See the full list of films to be released on Amazon Prime Video in Canada and the US in November 2020.


1. November

He’s ours: Season 1 Episode 9 Death in Heaven Season 9 – Britbox for $8.99

2. November

Christmas Countdown on Hallmark Channel – StackTV for $12.99

3. November

Come on down: Season 8 – $5.99 Hyah.

4. November

I wasn’t ready for a yes from Aravind SA: Season 1

5. November

The secret courage of Wayne’s dream car: Season 1 – Amazon presents Ferro
: Season 1 – Amazon Original
Riviera: 3 – Sundance now for $6.99

6. November

El Presidente (English Dub) Season 1 – Amazon Original Series

9. November

Lei It’s Paris, 50 years of passion: Part One

11. November

Carlinhos and Carlan

12. November

Chhalaang Coolie No. 1
Alex Ryder Season 1 – IMDb TV Original
James May : Oh, Cook: Season 1 – Amazon Original
Pete Cat: Season 2, Part 3
S.W.A.T. : 8 – StackTV for $12.99

14. November

Red 1
Red 2
Current war

15. November

Scream Schitt: 6x0Best wishes, Heartfelt wishes : Farewell film by Dr. Seuss Scheißschrei
How the Grinch really stole Christmas love in

16. November

The curse of Oak Island: Season 9 – StackTV for $12.99

18. November

No waves in Gogo Do Paulinhó

19. November

Lamentations of Maara Istorias

20. November

Packaging – Original Amazon series.

26. November

Living in one year

27. November

Locas Por El Cambio

28. November

sparkle in a blue room

United States

1. November

28 days laterChristmas Movie ChristmasChristmas CounterMagnificent Christmas (Hallmark Movies Now) Arizona Vortex Article 99How does it get onBoyz N ‘ HoodBreathlessLandstrugglingHidden DragonDeja vu Deja vuDid you hear about Morgans?
I know what you did last summer
Legal Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde
Marriage to Santa Claus (Alligator Movies Now)
Me, Me and Irene
Lord. Majesty
Next day Air
Rock’n’—Roll Christmas
Romantic Stones
Step forward
Thanks for smoking
Consumables 2
Consumables 3
Iron Lady
Nile Gem
Last Waltz
Pelham 1, 2, 3
X-Files I want to believe that the twilight world

is an underworld: EvolutionThe underworld: Lycan Rise
The Underground World
Wall Street
Water for Elephants
You have received the service
Founding Fathers of America Season 1 (Grand Race)
The Unsung American Story: Season 1 (PBS documentaries)
A Puppy named Scooby-Doo: Season 1 (Boomerang) Before I die: Season 1 (PBS Masterpiece)
Christopher Kimbells Milk Street: Season 1 (PBS Living)
Case 360: Season 1 (A&E Crime Central)
Yummy: Season 1 (Acorn TV)
Hawkeye and Last of Mohican: Season 1 (Best Western)
Jamestown: Season 1 (Masterpiece PBS)
Lost Worlds : Season 1 (Warehouse of History)
M. Rogers’ Neighbour: 1979 (Children of PBS)
Naked Hustle : Season 1 (City Film Channel)
George Burns & Gracie Allen Show:
The MotorTrend 500 : NASCAR’s heading west: Limited Edition (MotorTrend)
Restaurant : Season 1 (Nu Sundance)

3. November

General Commander Attack

4. November

Blue History

6. November

It’s a secret: Dare to dream
El Presidente Season 1 – Amazonas Original
Ferro Season 1 – Amazonas Original
The Secret Dare to Dream Wayne : 1 Season – Gifts from Amazonia

7. November


8. November

community : Seasons 1-6

11. November

Tonight you’re mine.

13. November

The Ride
Alex Rider Season 1 – IMDb TV Original
James May: Oh Cook 1 – Original Amazon Series
American Horror Story : 1984 : Season 9

14. November

Dictator Bushmen: Seasons 1-9

15. November

12 Christmas Puppies
Christmas Crush

18. November

Body camera

20. November

Seven steps to eternal bliss
Little axe: Limited Edition – Amazon Original Series
Series Packaging 1 Season – Amazon Original Series

21. November

The most frequently asked questions

25. November

Uncle Frank is the Amazon. Original film

27. November

Living in one year

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