Here is your Who’s Who on everyone’s favorite teen sidekick. Robin is the alias of Tim Drake, who is best known as the former Robin, a member of the Teen Titans, and Damian Wayne’s father.

Robin was Tim Drake, the third Robin, and Tim Drake was the name of the third Tim in the Teen Titans series. Robin, Tim Drake, and Tim Drake (Robin) were all different characters in the series. Robin was Tim Drake, the third Robin. Tim Drake was the name of the third Tim. Tim Drake (Robin) was also a different character in the series. Tim Drake was Tim Drake, the third Tim. Robin was also a different character in the series.

Tim Drake aka Robin (the second Robin) and Tim “Tim” Hunter, aka the third Robin, the third Robin Tim Drake and the third Robin Tim Hunter are the same guy, that’s right. This character has been around for years in various forms, but only recently has a single character been able to play all three parts. He has been a member of the Teen Titans, the Teen Titans Go! and the Justice League. He has also been on TV shows like Smallville and a number of times on Arrow.

Timothy-Jackson-Tim-Drake-Robin-%E2%80%93-Whos-WhoThe third season of Titans’ last trailer offered us a nice look at the whole new core cast, including famous characters like Red Hood, Oracle, the Scarecrow… and the third Robin. We observe a young guy weeping at a restaurant among the people responding to the news that The Joker has murdered Robin: that’s Tim Drake, played by Jay Lycurgo. Tim isn’t simply “another Robin,” but he’s the most well-known and popular of the bunch, second only to the original. It’s unclear (but not impossible) if he’ll wear the costume in his first season, but it’s exciting to finally see a live-action version of one of the Bat-most Family’s famous characters. Let’s have a look at his comicbook rendition, as usual.

Tim Drake was born in Gotham City, but the one he knew was different from that of many of his fellow citizens: he was the son of one of Gotham’s most successful businessmen, Jack Drake, and of his wife Janet, and grew up in luxury and wealth. The truth lying beneath the life of Gotham’s socialites was a distant nightmare, and he only had a taste of it when, as a kid, he went with his parents to Haly’s Circus, just in time to witness the death of the Flying Graysons, something he would Timothy-Jackson-Tim-Drake-Robin-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whohave never forgotten. Some years later, however, he saw on the news some footage of Batman and Robin apprehending The Penguin, and he noticed something familiar in the Boy Wonder‘s acrobatics: displaying an impressive photographic memory and also a remarkable deductive capability, he realized that Robin was Dick Grayson, the surviving son of the Flying Graysons… and from there, it was only logical that Batman must have been Bruce Wayne, the one who had adopted him, and who, actually, had all the means and resources, and the perfect alibi, to be the Dark Knight. Tim kept following this theory, and found confirmation in every piece of information he got. At a certain time, he also realized that Robin was a different boy, and that Nightwing, who had made his debut in Blüdhaven, was clearly the same person as the first Robin. From a distance, and as a kid, he had guessed more about Batman, his life and his sidekick(s) than all the hero’s enemies and allies, and than most of the world’s greatest professional detectives: quite an accomplishment. Then, the second Robin was brutally murdered by the Joker, and Tim noticed a drastic change of behavior in Batman: he was blaming himself for what had happened, was grieving and in pain, and this was affecting his crusade. Albeit he was only thirteen years old, Tim believed he could do something about it: he would have reformed the original Dynamic Duo, reinstating Batman’s self-confidence.

Tim traveled to Blüdhaven, tracked down Nightwing, and revealed to him everything he knew… begging him to be Robin again for the sake of his old mentor. Dick, pretty impressed by the kid, still refused his proposal, being on a whole new path, far from Batman, but this didn’t discourage the boy: he came back to Gotham, introduced himself to Bruce Wayne in his manor, and volunteered as the new Robin. As expected, though, as surprised as he was, Bruce rejected him, not wanting to endanger another kid… but shortly after that both Batman and Nightwing fell into a trap, and were 1626674401_810_Timothy-Jackson-Tim-Drake-Robin-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whoabout to be killed by Two-Face. Wanting to save them, Tim got the help of Bruce’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, another one who admired the boy’s intelligence and courage, and he did rescue the two heroes. Conceding that the boy had a lot of potential, Batman agreed to take him in to train him, but only that: he mentored him, taught him, but refused to take him out as the new Robin, letting him assist his investigations in the Bat-Cave, but wanting to avoid another Jason Todd situation. At first, Tim accepted this situation, and trained with the Dark Knight, with Alfred, and even with Nightwing… until he believed he was ready to accompany Batman in his patrol, something he still was denied. In the meanwhile, the boy’s parents had gone to a trip to the Caribbean, but here they were attacked by the crimelord Obeah Man, who killed Janet and left Jack paralyzed from the waist down. Tim did his best to support his father, who now required a professional nurse, Dana Winters, who later became his new wife. This experience drew Tim closer to Bruce, and when the boy rescued Batman from the Scarecrow, the Dark Knight was finally convinced, and despite his extremely young age, Tim Drake officially became the new Robin. Now, it was time for a new partnership, a new Dynamic Duo, to be born.

Tim Drake, a child prodigy with a calculating intellect, photographic memory, and remarkable deductive skills, began as a Batman and Robin devotee, only to become a legend through his tenacity, unbreakable will, and bravery. As the new Robin, he’s received far more training than his predecessors, and he’s now one of the world’s most accomplished martial artists, trained in a variety of styles and techniques; he’s also a formidable gymnast and athlete, a master of parkour, escapology, criminology, engineering, and investigation, he speaks several languages fluently, and he’s an unrivaled tactician who even deserved Ra’s title. Tim Drake possesses all of the necessary skills and determination to not only become the new Robin, but to become the best Robin ever: once he’s achieved his goal, he’ll do everything in his power not to disappoint his mentor, much less to cause him to doubt his decision to appoint him as the new Boy Wonder.

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If you’ve ever wondered where Timothy Jackson “Tim” Drake came from, or in other words who he is, this is a short biography of the young actor.. Read more about tim drake birthday and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Tim Drake stop being Robin?

Tim Drake stopped being Robin because he was tired of being Robin.

What does Tim Drake do after being Robin?

After being Robin, Tim Drake becomes the third Robin.

Who is the Robin in Gotham Knight?

The Robin in Gotham Knight is Jason Todd.

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