt’s “Follow the buzzards” and “Let me in” lines, speaks to me.

Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma complained about the North American championship fight last week, so Electra Lopez and Cora (I have a small skateboard) Jade had a quick contest. Lopez was the dominating player, but Jade managed to sneak in a roll up.

Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa were backstage, and Breakker was becoming too large for his boots. Ciampa took a step back, clutching his championship, and allowing Breakker to relax even more in his erroneous idea that Ciampa needs protection. They’ll meet at Halloween Havoc next week, and I’m sure Ciampa has something planned.

Persia vs. Io Shirai Jacy vs. Pirotta Jayne was the next to arrive. The winner was given the opportunity to spin a wheel of chance to select the championship match’s stipulation for the following week… which makes no sense. Jayne tried a dive to the outside early in the contest, but her feet got hooked in the ropes. She seemed to get DDT’d to the floor as a result of this, and I don’t remember seeing her in the contest after that. I’ve cringed at Big E’s spear for years, and I’ve frequently fallen in a similar fashion; I don’t simply yell at the screen to be an arsehole. Shirai won the match with a moon sault, and Pirotta’s second appearance helped her rise in the rankings. Shirai “selected” a “Scareway to Hell” ladder match after winning the ability to spin a wheel of random choosing. I’ve already tweeted NXT, asking how one climbs a ladder to hell, but I haven’t received a response.

Tony D’Angelo clarified that he “didn’t” shove a producer into his trunk.

Then the sudden absence of Samoa Joe made sense to me. A Solo Sikoa vignette provided the necessary clarity. Whatever Triple H had planned/wishes, Vince McMahon was not going to put Samoa Joe on the roster when Vince is trying to get as many fresh faces on the program as rapidly as possible.


So much of this video reminded me of Samoa Joe without the body weight (which Vince dislikes), and it’s all to make room for Drunky and Jay Uso’s sibling. It wouldn’t be the first time that WWE’s doctor(s) were the only ones who refused to clear one of their own wrestlers in order to create room for others they wanted to promote. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Ru Feng was squashed by Tony D’Angelo, who subsequently paid off the interviewer who questioned him about the missing producer.

In Duke’s Poker Room, I’m 99.99 percent positive the sentence “I’m always open to stealing sucker’s hard-earned cash” was written by/for Vince McMahon.

Briggs and Jensen were finally defeated by Legado Del Fantasma. Legado onto the field first and awaited their opponents. We proceeded to a commercial break after it was discovered that Briggs and Jensen had been beaten with chairs only minutes before. When we returned, Briggs and Jensen had healed and were attempting to enter the ring for their scheduled bout. Because officials and security were blocking them from doing so, Briggs and Jensen were forced to battle their way into the ring. The feisty duo showed a lot of passion, but their injuries stopped them from going on the attack for very long. Outside numbers were also an issue, and it all became too much for them to handle.

We watched a video package promoting Mandy Rose and Raquel González’s next match, with the majority of the films showing them working out. The only thing we didn’t witness was Mandy snipping the tops off fire hydrants with her legs. Rose’s demeanor is eerily similar to Peyton Royce’s before he was expelled.

The teaser video for Elias’ reappearance was screened once again, but no mention of his name was made. Was I meant to forget who this was supposed to be about?

While seeking for the North American championship belt, Carmello Hayes and Trick Williams clowned about in the locker room. Instead, they found a hand-drawn invitation from Dexter Lumis to a “open house” next week.

L.A. Knight to host Halloween Havoc 2021

L.A. Knight used his Blunt Force Trauma to defeat Grayson Waller in a bout. Because of this triumph, Knight will host Halloween Havoc next week, which is a huge improvement than the unpleasant green-haired pest who crowed/screamed through it last year. NXT didn’t have to do anything if they truly wanted a badass female to host the Halloween special without looking like an embarrassed moron in a tank, since they already had the ideal option. In 2018, Alicia Taylor joined the NXT roster and is 100 times more “metal” than Shitzi Wetfart.

Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans in the main event. For the most part, Ciampa and Breakker were able to cohabit. Ciampa was just as pleased to sit back and scout his opponent for next week as Breakker was to show off all of his huge power techniques. The GYVs were able to injure Ciampa’s neck and lure Breakker away from possible tags by using their tag team abilities. Ciampa eventually hard-tagged Breakker’s chest and inquired about his whereabouts the past few times he needed him. “This is you next week,” Breakker said before finishing the contest with his gorilla press into a power slam. As I already said, don’t expect Ciampa to just hand up his belt. Before losing Goldie again, he’d suffer a nervous breakdown and attempt (pro-wrestling) murder.

WWE Blood Money 2021 is a 2021 WWE event.

Let’s spare myself some typing and you some more reading by summarizing Crown Jewel audibly.


Welcome back to the world of wrestling news.

WWE Smackdown vs. Smackdown vs.

Pat McAfee remained the delectable bacon pieces strewn liberally across my bog-standard cheese sandwich. When Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman arrived in the ring, McAfee discussed the previous night’s bout between Reigns and Brock Lesnar, claiming, “I nearly left the Earth 5, 6, 7 times throughout that match.” Reigns put his hand out and Heyman handed him the microphone once they were in the ring. Reigns was perplexed as to why Heyman simply handed him the microphone and not the title as well. Heyman quickly delivered the title to Reigns when he questioned whether he was holding it for Brock Lesnar. Roman emphasized that he is still the champion, that Heyman is inept at his job, and that he humiliated Brock at WWE Blood Money to the point that Brock is now tweeting his threats.

#SmackDown @BrockLesnar @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle

October 23, 2021 — WWE (@WWE)

Reigns demanded Heyman read the Brock comment, and they waited through the commercial break, but Brock was nowhere to be seen when we returned. Reigns began detailing all of the opponents he’d defeated while holding the title, and he spoke more than I like. Normally, the more Reigns speaks, the more he sounds like a poor man’s version of The Rock, but this evening was different; he sounded more like Uso.

When Brock Lesnar’s music played and The Beast appeared, Drunky and Jay Uso were immediately pounded by Brock, who then went for Roman. While pounding up on Reigns, Lesnar went insane and took out a cameraman and a referee. The locker room eventually emptied and closed in on them, enabling Reigns to flee up the ramp. Lesnar poses with the Universal Championship in the ring.

This isn’t the conclusion of the narrative. Following additional commercials, Adam Pearce was in the ring, enforcing the rules. I’m not sure why Pat McAfee’s lighthearted little grudge with Pearce gives me such a kick, but it does. McAfee ripped on Pearce last week when he began speaking, and this week he demanded, “Who is this guy?” Brock Lesnar’s actions were inappropriate, according to Pearce, and he has been banned indefinitely. Brock returned to the ring, collared Pearce, and demanded that he repeat what he had just said. Pearce informed Brock he was suspended after some sniveling, but Lesnar wrecked Pearce with a f5…twice. Pat McAfee almost puked laughing at Pearce’s pants ripping in the crotch as a result of the assault.

Wrestling News: Adam Pearce

Backstage, Sonya Deville ran into Naomi. Naomi insisted on meeting with Deville one-on-one, but she was rejected and sent away. Drew McIntrye then informed Deville that he was leaving for the ring and that he didn’t care what she had to say.

Drew presented an open challenge, which Sami Zayn accepted (with new music). They had a short back-and-forth, and Zayn slithered his way into seizing the opportunity. Zayn felt he had Drew softened up enough for a Helluva Kick, so he imitated Drew’s countdown and ended up running into a Claymore and losing.

The coronation of Xavier Woods was next to boring us. He and Kofi Kingston continued to waffle, smugly thanking the fans for the “You Deserve It” chant. They were wonderful as heels, and they should never have turned around. They’re just as annoying and needy as those who have to remind everyone else that it’s their birthday.

