Check out the full list of what will be available on Disney+ in Canada in May 2021.

MAY 21
IN M.O.D.O.K. Marvel’s megalomaniac supervillain M.O.D.O.K. (Patton Oswalt) has long since fulfilled his dream of one day taking over the world. But after years of failures and setbacks against Earth’s mightiest heroes, M.O.D.O.K. has led his evil organization A.I.M. to ruin. As the exiled leader of the A.I.M., while dealing with the collapse of his marriage and family life, the Mental Organism, made only to kill, is ready to face its greatest challenge yet!


American Horror Story
American Horror Story: AsylumAmerican Horror Story: Coven
Under the Planet of the Apes
Conquering the Planet of the Apes
Everyman’s Hero
The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest
Adult (S3, new episode)
Lola vs.
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
Solar Opposites (S2, new episode)
This is My Life

MAY 14
An Affair to Remember
Alligator Men
Bluebird (1976)
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Downtown (1990)
Adults (S3, new episode)
Solar Opposites (S2, new episode)

MAY 21
Black Widow (1987)
Cowgirls ‘N Angels
Crossing (S1)
Deadly Instincts (S1)
Deep State (S1-2)
Adults (S3, new episode)
Gulliver’s Travels (2010)
Innocent Man
Marvel’s M.O.D.O.C. (S1, premiere)
Step (S1)
Relay (S1)
Seeker: Darkness Rises
Solar Opponents (S2, new episode)
Still Star Crossed (S1)
Tin Men

MAY 28
Full Monty
Adult (S3, new episode)
M.O.D.O.K. Marvel (S1, new episode)
Outrageous Fortune
Reel Jump
Solar Opposites (S2, new episode)

PREMIERE OF CRUELLA ON THE 28TH. Academy Award® winner Emma Stone (La La Land) stars in Disney’s Cruella, a brand new feature film about the rebellious beginnings of one of cinema’s most infamous – and hip – villains, the legendary Cruella de Vil. Cruella is set in 1970s London, at the height of the punk rock revolution. Cruella follows a young con artist, Estella, a smart and creative girl determined to make a name for herself with her creations. She befriends two young thieves who appreciate her penchant for mischief, and together they manage to build a life on the streets of London. One day, Estella’s talent for fashion is put in the spotlight by the dazzlingly chic and terrifyingly tall fashion legend Baroness von Hellman, played by two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson (Howards End, Sense and Sensibility). But their relationship triggers a series of events and revelations that force Estella to embrace her evil side and become the loud, sophisticated and vengeful Cruella.

The movie comes out on Friday the 28th. May, released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ with additional Premier access.

MAY 14
In the second season of School Musical : Musical: The Eastern Wildcats, who are preparing for Beauty and the Beast in their spring musical, will take on rival North High to win the prestigious Thugs student drama competition. Stolen wigs, verified loyalties and sung ballads.

Episode 201 – New Year’s Eve
After a triumphant premiere, Ricky, Nini, Gina and the Wildcats gather at Ashlyn’s for New Year’s Eve. Miss Jenn runs into the North High drama teacher’s new rival, aka her ex-boyfriend, and at midnight shocking revelations are made.

MAY 28
LAUNCHPAD Disney’s collection of vibrant short films from a new generation of dynamic storytellers. Six filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds were selected and given the opportunity to share their perspectives and creative ideas and show audiences what it means to be seen. Inspired by the journey of life, these first six short films for Disney+ are based on the theme of discovery.

American EID
Written and directed by: Aksa Altaf
Amina, a young Pakistani Muslim immigrant, wakes up on Eid to discover she has to go to school. Homesick and heartbroken, she embarks on a mission to make Eid al-Fitr a school holiday. In the process, she is reunited with her big sister and her new home welcomes her.

Dinner is served
Directed: Hao Zheng, book: G. Wilson & Hao Zheng
A Chinese student at an elite American boarding school realizes that perfection is not enough when he tries to fill a management position for which no foreign student has ever applied.

