The latest in a long line of Liam Neeson performances that denigrate women, The Marksman is about a female assassin who goes after a man who her male assassin has been trying to get to for years. In a story told from the point of view of the assassin, the female assassin goes after the male assassin over a woman he loves.

UAMC Reviews Liam Neeson in ‘The Marksman’ (2021)

Liam Neeson is a master at ageing well. He has made the transition from recognizably young man to grizzled veteran with aplomb: he is still a force of nature, able to deliver a performance of startling intensity and gravitas. He has had some great roles in the years since Taken (2015), but none so fully encapsulates that film’s masterful balance of grit, action and pathos as The Marksman…. Read more about the marksman (2021 netflix) and let us know what you think.

Liam Neeson tries on Clint Eastwood look in new action thriller

Since the release of the awful (yes, awful) Taken trilogy, Liam Neeson has unfortunately starred in many unimpressive and mediocre action films, with the exception of those directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. At least these films tried to do something different with Neeson’s dystopian character, had an exciting pace and gripping action sequences. Now, at 69, Neeson never seems to escape his curse, starring in his latest unsuccessful film, The Sharpshooter, in which directors are desperately trying to portray him as the next Clint Eastwood. The problem is that Eastwood had a strong presence that surpassed even his worst films, while Neeson is constantly outclassed and doesn’t seem to enjoy filmmaking.

The movie The Sniper tells the story of Jim Hanson (Neeson), a former Marine who is now… God knows what. After the death of his wife, he struggles to pay off his loans and spends his days reporting illegal border crossings from Mexico to the United States to the Border Patrol. One day he meets a mother and her son Miguel (Jacob Perez) who are being pursued by the city’s cartel. After a shooting that kills his mother, Jim must return Miguel to his family in Chicago before the cartel finds and kills him. You get the point, of course: Jim now plays vigilante for Miguel, because he can’t trust the police or the border patrol, even though his daughter-in-law (Katherine Winnick) works here.

Liam Neeson in the movie Taken: The study of a modern action hero

The infamous ghost of Clint Eastwood continues to exist

If you look at Robert Lorenz’s resume as a film producer, you quickly realize that he has only worked on films directed by or starring Clint Eastwood. In addition, his last directorial effort was Trouble at the Turn, in which Eastwood himself starred. So it makes sense that the role of Jim Henson was written for Eastwood. However, the legendary actor is 91 years old, and it can be a challenge to make him look convincing without a stand-in during the film’s many action scenes.

Throughout the film. Neeson exudes Eastwood’s tough charisma, especially when confronting the cartoonish antagonists of the cartel, with many phrases seeming to come straight out of Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy. The resemblance is so obvious that even both lead actors would watch Hang ‘Em High – either a nod to Lorenz’s time working with Eastwood, or a reminder of who Neeson is imitating. All the critics were talking about it when the film came out in January, but even if you want a more nuanced opinion, you can’t help but think of Eastwood! The first time you see Neeson take on the cartel.

The final ranking of Dirty Harry films

The kind of stuff you see in Cannonmovies.

Or, even more obviously, when he buys a gun in the film’s darkest scene. Neeson/Estwood is acting within his own law, as he is above the corrupt police and border agents who want to take Miguel directly to the cartel. He even says the following sentence to the corrupt police officer: How much do you get paid to betray that badge? as if he were the true arbiter of the law, a Charles Bronson-like vigilante who becomes judge, jury and executioner when the so-called law fails him. Let’s get back to our main topic: Jim needs to buy a gun, and he tells the owner he can’t wait a day to do the background check because he’s in a life-threatening situation. The owner of the gun shop goes from I’m sorry, I can’t risk losing my license to I will report the theft and turn a blind eye to what Hanson is about to do.

I don’t know if this video was meant as a commentary on how easy it is to buy guns in the US, especially in red states, but it’s ridiculous to think that a gun shop owner would do something like this, try to make as much money as possible and break the law to help someone they don’t even know! This is the kind of thing you used to see in Cannon movies, where the action star became the embodiment of America and had lots of guns and bullets to fight cartoon villains.

Shooter is shot in the same vein as these films – mindless action that leads the film to a predictable ending. However, there is something that sets The Sniper apart from Cannon’s films, and that is the building of a good emotional arc between Hanson and Miguel. Neeson’s acting isn’t as bad as his last performance as Brian Mills in Tak3n, and he’s especially helped by the charming portrayal of Jacob Perez. Eventually they found each other and an extremely palpable chemistry developed between them.

The limitations and utility of Clint Eastwood’s In the Line of Fire.

But how marginal is it?

In fact, they are the only reason to watch the film to the end, as it is largely filled with plot and antagonists with no legitimate development. It also doesn’t help that the film’s action scenes are mostly generic shootouts, without a trace of aesthetic sense or personal touch from the director. Mark Patten’s camerawork looks too clean for a film that claims to showcase a dark and edgy plot. Digital cameras lack the grit of film, so the action scenes of The Sharpshooter are cheaply constructed and choreographed, with many shots clearly taken by a stand-in for Neeson, who can no longer convince in a single fight.

It’s time for Liam Neeson to quit action movies. He can spend the rest of his career playing more dramatic roles, which is his real strength if you’ve seen films like Schindler’s List or Rob Roy – that’s where his real acting talents lie. The action movies just distract from Neeson, who was once great, but now seems to only go for the big money. Yes, we all have to make ends meet, but movies like Shooter don’t fully showcase Neeson’s talent as a star. He must imitate Clint Eastwood and walk in his shadow. And you know what? It’s not working. Only one person can play Eastwood – and that’s the man himself. Either Neeson will continue his action roles with Jaume Collet-Serra, or he will try to move on, which would be preferable.

Bio: Maxans is a 22-year-old independent film and television critic and recent graduate of the University of Montreal. You can follow his latest work on Twitter @MaxFromQuebec.Liam Neeson is a name that has become synonymous with ‘hardcore action hero’ thanks to his turn in the Taken series, but he hasn’t stopped acting. He is now set to star in the 2021 thriller The Marksman; a film that follows the story of a hit man who makes a living killing people who have betrayed their country.. Read more about liam neeson net worth and let us know what you think.

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