Later that night, Becky Lynch spoke about the championship conversation. Due to the fact that both women’s champions were chosen to the opposite program, Becky and Charlotte Flair will pay a homage to last year’s blokes who accomplished the same thing. Becky even hinted that she would return as “Becky 2 belts.”

In a rematch from WWE Blood Money, Mansoor faced M’st’fa Ali. The audience didn’t react as well as the night before, and it came to an end when Mansoor got a surprise roll-up.

We’re about to enter a new age of SmackDown, and a series of videos have teased what we might anticipate in the near future. Coming soon: Xia Lia potatoing bitches with her feet, Ridge Holland “fighting on the streets of Yorkshire” with his police bobby’s baton, Aliyah, Angel Garza & Humberto Carillo, and Sheamus… for some reason.

Hit Row is a part of the new period as well, but they didn’t have to wait. In a matter of seconds, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Top Dollar ran over a couple of jobbers. Outside of the ring, though, I’m afraid they don’t do much for me; they all speak in buzzwords and catchphrases. Yawn. I’m not 13 years old.

Rick “ear rape” Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura’s attempt to divert Baron Corbin’s attention with Boog’s ten-plus-year-old imitation of Jack Black failed. Corbin now has a chance to win the Intercontinental Championship after pinning Nakamura.

Wrestling News: Charlotte Flair, wrestling news, wrestling, WWE, AEW

As the official witness to the title exchange between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, Sonya Deville was in the ring. There was a peculiar tension in the air as Deville summoned the ladies out. Becky seemed to desire a split second of screen time with both belts in her hands, but there was an uncomfortable seizing of one belt, and another was flung to the floor before it was all said and done. Sasha Banks swaggered out to the ring as Charlotte challenged Becky to a winner-take-all match. Becky walked away from them and stated she was heading back to Raw. Flair teased Banks, and the two fought as the program ended.

This week, she’s been all over the wrestling headlines, and there’s rumors that Flair is getting a lot of fire backstage. As a consequence, the belt exchange squabble erupted. I’ll say one thing about it till all the facts are known. WWE seems to be whining about Charlotte Flair’s (claimed) transformation into a monster, however it was WWE who created the environment and character in which Flair marinated for years before becoming the monster in front of them today. Dr. Frankenstien is only permitted to whine the first few times his monster turns on him, not for the next 30 years.

Rampage of the AEW

Despite the fact that Tony Khan’s beloved pet, Orange Cassidy, had his broken ribs wrapped up, Cassidy managed to defeat “Powerhouse” Hobbs. Cassidy rolled the meathead up for the three-count after Hobbs worked on the bad ribs for a time. Since CM Punk came, this is perhaps Tony McKhan’s worst booking mistake, and a few fresh eyes were paying notice. Cassidy is a joke, but Hobbs is a unit and a half. Hobbs has the potential to be a star if he is properly managed, but Cassidy seems to have peaked at the level of a Santino Marella comedy.

Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs, wrestling news, wrestling, WWE, AEW

Rey Fenix is now “hurt,” and FTR ambushed Penta El Zero M.

Anna Jay was forced to submit to Britt Baker’s Lock Jaw. When Baker proceeded to torment Jay after the contest, Tai Conti showed up to pull her arse out on TV and make the rescue. Baker is excellent, but he is not a seasoned or well-traveled educator. Jay and Conti are both too inexperienced to teach Baker anything, and the shameless self-promotion of their Instagram/Twitch/Only Fans/whatever they employ isn’t worth pulling Baker down for.

Nobody expected Cody and Brandi HemmorRhodes to go from cosplaying as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to being a dollar-store Miz & Mrs. Thankfully, the advertisement we saw said that it will be finished soon, and we can only hope that they both find their way to something better.