Growing Fangs
Written and directed by: Anne Marie Pace
Val Garcia, a Mexican-American teenager who is half human and half vampire, is forced to keep her identity secret from both worlds. But when her best friend shows up at a monster-infested school, she must face the truth, her identity, and herself.

The Last of the Chupacabras
Written and directed by: Jessica Mendez Siqueiros
In a world where culture has all but disappeared, a Mexican-American woman trying to uphold her traditions unwittingly summons a dark, ancient being to protect her.

Be Tigers
Writer/Director Stephanie Abel Horowitz
Avalon isn’t ready to get over the loss of her mother, but when she’s asked to take on the responsibility of a four-year-old for one night, she finds more comfort than she could have ever hoped for.

The Little Prince(s)
Written and directed by : Moxie Pan
When Gabriel, a 7-year-old Chinese child who loves ballet, befriends Rob, another Chinese child, at school, Rob’s father suspects Gabriel of womanizing and decides to intervene.


7. May
The Big Shot (S1, new episode)
Disney Wandering Away (S1-2)
The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S1, new episode)
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

MAY 14
The Big Shot (S1, new series)
Disney Special Agent Oso (S1-2)
Disney Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps (S1)
Music for High School: Musical: Series (S2, Premiere)
The Mighty Ducks: Game change (S1, new episode)

MAY 21
Big Shot (S1, new series)
Disney Big Green City (S2)
High School Music: Musical: Series (S2, new series)
Mighty Ducks: Game Changes (S1, new episode)
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Beastmaster

MAY 28
Big Shot (S1, new episode)
Bluey Shorts (S2)
High School Musical: Musical: Series (S2, new series)
Mighty Ducks : Game change (S1, new episode)

MAY 21
A documentary series featuring personal and cinematic stories that take a look at the people, art and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.

unpackaged: About Time
Directed by: Erica Milsom
How can the passage of time be used as a tool for emotional storytelling? Narrator W. Kamau Bell explains how time can become a character in its own right in Pixar films, using historical pieces like Brave and the heartbreaking passage of time in Up.

unpackaged: Everyone loves a bad guy
Director: Tony Kaplan
From Ernesto de La Cruz to Lotso to Hopper, enemies of all shapes and sizes are essential to many of our favorite Pixar films. But what makes a good villain? Narrator W. Kamau Bell explains why we love to hate our favorite antagonists and what makes them so complicated.

unpackaged: Magnifier test
Director : Tony Kaplan
Pixar characters strive for a balance between realism and caricature. Narrator W. Kamau Bell explains how basic shapes and patterns influence the character design and story of popular movies like Up, Ratatouille and The Incredibles.

unpackaged: Internal drive
Driver : Erica Milsom
Beyond the World of Cars – All kinds of cars that have found their way into Pixar movies. Climb aboard and travel with narrator W. Kamau Bell past some of his favorite planes, trains and Pixar Incredibles.

unpackaged: No buns
Director : Tony KaplanExperience the art of audience facilitation. Each of your favorite Pixar characters lives in worlds populated by fish, cars, toys, and people, but creating thousands of these fully animated background characters is no easy task. Join narrator W. Kamau Bell to understand how Pixar adds thousands of background characters to each film.

MAY 21
Rage files (interstitial)

STAR WARS : SPECIAL DAY 4. MAY Star Wars: The Bad Party follows the elite and experimental Bad Party clones (who first appear in The Clone Wars) as they make their way through the rapidly changing galaxy immediately following The Clone Wars. The members of Bad Batch, a unique team of clones genetically different from their counterparts in the clone army, possess extraordinary gifts that make them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable team.


Star Wars : Bad Batch (S1, Premiere)

Star Wars: Bad Batch (S1, new episode)

MAY 14
Star Wars: Bad Batch (S1, new episode)

MAY 21
Star Wars: Bad Batch (S1, new episode)

MAY 28
Star Wars: Bad Batch (S1, new episode)


The lost treasures of Egypt (S2)

MAY 21
Aircraft accident investigation (S11)
Akashinga: Alaska’s Deadliest (S1) Drugs, Inc: Dealer POV
Drug Wars (S1)
Shark attack (S1-4)

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