I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t think this would happen. Traditionally, the Christmas season is the worst time to launch a fundraising campaign for films made by Star Trek fans. Everyone spends their money on gifts and Christmas and Hanukkah holidays and pays little attention to the social media messages of amateur filmmakers asking for money. Moreover, this year the world has been economically (and metabolically) strangled by COVID-19, and I doubt if there is much extra money to give away for the fans.

So, when I saw the launch of the Indiegogo campaign before the end of the second part of the Rumulan war, I didn’t expect showrunner MARK NACCARATO to be more than a few thousand dollars (if that’s the case!) out of the 10,000 dollars he targeted for the New Year. I even told him that I would help him advance his Indiegogo campaign in January and that it would be wise to set a deadline of 60 days for the active campaign, because it would probably be much shorter after the first month.

Dude, I was wrong!

With three weeks to go, Mark has crossed the $8,000 threshold with 58 financiers (including me). Half of this amount came from 8 donors who each donated $500 for the Admiral Access phase, in which a real film reel (either in front of the camera or just for the sound) was recorded, plus everything listed below:

  • Associated producer of loans
  • T-shirt
  • Posters (digital download)
  • Your name in the credits
  • Access to alpha memory
  • Scenario (digital download)
  • Lobby cards (digital download)
  • Soundtrack (digital download)

Fourteen other funders donated $100 each for the Captain Access level, which includes a lot of digital swag, but also allows you to record your voice to be heard somewhere in the movie (this is the level I donated, even though I was already a voice actor for one of Mark WAR STORIES’ excellent enhanced audio dramas). There are also $50 and $25 support levels, and all levels include access to Memory Alpha, where you can view special features and get a comprehensive view of all versions.

Then why was I wrong?

It is very well possible that with COVID many travel plans were cancelled and that fewer Christmas presents were purchased…. So there was more money available for donations. It is also possible that these higher premiums (mentioned in part 2) were too tempting to ignore!

But frankly, I think the real honor goes to Mark Naccarato himself for writing such a great opening act. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to check it out (it’s a fan movie you absolutely must see and has been seen 320,000 times!)….


After all, the best motivation to get people to donate to your next project is to do a really good job for your previous project. And that’s exactly what Mark did!

So, if you have a few dollars and your financial situation is not really unstable, consider making a donation to help the Indiegogo cross the finish line (or at least announce the following link)……


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