Burn the witch.

Witch Hunt is a 2021 American horror film set in an alternative America where witches are real and witchcraft is illegal. A teenage girl in an orphanage must face her own demons and prejudices when she helps two young witches flee the police and cross the southern border into Mexico to seek asylum.

The film is written and directed by Elle Callahan and stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Abigail Cowan, Gideon Adlon (The Craft: Legacy).

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While the smaller moments shine and provide solid character growth, many of the scenes around them lack the punch that would make them memorable. Some scenes are a bit heavy, but they go by so quickly that the anger you might draw from them – and which further binds us to the main characters’ journey – is hushed. Head butt.

Witch Hunt is a rich and dramatic horror story that gets scarier the longer you watch it. It’s not that an alternate Earth where fear of magic rules the state and social interactions isn’t an overwhelming thought, it’s that it’s so close to our own reality. Elements of insanity

Had the film been able to build on its initial genius, it could have been a radical entry into the subgenre, and ultimately, though a bit shorter, it remains one of the most memorable and creative entries in wizard film in a long time. After Barnstorming, Witch Hunt takes a more formal pace, but tackles elusive social ills with the force of a sledgehammer. A staggering myth

The imagery isn’t always convincing, and as an allegory for real-world problems, the witch hunts can sometimes feel awkward and gimmicky, but Callahan always manages to right the ship and keep us invested in the story. The film also benefits from the sincerity of its actors, especially Mitchell and Camargo. Overview of the lamp

With a commendable cast whose fluid and powerful interpretations help keep the fantasy grounded, and Elle Callahan’s ferocious filmmaking skills, both behind the camera and through a deft script, Witch Hunt is a winner for fans of the genre who delightfully sympathize with their scares. Loud and clear

It’s hard to fault anything about such a compact story, but admittedly, the plot is fairly predictable and viewers can probably foresee the inevitable denouement before it happens. Although M.I.A. has long since reached this point, Witch Hunt also offers an effective metaphor for racism, this time through one of the best forms of political narrative: the horror film. Movie waffle

…Callahan makes the most of what it has, building on the rural landscape and the accomplishments of its players. Adlon, who was already practicing witchcraft as part of the Craft: Legacy, is led by seasoned veteran Claire’s struggle to navigate a world full of prejudice. Although Witch Hunt is more traditional than its initial premise suggests, this long-awaited reimagining of witch … Drunken critics

Witch Hunt is a disappointing film, because the concept of setting up a Salem witch trial in modern America is full of potential […] For those who can forgive blind spots, it’s an interesting premise. For those who can’t, Witch Hunt ends up being an ordinary movie undermined by its inability to see and answer the questions it raises. Fathers


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