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Friday 5. February

Disney turned the magic
around, just like Mike.

WandaVision – Episode 5

Friday 12. February

Like Mike 2
Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of Thanostones (S1)
The Wonder Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S7)
The Wonders Behind the Mask

WandaVision – Episode 6

Inside Pixar: Portraits

Second Party

A series of documentaries featuring personal and cinematic stories that provide an insight into the people, art and culture of Pixar animation studios.

Portraits: Patty Bonfilio, Director of Real Estate Operations
Report to Patty Bonfilio : Erika Milsom

Synopsis: For Patty Bonfilio, no two days are the same. Whether it’s hosting big events, equipping offices or just running the studio, Patty is at the heart of it all. As Director of Operations for Pixar’s facilities, she knows better than anyone the inner workings of the campus and the Pixar culture. Join them for a VIP tour of the park and all its hidden treasures.

Portraits: Rachel Federico, production assistant: Tony Kaplan

Synopsis: Rachel Federico always dreamed of working at Pixar, even if it meant a complete career change. As a production assistant for Pixar’s Soul, her job may not always be glamorous, but she believes it is an important and essential necessity when making an animated film. Plus, she loves every minute of it.

Portraits: Barney Jones, Music Publishing
Direction: Erika Milsom

Synopsis: Barney Jones masters many instruments and musical styles. As a music editor, he uses these talents to help shape the story and emotion of a Pixar film. In his spare time, he uses the same talents to make Pixar a little more magical and fun.

Portraits: Cynthia Lusk, Director of International Production: Erika Milsom

Synopsis: Cynthia Lusk, Director of International Operations, takes us into the fascinating world of localization. From translations to animation changes to graphics, Cynthia and her team ensure that Pixar films resonate with fans and families around the world.

Portraits: Marylou Jaso, executive pastry chef
Director : Tony Kaplan

Synopsis: Marylou Jaso has the best job in Pixar – literally. As a pastry chef for Pixar, she spends every day creating candy that excites, inspires and stimulates the studio’s creativity.

Friday, 19 February

The Muppet Show (S1)
The Muppet Show (S2)
The Muppet Show (S3)
The Muppet Show (S4)
The Muppet Show (S5)

Flora and UlyssesPremiere.

Disney’s Flora and Ulysses is a delightful comedy adventure based on the book by 10-year-old Flora, a self-destructive comedy fan and cynic whose parents recently divorced. While rescuing a squirrel she calls Ulysses, Flora is surprised to discover that he possesses unique superhero powers that lead her on an adventure filled with humorous complications that ultimately change Flora’s life and worldview – forever.

WandaVision – Episode 7

Friday, 26. February

Disney Channel Games 2008 (S1)
Disney Illuminations Fireworks Show Disneyland Paris
Pair of Disney Kings (S1)
Pair of Disney Kings (S2)
Pair of Disney Kings (S3)
Disney Roll it Back (S1)
Disney’s American Dragon : Jake Long’s American Dragon (S1)
Disney: Jake Long (S2)
Mickey Go Local (S1)
Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala

Myth: Frozen Tale
In an enchanted forest outside Arendelle, a family sits down for a bedtime story and is transported to a living, mystical world where elemental spirits (inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 world phenomenon) come to life and a myth about their past and future is revealed.

WandaVision – Episode 8

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