The main event was Pac vs. Andrade. Both guys put on an outstanding performance. The fans enjoyed the fast-paced, hard-hitting action, but the most of it took place outside the ring, and the referee was unnecessary. The lights went out, and Malakai Black appeared in the ring after Pac grabbed Andrade with a swift roll-up. With his mysterious mist, Black blinded Pac, and he and Andrade pounded him down. Cody Rhodes, the American Idiot, dashed down to the ring to frighten Black and Andrade away.

AEW Dynamite is a brand of explosives developed by AEW.

Bryan Danielson and Dustin Rhodes battled for the Full Gear World Title in a Full Gear World Title Eliminator match on Saturday night at Dynamite. Excalibore performed his “before we get too far into the action” preparation for yelling ticket sale information at us as soon as the two competitors locked up. We were treated to Dustin’s finest bout in AEW after he stopped talking. Nobody anticipated him to defeat Danielson, but there were a few times when the crowd wasn’t sure, and the near-misses almost brought the roof down. Dustin and the rest of the Hemorrhodes Family had long since lost my interest before he turned on the fans and blamed them for AEW’s sloppy, illegal behavior. Dustin got to exhibit his while yelling, “C’mon motherfucker!” at Danielson, since everyone has their own “Hulk up” area on their checklist of techniques. Bryan locked in a guillotine for the finish, and the referee rang the bell. After the contest, Dustin seemed to be on the verge of passing out.

Backstage, the NWO4Kids team was putting on a show. Kenny Omega attempted to seem strong by putting “Hangman” Adam Page in his place, but no one believed him. They’re terrible, and now Adam Cole is being dragged down with them.

Then came a killer promo from FTR. They’re not content with the AAA Tag Championships, and once Rey Fenix is cleared to wrestle, they’ll go for the Lucha Brothers’ AEW belts.

Sting was introduced to the ring by Tony Schiavone. MJF stopped Sting before he could say anything. MJF wondered whether it was Sting’s residual stash from the 1980s that snowed down during his entrances, in addition to calling the live audience rubbish (among other things). When MJF entered the ring, he’d spoken enough to get Sting to swing for him, but Wardlow and Shawn Spears were already on the scene. The legend was beaten down by the group, and MJF proceeded to yell at Darby Allin, this time straight into the camera.

Wrestling News: MJF, wrestling, WWE, AEW

Before stumbling at the finish, Ruby Soho and Penelope Ford nearly had a flawless little on-the-job training match. They seemed bewildered and perplexed at one point due to a mix-up in scheduling and possibly misunderstanding. Bunny attempted to slam the brass knuckles into Ford, but referee Remsburg stepped in and saw the weapon, kicking it out of the ring. When the two heels were going to beat down Soho after the contest, Red Velvet came to the rescue.

Wardlow questioned MJF on what occurred last week when MJF saved himself by feeding him to Sting. Shawn Spears became Wardlow’s “accountabilabuddy” when MJF weaseled his way out of the issue. Thank you for confirming my suspicion that Spears is The Pinnacle’s Butters!

Anthony Greene was pummeled about for a time until being knocked out with a head kick by Bobby Fish. Jim Ross took the opportunity to explain why Fish’s actions appeared senseless after the fight while he was pounding the youngster down; “He won, he’s being paid, why do this?” CM Punk dashed down to rescue the day before things got out of hand. His music didn’t start playing until after he’d frightened Fish away, which made the entire event seem more natural. It’s a nice touch. Punk vs. Fish should be entertaining.

Next week, Leo Rush and Dante Martin will face the Sydal brothers. Rush orchestrated everything, and Martin seemed to be uncomfortable with the situation.

The match between Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston didn’t go as long as it was supposed to. Archer understood why naysayers like me chastised him for wanting to complete all of the flips on his checklist in all of his bouts, in addition to the normal stupid parts with Archer bashing up and throwing plants in the audience. Someone called a sudden end on the fly when Archer attempted a moonsault from the top and crashed on his own head. Archer was soon rolled up by Kingston. I hope Archer is doing well.

