Naruto and Sasuke have been at odds since the beginning of the manga, and they have been the most prominent characters in the series. To many fans, these two brothers were the focal point of the story, as their rivalry is the driving force of the series. The story behind these two is all the more interesting.

When Sasuke Uchiha left Konohagakure at the ripe age of 16, he was a chipper teenager who had the world at his feet, destined to be someone great. However, in one solitary moment of despair, he decided to remove the curse seal placed upon his Sharingan eye by Kabuto Yakushi, smirking as it was revealed to be the fabled  Sasuke Uchiha’s Curse Mark. For months afterwards, he was haunted by the mark and was unable to shed the weight that was his to lose.

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When Orochimaru offers Sasuke “the gift” of a curse mark, it improves his strength and skills, but it comes at a cost. So, what precisely is Sasuke’s curse mark, and what does it signify? To find out the solution, keep reading.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven, which is visible on individuals who are most sensitive to the spiritual realm, is one of the most potent Orochimaru curses, and it is on Sasuke. The curse mark is a three-domoe sign that symbolizes the connection between heaven, earth, and man. 

The curse mark was created by a Shinobi who wanted to be free of his uncontrollable rages. Orochimaru, on the other hand, discovered a method to use this ability to bolster his own strength. The symbol’s origins are steeped in Japanese culture and Shinto customs, and its significance is crucial to Sasuke’s journey.

It’s debatable whether the curse mark controls Shinobi or Shinobi controls the curse mark, but can he really be free with Orochimaru’s soul entrenched inside him? Continue reading to learn about the curse mark’s origins, including how it came to be and why Sasuke was branded. Also, learn how Sasuke is able to manage and eventually liberate himself from this mark.

What Does Sasuke’s Curse Mark Mean?


The Cursed Seal of Heaven was created by Jugo, a Shinobi who sought out Orochimaru in the hopes of curing his uncontrollable rages. Orochimaru, on the other hand, was astonished by Jugo’s ability to absorb natural energy and use it to build power. Orochimaru set about finding a method to harness this power, extracting enzymes from Jugo’s blood and mixing them with his own Senjutsu Chakra, undeterred by the toll this procedure had on Jugo’s mental condition. As a result, the curses were born. 

Orochimaru discovered another method to use the Senjutsu Chakra after failing to reach Sage mode via his discovery: he branded other humans to become his vessels. Orochimaru was able to enhance his abilities while utilizing their bodies as vessels to acquire insight and knowledge by branding a follower with a curse mark. 

Orochimaru selects his most devoted followers or individuals he wishes to brand as host bodies. One of Orochimaru’s most powerful cursed seals is the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Orochimaru entered the Forest of Death to put the curse mark on the rear left side of Sasuke’s neck during the Chunin examinations. 

Orochimaru was well aware of Sasuke’s desire for vengeance against his brother. He took advantage of this evil yearning by giving the mark as a “gift” to Sasuke in order to increase his strength and might. He believed that by weakening Sasuke’s mentality, Orochimaru would be able to utilize his body as his next vessel. 

Despite the fact that using this method is prohibited, Orochimaru decides to mark Sasuke with a bite from his teeth. The curse mark denotes a powerful source of power, but one that comes at a price. It is up to the marked person, in this instance Sasuke, to decide how to utilize that ability.

That’s a quick rundown of what the curse mark is, but what does it really mean? 

What Does Sasuke’s Curse Mark Mean?

Mitsudomoe is the name given to the design of the curse mark. The symbol is made up of three of these comma-like markings in a circle, which is translated as “mitsu” three and “domoe” comma-like. A tomoe, according to the Japanese, is a seed of life that contains the souls of the dead and gives the possessor strength. It’s a popular motif on Japanese family crests and traditional house roof tiles. 

The tomoe is an old sign that dates back to magatama. The original meaning of these symbols is unknown, with theories ranging from the form of the soul to an animal tooth or the moon. Heaven, earth, and the underworld, or heaven, earth, and man, are three cosmic forces that make up our universe, and the mitsudomoe is frequently used to symbolize their connection.

The pattern was subsequently adopted as a symbol of Hachiman, the Shinto God of War, prompting many people to interpret it as a representation of power and bravery. The presence of three tomoe is particularly important since three is a holy number in many faiths and civilizations across the globe.

Sasuke being marked with The Cursed Seal of Heaven symbolizes the relationship of various creatures combining their abilities in the Naruto universe. Within one vessel, the components of three creatures, Jugo, Orochimaru, and Sasuke, are working together. The three domoe may also symbolize Sasuke’s connection to the spiritual realm and his physical surroundings, or heaven, earth, and man. The mitsudomoe represents strength, and how it may be a terrible power that leads to war if it is abused.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven’s symbolism is complicated and profound, and its abilities are much more so. The mark might be seen as a gift or a burden, but a person could not be regarded free while still branded. How does Sasuke get rid of the curse mark on his body? Continue reading to find out.

What Is Sasuke’s Method For Getting Rid Of The Curse Mark?


