It’s the moment that every animator and film nerd has been waiting for, the first trailer for the next Level 5 Studio movie, ARES STUDIOS has arrived. We’ve been waiting for this movie for over a year, and now thanks to the creators we have a glimpse of the film that has amassed over 2 million views in less than 15 minutes.

Watching ARES STUDIOS come alive… –

INTERLUDE reaches 75,000 views for version 2.0. You can watch it on the AXANAR YouTube channel or on the AVALON UNIVERSE channel…. or both!

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about three scenes from the movie Interlude that ended up on the digital locker room floor. But one of the most talked about aspects of this blog was the video, in which I captured 18 minutes of footage myself….. Shot of the amazing opening scene with a view from above on the bridge, where all sorts of things are happening. Fans of Aksanar and ARES STUDIOS got a glimpse of what happened on the set.

Well, my friends, that’s not all… and I will share it with you, starting today!

As Interlude’s producer, most of the work was already done when we arrived for the two-day recording session at Ares Studios on the 2nd and 3rd. November 2019 is here. Besides writing the screenplay, I was involved in budgeting, crowdfunding, paying for everything that had to be paid for (from the badges on my chest to renting cameras, lenses and lights, hair and makeup, renting chairs and tables, the caterer himself….. and a hundred other little and not so little things).

Another part of my job was to make sure the right people – actors, extras, crew, even the nurse on set – were in the studio on the right days, so they knew where and when they needed to be, and that their gasoline, travel expenses, food and lodging were paid for if needed. My efforts were focused on enabling VICTORIA FOX, JOSHUA IRVINE and the entire amazing Interlude team to shoot our fan film scenes in two 10-hour days, with everything they needed ready and waiting for them.

To make a long story short, I was the one who set up the buffet table to make sure all the guests had a great time at the party. So what was I supposed to do when the party started?

There were a few small fires to put out those two days – figuring out where to sit the hair and makeup people, giving my credit card to people I barely knew, rushing to Home Depot or Target or whatever. But most of the time, no producer was needed on set.

But it gave me a very unique and special opportunity…..

It was always my intention to document the creation of Interlude here on the site. And when Josh’s camera started working, so did mine! Granted, my camera isn’t as good as Josh’s, but it wasn’t necessary because I didn’t film any interludes. I filmed Interlude!

I took extra batteries, chargers and memory cards with me, as my goal was to capture as many behind-the-scenes images as possible. The videos I am about to publish are intended to give you, my readers, the most complete experience possible, as if you had personally participated in the event. These videos will be very long because I filmed almost everything.

Before anyone asks: I don’t edit these videos on purpose. If you don’t want to see the whole movie, skip it. But understand that these videos are meant to empathize, to make you feel like you’re on set for two days filming. If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like, now’s your chance to… In the middle of the action and not in the action.

However, this first behind-the-scenes video contains no real footage. Instead, a special look at Ares Studios, which came to life two hours before 10.

With camera in hand, I arrived at the Ares Studios around 8am, wondering if I would be the first one there. No. Half a dozen early risers are already going about their business and getting everything ready. So I got ready and started filming and interviewing all the members of my FANTASTIC film crew.

In the next few hours I saw something amazing – and now you will too. What began as a quiet atmosphere of quiet expectation gradually filled with more and more people. Before your eyes, Ares Studios transforms into a noisy, bustling movie studio full of people, activity and excitement …..


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