Dan Lambert, Ethan Page, and Scorpio Sky each took a turn talking nonsense about The Inner Circle. The audience still boos Lambert, but Ethan Page understands what he’s doing and has a lot more influence over them. Lambert continues to get ahead of himself, without breathing for the whole five-minute talk. Then Lambert referred to Sammy Guevara as “that PR nightmare,” which prompted Guevara to take the stage. Sammy didn’t enter the ring since he was alone, but stipulations were formed for the ten-man tag bout at Full Gear. Next week, Sammy must battle Ethan Page for the TNT Championship, and if he loses, he will be kicked out of the Inner Circle and forfeit the whole PPV event. After agreeing to the conditions, Sammy recognized he was in danger. Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz, fortunately, came up and saved the day.

Wrestling News: Britt Baker, wrestling, WWE, AEW

Britt Baker was on fire as she addressed her opponent at Full Gear, as she always is. Tai Conti has been given a championship match versus Baker for whatever reason, and I was happy to hear Britt concur with my earlier observations/opinion. Baker inquired as to what Conti had done to earn a crack at the championship. “All you’ve done is flaunt your behind on national television.” Fantastic!

Jon Moxley looked to have removed the spider from his jacket, and he also managed to remain still for the duration of the commercial. Because he is now a father, his concentration seems to have switched. It’s all he cares about, and everyone in the ring is standing in the way of him seeing his family. If Mox is so concerned about his family, he should go into a job that has less risk of death or catastrophic injuries.

When Adam Page arrived, the Dark Order were talking about what they’re going to dress for Halloween next week, and he thanked them for being patient with him throughout his absence.

Brandon Cutler was not only squished by Jungle Boy, but he was also messed with. He got to exclaim “Shit!” after he was through, and then he called out another member of The Elite. When Cutler didn’t respond, Jungle Boy re-applied his submission and made him scream for aid. The Young Bucks snuck up behind Jungle Boy, as Adam Cole waited at the top of the ramp. The fans clamored for Luchasaurus, but he’s still on the sidelines. Jungle Boy, on the other hand, was blasted off the stage and into a few tables.

Miro’s monstrous package was a blast to see again… stated in a more eloquent manner Apart from the jokes, Miro made the TNT Title seem unique, and the sooner he returns and dominates, the better.

The main event of Dynamite this week was Cody HemmorRhodes vs. Malakai Black. The third match between these two was hurried, and Cody’s three-week redemption arc felt hollow and hasty. It’s not just me; the live audience isn’t convinced either. At the outset of the bout, there were a lot of booing and “Cody stinks” shouts. During the break, Cody nailed the Cross Rhodes on Black through a table on the floor, which was a major spot. To be honest, the place should have remained there in retrospect. Cody messed botched the maneuver and practically threw himself through a table with all of Black’s weight on top of him when they repeated it. When Andrade El Idolo stepped on the ramp, Black bladed, so Cody did the same… just because… and then it all went apart.

Arn Anderson happened to be in the ring at this juncture for whatever reason, and Andrade’s helper rushed him and ate a spinebuster. Pac stepped on the ramp to deal with Andrade after Arn was sprayed with Black’s unknown mist. There was just too much going on here at the same time. Cody kicked out of a hook-kick by Black, and Black kicked out of a Cross Rhodes by Cody. Cody made it through EVERYTHING and then just continued pounding on Black, hitting his finish two more times. Cody pinned Black with a Tiger Driver ’98 after receiving twice as much punishment as his opponent. I honestly believed he was trying for a Pedigree, which would have made more sense given his actions over the previous two years.

Wrestling legends… @CodyRhodes @TripleH @JohnCena #AEWDynamite #AEW #WWE

— Digital Fact-Shamer Danny Damage (@BluntDamage) October 24, 2021

That concludes this week’s wrestling news. Think about it and talk about it! Feel free to contact me down below or on Twitter if you want to have a short chat or just toss a passing insult. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next Monday to talk about #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

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