Vince Vaughn confirmed that the Wedding Crossers 2 construction projects are currently in the early stages of negotiations. The role of Jeremy Gray and John Beckwith, two divorce mediators who break up marriages to meet women, was played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. John changed his mind about his immaturity when he fell in love with Claire Cleary, the U.S. Treasury Secretary’s daughter, played by Rachel McAdams. Eventually, Jeremy and John reveal their devastating actions to their hot-headed friend Claire Sack (Bradley Cooper) and force John to confess in order to get Claire back.

The wedding bracelets were an unexpected success: They raised $283 million and became the most profitable comedy in 2005. Vaughn and Wilson were not only praised by critics for their charming comic alchemy, but the film also manipulated Bradley Cooper for a role in the film Hangover. In retrospect, the film is seen as a turning point for R-rated studio comedies, which only regained their popularity four years later after the release of Wedding Crashers with hits like Hangover.

Rumours about Wedding Crushers 2 already spread in 2016. However, Vince Vaughn has officially confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that serious negotiations are underway between him, Wilson and Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin. Vaughn remembered his role in the film and noticed how much fun it was to work with his fellow stars and how open he was to the idea of returning to this world. That’s what Vaughn had to say about a possible sequel:

Owen, the director of Crashers and I had our first serious talk about pursuing this film, so we had an idea that was pretty good. Well, we’ll talk about that before… They were funny movies that had to be made. It’s always nice to make people laugh and go to work with nice people.

At a recent press conference on his new comedy Freak, Vaughn said Dobkin has a modern idea for Wedding Crushers 2 that will give a modern twist to the concept of marital accidents. Over the past five years, Vaughn has moved further away from comedy, with more dramatic roles in films like Hacksaw Ridge and Tugged Through Concrete. With the release of Freaky this week, Vaughn seems more open than ever to risky, gender-oriented projects.

However, a comedy sequel could probably be Vaughn’s most risky move, given that some recent sequels to comedies over a decade old haven’t worked very well, either critically or commercially. No further than the Zoolander 2, the Ben Stiller arrived 15 years later than the original, which received the vast majority of negative reviews and hardly any break-even in the till. However, these recent sequels are more of an exercise in profitability that Vaughn clearly avoided by passing on ideas for half-baked sequels such as Old School Dos that never flourished. With a good script, a cast taking over the roles and Dobkin’s return to director’s chair, Wedding Crashers 2 could well reverse the trend of poorly received sequels, if Vaughn sees enough potential to make it his very first comedy sequel.

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