Seven people are dead and you’re next!

Vodunite? is a 1982 American horror and mystery film very loosely based on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Also known as Blood Island andLiving Fear. Blood Island

Writer, director and co-producer William T. Nad [as Bill Nad] and director of photography Thomas E. Spalding [as Tom Spalding] as co-producer. The film stars Marie-Alise Recasner, Rick Dean, Ron Gardner and Terence Goodman.


The team and a motley crew of Spaniards traveled to the island, which will be the perfect setting for their next good vibe film comedy. But someone has other ideas and destroys his vehicle before finishing off the casting and the surviving crew (who are wearing skull masks) with a chainsaw, a machete and a nail gun, all to the backdrop of the morbidly sadistic new wave rock song Face to Face (which this psychopath has a fetish for).

This psychopathic killer also has an accomplice, a teammate who has mastered the art of setting explosives, adding a battery of rain acid to a shower, and boiling a swimming pool that will make anyone who falls into it boil with life.

Exams [click on the links for more information] :

A terrifying slasher film that is obviously forgettable, slow as hell, boring as hell, totally devoid of originality, poorly written, played and directed by amateurs. The Make-Up Effects Lab (which also created many of the mountain scenes in the Faces of Death films) did some of the background effects, but most of them are too hard to see due to the poor lighting. A bloody pit of horror.

There were long periods where it felt like the movie would never end, the script and acting are bad, and the terrible song is irritating, but even with all that, it’s not the worst movie ever! At least he tries more than you can say about some films of his genre! Ha ha, it’s Burl!

The problem is that the whole thing is seriously hampered by a general dilettantism – a terribly flat acting style (if it were stiff, it would be staccato); most of the action (again, a term I use liberally) takes place in bleak and terribly poorly lit night scenes; with an incurably confusing script that is nothing but a mess…. Hysteria of life

The atmosphere is very good, as is the rhythm, and I had no idea what was going on or who the killer was. I was looking forward to the reveal and it did not disappoint, and the pattern at the end was very original. She is a very interesting and memorable dunce. Reviews from concerned people

Lots of clunky bodies and imaginative murder scenes, but the lighting is so bad we never really enjoy it. Joel Goldsmith’s score is certainly not the worst, and the mystery is irresistible, but any attempt to stretch it is negated by the lack of a clear idea of what’s going on. …slash above.

The actors and characters:

Marie-Alice Reckasner… Donna (as Marie-Alice)
Rick Dean … Jim
Ron Gardner… Franklin Flem
Terence Goodman … Steve Feith (as Terry Goodman)
Richard Helm … Rick 19 Janine Marie… Lin
Jared McVeigh… Burt (as Red McVeigh)
G. Rockett Phillips … Taylor (as Gary Phillips)
Jim Piper … John
Michael Stroka… Mayor
Bari Suber… Betty Jean ‘BJ’
Stephen Tash … Phil
Jimmy Williams… Policeman (under the name Jim Williams)

Technical details :

82 minutes in
format: 1.85 : 1
Audio : Mono


Title of the song Face to Face :

Reviews on YouTube:


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