I’ve already written about my love for the movie What We Do in the Shadows last October and told me why Everyman Stu is one of my favorite comedy characters. And this year I’m thinking about what we do in the shadows. I think this is the third Halloween in a row I can think of.

There’s so much going on in the world this year that it’s nice to be back in the comedy I know so well. It is a certain consolation to see this film every year around the same time. This applies to all media to which you often return and in which you address the characters as good friends. I have with Stu, as well as the three main leaders Viago, Deacon and Vladislav. Even with Nick, who took the time to grow up with me, but now I love him.

And there is something about this year, especially because I was emotionally exhausted and needed a pleasant and restful return to my beloved Wellington vampires. I didn’t want the fear of Halloween to be too real. I’m already stressed and I don’t need anything… bloody or frustrating.

Apart from that, it might be the funniest scene in the movie. Viago is very proud of what makes her victims comfortable. He talks to her on the phone when he drops the papers – she tells him about his university studies and his desire to travel, and it’s her fault he’s looking at the camera. That look in the camera is very office politics, and it’s the height of intimidation. If he bites her neck, he hits the main artery and there’s blood everywhere. He’s screaming: Shit! Shit! Heck! It’s a little black humor, but every time I like it.

I checked again just after the movie The Horror of Dracula from 1958 with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. And as we watch more and more vampire classics, it becomes clear that what we do in the shadows is a loving tribute to all the great vampire movies. Vägo remembers Bela Lugosi, Vladislav was inspired by Dracula Bram Stoker in 1994, Deacon parodies an interview with a vampire. It’s nice to see all these pieces coming together to create this fun tribute to arson.

The movie is probably the best comedy speech after Stu’s fake death. Deacon, who has been arguing with Nick throughout the film, is looking for Nick to cheer him up:

That’s what happens when you’re a vampire. You should watch everyone die. Your mother, your father, all your friends. Sometimes it’s cruel. It’s like he slipped and fell on a big thorn. Or fall asleep in a pile of autumn leaves, some of which block the airways. Or you can make a simple mistake by making a mask out of crackers and being attacked by ducks, geese and swans. Or he dies of old age. But age is also cruel. Seeing your friends grow old. You can’t write. And they talk nonsense, their brains disappear and they remember nothing. And then, one day, they don’t even know who you are anymore, and you wish they were dead. Look, if I knew Stu, that’s exactly what he would do, spread werewolves. Blood and guts splattered on the trees, her face torn to shreds… I hope I did you good.

I could say something about the way the immortality thesis sounds in the film, and about the difficulties of human existence, but my main thought is whether it works perfectly. Nick seems really upset about Stu’s death, and Deacon nods confidently as if he’s really going to help. And all the deaths he describes are so concrete that they are outrageously ridiculous. It makes the whole scene incredibly clumsy and strangely moving.

I don’t quite understand what I wanted to pay attention to in this film – I think there’s a bit of a general theme about how they do their job well when they laugh at sublime and serious subjects: Death and immortality. She’s literally joking about life and death.

But I had no intention of leaning on a point like this or any other. I usually like this movie, and it’s my favorite movie I watch at this time of year.

But I’d like you to tell me what your favorite Halloween movie is?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Stay scared.

Here we go:

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