Ahiru no Sora is a popular anime that aired in Japan from April to September of 2017. It follows the story of a young girl with a dream of becoming an idol who finds herself transported into another world, where she meets her prince charming. The show has been highly anticipated for its second season since it’s first season ended with a cliffhanger.

The ahiru no sora season 2 netflix release date is a question that was asked recently. A second season of the anime has not been confirmed yet, but there are some hints to what might be happening with it.

Since the first season of Ahiru No Sona ended, a lot of rumors about Ahiru No Sora Season 2 have been circulating on social media. Some of them claim that the anime has been renewed for a second season and is currently airing.

While some sources say that it will never return due to a feud between the manga’s creator and the production company, others believe that it will. Fans are really concerned about the last section because they want want to watch their favorite sports anime once more. Will it ever return, given the current state of affairs? To learn more, keep reading.

Ahiru no Sora is a Japanese anime series that focuses on sports. Takeshi Hinata’s manga work served as inspiration. The manga was acquired by Diomedea Movement Studio, who produced the first season of the anime. On October 2, 2019, the show’s pilot episode aired. Furthermore, the series aired for 50 episodes until ending on September 30, 2020. Fans are now anticipating the release of Ahiru no Sora Season 2 with bated breath.

Anime vs Manga: Ahiru No Sora

Will-Ahiru-No-Sora-Anime-Deliver-A-Second-Season-HeresWill There Be A Second Season Of Ahiru No Sora?

Throughout its 50-episode run, the first season of the Ahiru No Sora anime performed an excellent job of replicating the narrative of its source material. Fans adored these scenes since they had no bearing on the anime’s plot. Nonetheless, Hinata, the manga series’ author, was not pleased with the anime adaptation in the least.

He even tweeted a couple times to express his regret to the series’ fans. He also found a few narrative holes in the anime and expressed dissatisfaction with the show’s pace. In all, three manga portions were used in the first season of the program.

By the conclusion of the first season, the program had aired a total of 138 episodes and had chosen to finish at Volume 18. Until date, the author has released a total of 51 books. As a result, the production company has enough of material for Ahiru no Sora Season 2. They could create three more seasons of the show using the remaining source material if they wanted to.

When will Ahiru no Sora Season 2 be released?

1632680424_746_Will-Ahiru-No-Sora-Anime-Deliver-A-Second-Season-HeresWill There Be A Second Season Of Ahiru No Sora?

The first season of this sports anime proved very famous among fans as soon as it was published. They adored the show because of its lovely narrative and sequences including some incredible basketball skills. The anime was generally favorably received by the audience. MyAnimeList gave the series a 7.31 rating when it was first released.

In addition, the series is well-known, with over 148K people attending the MAL conference. The show’s producers have enough content for a second season.

So far, the only thing preventing the release of Ahiru no Sora Season 2 is the feud between Diomedea and Takeshi Hinata. Their feud is having a negative impact on the anime’s renewal. Given Hinata’s dissatisfaction with the anime’s adaptation, he’ll have to locate a new production company to get it moving. There is now only one option for the anime to be revived, and that is for the creator and the studio to resolve their differences.

Release Date for Ahiru no Sora Season 2

1632680425_380_Will-Ahiru-No-Sora-Anime-Deliver-A-Second-Season-HeresWill There Be A Second Season Of Ahiru No Sora?

Because of the apparent difficulties between the manga writer and the production studio, it is now difficult to predict the release date of the anime sequel. Fans are hopeful that before the end of the year, the series will be renewed. Ahiru no Sora season 2 may premiere in 2023 if this happens.

Ahiru no Sora is an anime that has been on hiatus for a while. The first episode of the new season aired on January 6th, 2019. Reference: ahiru no sora season 2 ep 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ahiru no Sora Season 2 coming?

The show is currently airing on TV Tokyo, and the second season will be announced once it has finished.

Will there be a season 3 of Ahiru no Sora?

Unfortunately, there is no season 3 of Ahiru no Sora.

Will there be a Ahiru no Sora Episode 51?

I am sorry, but I cannot answer this question.

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