Secret miracle

Wonder Woman: Facing the truth is harder than you think. I learned that the hard way. It’s been a long time.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman could be the last superhero you’d expect to keep a secret. She rarely cares about a secret identity, carries the lasso of truth with her and one of her nicknames is Spirit of Truth. There are a few more cards she plays herself.

So what’s Wonder Woman hiding in her invisible plane? Well, let’s see.

#5 Secretary JSA

Hawkman: Although you’re an honorary member, we’d like you to be our secretary.
Wonder Woman: This is a great honor! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited!

All Star Comics #13

An encounter with the past. Our first Wonder Woman mystery takes place in the 1940s, in the golden age of comics.

Several superheroes formed a team called the Justice Society of America to fight the Axis Powers where the Second World War raged. Wonder Woman joined them on the mission, and her fighting spirit impressed the team. JSA asked him to join the team as an honorary member.

Although she is one of JSA’s greatest heroes, Wonder Woman was given the title of secretary and the assignment to stay on the base. This decision was generally justified by the need to keep someone in the rearguard in the event of an attack or emergency.

Behind the scenes, the creator of Wonder Woman, William Marston, refused to let anyone else write the heroine’s stories. He was busy writing three other books about Wonder Woman, so he only had time to write a paragraph about why she didn’t want to join JSA in the fight.

Marston died in 1947, giving writers more freedom to use Wonder Woman. She continued to work as a secretary, but she also fought alongside the team. Wonder Woman was also looking for the first female superhero to become a full member of the JSA, Black Canary.

#4 Divine Armament

Steve: Ares, as in… the god of war?
Diana: The God of war is our responsibility. Only an Amazon can beat him. With this…

Wonder Woman (2017)

Most superheroes don’t use weapons, but settle for their superpowers or hand clapping. Some are willing to use weapons, but specialize in only one type. Our second secret for Wonder Woman is her arsenal of magical weapons.

The Wonder Woman truth association and the representation bracelets. The lasso prevents anyone from touching it and can only be destroyed by a user who refuses to accept the truth. Wonder Woman can also use it as a whip or rope for particularly tough samples. The bracelets of the Imagination are forged from the shield of the Aegis of Zeus. They’re all almost indestructible and create shock waves when they collide.

If that’s not enough, Wonder Woman resorts to her rarer weapon. It has a magic sword forged by Hefest with an atomic edge blade. This knife can even cut Superman. Wonder Woman’s tiara works like a razor-sharp boomerang. For truly desperate battles, she wears golden armor with an eagle pattern that increases her strength.

Wonder Woman’s new weapon is the strangest. During the series Dark Knight: Dead metal. She’s been brainwashed to serve Batman’s genocidal laugh. She was freed from mind control and decided the laughing Batman was too dangerous. Wonder Woman disassembled her invisible jet and used the parts to make the Truth chainsaw. You read that well. The invisible chainsaw that Wonder Woman uses to kill Batman, laughing.

#3 Goddess Incarnates

Wonder Woman found someone in her room.
Wonder Woman: Blink? !
Hermes: No, no, the original speedster. Hey, Diana, let me in.
Wonder Woman: Hermes! How can I serve a messenger of the gods?
Hermes: Don’t be so formal, Diane. You’re practically family.

Justice League: Unlimited balance (Season 2, Episode 5)

The power of Wonder Woman came from the goddesses of the Greek pantheon: The wisdom of Athena, the power of Hera, the beauty of Aphrodite, etc., etc. But what if she didn’t need their powers? Our third Wonder Woman mystery is how she has become a god again and again.

Wonder Woman was shot during the fight. Athena wanted to resurrect her champion, but the other Olympians forbade her to return as a human being. Inexhaustibly Athena used the lasso of truth to transform Wonder Woman into the Goddess of truth.

Wonder Woman’s reign as Goddess of truth didn’t last long. She used her divine powers to help people without having to worship her. The Olympians were not satisfied with this situation and suspended her from her role. At least they let him come back to life as a human being.

New Wonder Woman is made for the brand New 52 of DC. She was transformed into the daughter of Zeus, making Wonder Woman a demigod. Later she became a god in her own right, killing Ares and taking over his domain as a god of war.

#2 Mod Era

Diana: He’s right, Ching. I’m just a human being now. What are my chances before God?

Wonder Woman #183

Every hero finally gets the modernisation treatment. Sometimes it makes them better, sometimes it doesn’t. The penultimate mystery of Wonder Woman is how she lost her title, her powers and her time as a spy.

In 1969 DC Comics takes advantage of the popularity of the Avengers and turns Wonder Woman into a scam by Emma Peel. The Amazons had spent too much time on Earth, and their magic was fading. They leave to recharge in an alternate universe, but Diana refuses to leave her friends. She renounced the title of Wonder Woman and her Amazon heritage and gave up her powers to stay in the man’s world.

Diana became a spy with her lover, Steve Trevor. After being injured and coming out of a coma after an argument with Dr. Cyber, Diana has sworn revenge. She studied martial arts under a blind and older I-Ching to add these techniques to her previous superhero experience.

Fans were not happy with this new direction and asked for a turnaround. Washington agreed and brought back the Amazons, the power and the name Wonder Woman. This era is largely ignored, except for the fact that there is Diana’s martial arts. Yi-Jing makes occasional appearances on martial arts themes and recently became the mentor of an Asian hero named New Superman.

Despite its unpopularity, this version of Wonder Woman has almost been adapted into a television series. A TV film starring Kathie Lee Crosby was made in 1974, but made no impression on the networks. A year later, Linda Carter came into the role and they went for it.

#1 The Mystery of Themyscira

Who am I?
Lasso: It’s a lot of things. Peacekeeper and warrior. A successor, a suitor, a penitent. A true friend and companion, a trustworthy soul and a spokesperson for the truth…. And you’ve been misled.

Wonder Woman: Resurgence 1

Many fans were not satisfied with the way Wonder Woman is represented in the New 52. The Amazons were rapists and bloodthirsty slaves. Wonder Woman has become too powerful and violent, like a god of war. Instead of ignoring these changes, DC used them as a starting point for a new story. We present Wonder Woman’s latest secret, the truth about her house in Themyscira.

Wonder Woman had trouble remembering her past. Trying to find clues only increases the number of errors and manipulations. Wonder Woman lassoed herself desperate to find the truth and learned that she had false memories. Themyscira, the Amazon, even his gods never existed. So, who is she?

Wonder Woman struggled with the revelation that her past was a lie, and wondered if everything she had experienced was real. She was so upset that she turned to her enemy, Cheetah, to help her find out what had happened. The duo searched the world for clues and eventually came across the real Themyscira.

Themyscira was discovered as a prison for Ares, the god of war. His obsession drove him crazy and led him to try to plunge the world into an endless war. Aphrodite calms him down, and he’s trapped in Themyscira. The Amazons have always been his protectors and overseers.

The false Amazons, the gods and Themyscira were decoys to distract Phobos and Deimos, children of Ares, who wanted to free their father. Wonder Woman had false memories and stayed because she was one of the few creatures that could defeat Phobos and Deimos.

What’s your favorite Wonder Woman secret? Is there anyone better than that? Let us know in the comments.

Jared Bunacos.

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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