“Girls Planet 999” is a new anime series by the creators of “Sailor Moon,” and it’s so good that it’s already getting buzz for its first season. It follows the adventures of four girls who are transported to an alternate universe where they must fight against evil.

The girl planet 999 ep 1 full episode is a show that was released on January 9th, 2019. It has been available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

The world is controlled by women! Don’t you agree? You will, since this new reality program takes Beyonce’s comments to a whole new level. Many things may be deduced from the show’s title, and Girls Planet 999 is not just a title but also a feeling for many young women. This year, the South Korean competition event has pledged to recruit the world’s biggest k-pop female gang.

The Girls Planet 999, commonly known as The Girls Saga, is a South Korean reality television series that debuted on Mnet on August 6, 2021. This program ran every Friday at 8:20 p.m. KST for twelve weekly episodes until October 22, 2021, when it would conclude.

The goal of the event was to introduce new members to the K-pop female group, which included idols and trainees from Japan, China, and South Korea. The auditions for this tournament will take place in January and February 2021. This tournament was sponsored by Mnet parent firm CJ E&M, as well as its assistance Studio Take One and a collaboration with NCsoft, a game developer and publisher.

The purpose of this game was to assist the authorities in finding fresh faces for the public and forming a large K-pop female group. You’ll be surprised to learn that over 13,000 ladies and girls applied for the sequel. And out of the thousands of applications, just 99 were chosen. Following that, 99 women were split into three groups and competed against one another for a spot in the finals, where just nine people were required.

Is there a Netflix version of Girls Planet 999?

Where-and-How-to-Watch-Girls-Planet-999Soompi is the source of this information.

You’ll have to go elsewhere to see Girls Planet 999 since it’s not available on Netflix right now.

Where can I watch Girls Planet 999 online?

The first six episodes of Girls Planet 999 are accessible for free on iQiyi, a Chinese video portal featuring a variety of TV programs. You may also view selected trailers and snippets on the show’s website.

When will new episodes of Girls Planet 999 be released?

You will see episode seven on Friday, September 17th. Only Fridays will see new episodes of the sequel.

How many Girls Planet 999 episodes will there be?

Where-and-How-to-Watch-Girls-Planet-999Soompi is the source of this information.

This season of Girls Planet 999 has a total of 12 episodes. The discover episode aired on August 6, and the concluding sequel set will broadcast on October 22. At the end of the day, we still have six episodes to watch. We’ve put up a timetable for all of the episodes that have previously shown, as well as the remaining episodes:

“Contact Part 1” will be released on August 6th. “Contact Part 2” will be released on August 13th. “Connect Part 1” is scheduled for August 20. “Connect Part 2” is scheduled for August 27. It’s Me! It’s Me! It’s Me! It’s Me! It’s Me! It’s Me “Combination” is the theme for September 10th. “Episode 7” airs on September 17th. “Episode 8” premieres on September 24. “Episode 9” premieres on October 1st. “Episode 10” airs on October 8th. “Episode 11” airs on October 15th. “Episode 12” airs on October 23.

Cast Members of Girls Planet 999

For your knowledge, Yeo Jin-goo suggested the sequel, which he dubbed “Planet Master.” Other members are also referred to as masters, including:-

Lee Sun-mi and Tiffany Young are the K-Pop Masters. Baek Koo-young and Jang Juhee were the dance masters. Lim Han-byul and Jo Young are vocal masters. As a result, Woo Won-Jae was the Rap Master (Episodes 6–7).

Girls Planet 999 is a new anime that premiered on January 10th, 2019. The series follows the lives of girls living in a futuristic society. Reference: girls planet 999 contestants.

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