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Mandatory loan : Photo: Orlean Wagner/AP/REX/Shutterstock (5768491a)
people representing AMC Studio 30 Theatre
AMC Theatres Odeon and UCI, Olathe, Kansas, USA – 11. May 2005
AMC Theatres acquires European film operator Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group in a transaction worth approximately £921 million ($1.21 billion). Tuesday the 12th. In July 2016, AMC announces that the agreement will make it the world’s largest cinema showcase. Odeon & UCI has 242 theatres in Europe. As a result of this agreement, the CMA will host a total of 627 theatres in eight countries.

data-medium-file=https://mikesfilmtalk.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/amc-e1592602221587.jpg?w=300 data-large-file=https://mikesfilmtalk.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/amc-e1592602221587.jpg?w=450 class=aligncenter wp-image-30958 size-full title= required credit : Photo by Orlean Wagner/AP/REX/Shutterstock (5768491a) People enter AMC Theatre AMC’s Studio 30 Odeon & UCI, Olat, Kansas, USA – The 11th. In May 2005, AMC Theatres acquired the European cameraman Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group in a transaction of approximately £921 million ($1.21 billion). Tuesday the 12th. In July 2016, AMC announces that the agreement will make it the world’s largest cinema showcase. Odeon & UCI has 242 theatres in Europe. As a result of this agreement, AMC will host a total of 627 theatres in eight countries. src=https://mikesfilmtalk.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/amc-e1592602221587.jpg?w=840 alt=Covid Movie News : Do you want to make a big mask?

The crown virus has changed the face of the world as we know it. The virus wears a mask. The CMA and its latest press release state that its clients must now wear a mask. Given the recent increase in the number of cases of Kovids loosening the lockdown, this makes sense. They even said masks would be provided. We can assume that we will give it to the dealer’s cash register if the cash register misses the opportunity. We’ll be asked if we want to do a lot for a little money?

The introduction of this latest novelty in Covid fashion will undoubtedly change our viewing habits. Although social distance is a factor and the vast majority of people in the world have been in quarantine for more than two months, it can be difficult for the average viewer to appreciate a new film.  How are we supposed to put popcorn or chili in our hungry nachos’ mouths?

It is assumed that these low-oxygen devices will also change the audience’s reaction to films. Of course, this suffocation only works for the duration of your stay at the cinema, but as anyone who has been subjected to this torture knows, breathing is a problem. Not to mention laughing, talking and seeing (like fogglasses), all these things are considerably weakened.

On the other hand, the annoying habit of other viewers to talk continuously throughout the film is limited. Or… This will be much stronger with the added attraction of subconscious mumbling, which will also make the involuntary listener angry.

Glory to the CMA for trying to get through the barrier and not a shine after their premiere We do not want to irritate anyone with the statement that Maska is not necessary. A general outcry, surprising because at least half of the population refuses to wear embarrassing things, against the bad position of the chains that force the AMC to rush off the fence to do everything Next.

The future of cinema is another matter. Not only Hollywood, but also my favorite Indian will change. Maybe it’s just for a short time, something we can show and tell to our grandchildren: You see, in early 2020, we all wore masks. But for all films to be shot this year, masks must be provided for all modern possibilities.

* And also on TV * So if the rookie (ABC crime show with Nathan Phyllion) comes back after a mid-season break/coronavirus, will the whole cast wear masks? If half their faces are hidden from their eyes, will they treat us like actions with eyes? Norma Desmond would have had a heart attack. We’d have faces! We’re not even going to video games and the grim feeling that it wants the last of us?

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the last of us, Sonia.

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2020 has been a sea of changes, most of which were not good at all, and some were, frankly, scary:  The Coronavirus, racial demonstrations all over the world, hatred of the Blue Line despite the facts, a president that seems to be falling apart and a government that is tearing itself apart. All these elements, in combination with the Holy Catholic Church, ensured that for the first time in history the breaking off of a public Mass put most people on the path of fear and anxiety.

In a world of false news and misinformation, the year 2020 resembles badly written science fiction about global control and the spread of fear. The viral crown, also called the Rhone, could be a mountain of notorious moles. In the meantime, when the world struggles with these changes of our time, it will disguise itself and move forward at full speed.

I know no one else, but this writer will continue to believe in Our Lord and Redeemer and attend Mass, either publicly or virtually. Films that are broadcast live or in public can also be watched and enjoyed with or without a mask. Hats off to the CMA for really opening the houses of his dreams and trying to entertain the consumer again. Only history will tell us if it was a good idea or not, and we may not be around to find out. Be safe and don’t forget to love your neighbor.

Oh, and I’ll hold the usual mask, please, the big mask will be too big.

Michael Knox Smith

June 2020

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