When Sasuke meets and fights his brother Itachi, the curse mark on his body is gone. Sasuke gets the upper hand by using the methods of The Great Fireball, in which both brothers knead the chakra energy inside themselves to unleash fireballs, until Itachi produces Amaterasu, the greatest degree of fire release, instantly differentiating Sasuke’s fireball. 

Itachi understands that Sasuke’s body is merely a shell as he prepares to tear out his eyes. Sasuke has progressed to the next level, where he utilizes the Great Dragon Fire to summon a dragon-headed fireball that he directs towards Itachi. Through these fireballs, thunder clouds form, allowing Sasuke to launch his third strike, Kirin. Sasuke splits the clouds with Kirin and harnesses the force of lightning, mixing it with his chakras to strike with devastating impact. Itachi survives these assaults, and Sasuke’s power has dwindled to the point that he can no longer keep Orochimaru within. 

As Itachi displays Susanoo, his third technique, a massive avatar appears to fight for him, brandishing the Sword of Totsuka. A liquified construction housed in a sake jar makes up this ghostly blade. The victim gets pulled into the sake jar after being stabbed by the sword and kept in a drunken oblivion. Orochimaru attempts to use the eight branches method by releasing snakes from Sasuke as Itachi pulls the sword, but Itachi stabs the blade through Orochimaru, capturing and imprisoning him. 

During this procedure, the mark is completely removed from Sasuke, releasing him from its control. Sasuke’s curse mark is no longer visible, but did he wish it to be? While it improved his strength and performance, it also amplified his dark energy, causing him to fight with rage. Was it Sasuke’s desire to be rid of the curse mark? 

Is Sasuke in Charge Of The Curse Mark?

When a curse marking is initially received, the bearer is unable to regulate their access to it, inadvertently invoking its abilities. When they get used to the mark’s workings, they suffer excruciating physical agony when they use its abilities, although this may be temporarily overlooked as their chakras grow. 

Sasuke can use the curse mark to enhance his abilities, but unlike his marked forefathers, he also possesses the ability to reject it. He is the only one who is capable of doing so. 

When Orochimaru transports Sasuke to another reality, he plans for them to body exchange there. Instead, Sasuke uses his Sharingan to defeat Orochimaru, and Orochimaru is absorbed into Sasuke’s body rather of receiving it.

While Sasuke regains control of his thoughts and body, the curse mark intensifies the darkness inside him, fueling his rage and hate.

In some respects, Sasuke has a strong grasp on the curse mark: he is the only one who can stand up to Orochimaru and fight his own fights. The curse mark, on the other hand, has complete power over Sasuke since it emphasizes just one part of his psyche, amplifying his negative energy and changing his mental state. People’s wickedness is brought out by the curse mark. Sasuke had control over his mark, but he wasn’t really free until Itachi took it away.

Sasuke’s control over his curse mark is questionable, but the curse mark’s power is undeniable. What makes the Cursed Seal of Earth one of the most powerful?

What Is the Strength of Sasuke’s Curse Mark?


The Curse of Sasuke Mark is one of Orochimaru’s most powerful curses, with the Cursed Seal of Earth serving as its sole equivalent. The Cursed Seal of Heaven is observed in people who are most attuned to the spiritual realm, just as the Cursed Seal of Ground is seen in those who are most attuned to the earth. The mark is so powerful that when Sasuke unlocks the second level, his level of strength matches that of Naruto’s one-tailed form.

The curse mark is activated by drawing on the bearer’s chakra and mixing it with external factors. This energy is transferred via the mark’s mind, resulting in greatly increased power and skills.

To begin with, the curse mark’s potency is demonstrated: just one out of every 10 individuals survives being branded with a curse marker. This amount of chakra can only be absorbed by the most strong ninjas.

Second, even if a ninja survives the branding, their mind and free will will most likely be lost. 

Orochimaru’s fiercest bodyguards were the Sound Four. Even they couldn’t save their free will from being taken away. Sasuke showed tremendous power by keeping control of the curse mark.

Last season, it seemed like the biggest villain of the Naruto series was Sasuke. After the Uchiha broke the trust between the two sides of the village and became a wanted criminal, he seemed to take control of the series. He was the main antagonist and the series’ main villian, and he was apparently the most powerful in the series. The series had a new villain to take his place this season, but did it create a new villain at the same time? Let’s see if this latest episode answered that question.. Read more about sasuke curse mark level 3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sasukes curse do?

Sasukes curse is a technique that allows him to use the power of his Sharingan eye to create an illusion that he has multiple Sharingan eyes. This gives him the ability to see through all forms of genjutsu, and also allows him to see the chakra pathway system within peoples bodies.

Does the curse mark turn Sasuke evil?

The curse mark is a seal that was placed on Sasuke to prevent him from using the Mangekyo Sharingan. It doesnt turn Sasuke evil, it just prevents him from using his powers.

What is the mark on Sasuke hand?

The mark on Sasukes hand is a tattoo that he got when he was in prison.

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