This week we dive into the lives, ambitions and secrets of our Gotham heroes and villains. Jacob is faced with a dark side of himself that he’s not sure he can resist. Alice and Julia team up to find a mysterious riddle that can help them both get their memories back. Meanwhile, Team Batwoman takes on the last remaining villains attacking community centers.

Let’s see.

Warning: Spoiler alert coming up!


Just a bite

The episode opens with Jacob (Dougray Scott) on drugs, reliving the horrific memories of his attempts to find Beth, but this time he succeeds. He wakes up and realizes he’s been drugged.

This episode is a great way to connect parents and children who are struggling. James, so determined to act immediately, fails to transfer his failure to his children. Losing your daughters isn’t easy. Yet we must be honest. He’s failing in the healthiest way, and Mary (Nicole Kang) is still out there. We are still angry that he took the clinic out from under his feet, and worse, offered to take it over, but as a high quality clinic where the people it visits and provides shelter and safety cannot get the help they need. While the idea of C.R.O.W.S. is good at first, it becomes unclear due to the characters’ constant struggle. We’re counting on Sophie to help us turn things around and him.



Ryan (Javisia Leslie) visits Angelica in prison and happily tells her she’s helping run the community center. We are so excited! But a madman arrives with a flash gun and sets the house on fire. They discovered that one of the people behind this case and so many others involving community centres is someone who is very well paid to work in the prison system to destroy young people and get them off the streets. Luke (Camrus Johnson), who came in as Batwoman’s backup, is evil and is definitely one of the main characters in this episode. It’s nice that he’s taken his father’s place as head of the Bat-computers, but we would have liked to see him team up more with Batwoman. So much potential!

What really gets our attention are the actual statistics presented on how community centers help youth and how they seem to be disappearing and being destroyed due to lack of funding. Batman fighting for them is epic and we hope it will help communities open even more doors to those in need. This is another notch in Batman’s belt in his efforts to make people aware of injustices that need to be recognized.


Ryan is worried not only about the community center being in danger, but also about Angelica’s confession that she was behind the SCPD commissioner’s death. Soon after, Angelica is kidnapped by the Black Mask, not to kill her, but because she is one of two people who know the private recipe for the Snakebite.

This episode moves the storyline around Black Mask forward and increases the tension and emotional return for Ryan and Batwoman. It’s balanced with a smattering of real-life problems. Gotham may refer to the real world, but it has its own fantasy problems. The rise of such a dark villain is sure to shake Gotham, especially since it hit Jacob, the head of C.R.O.W.S., hard.


Recalculation of lost memories

Julia (Christina Wolfe) still wonders how she could forget part of her journey to find Kate. However, when Alice approaches her in search of a certain Enigma who uses hypnosis to alter and erase memories, she immediately attracts the attention of Julia, who has no memories. The two dig pretty deep into each other and their heartbreak for Kate. By the end, Alice feels more confident in her decision to erase Kate from her memories, and Julia once again falls victim to Enigma’s hypnosis, which goes beyond erasing her memories and convinces her to leave Gotham.


Personally, this team is one of our favorites. Julia talks about how no one else cares about Alice. Julia’s presence in this episode is very strong and makes us wish and hope that she gets a regular role in the series next season. The chemistry between the two is electric. It’s fun and we like to be teased. We beg the show to bring them back, especially as the twists and turns continue. Not only does C.R.O.W.S. need it, but we think Team Batman needs it too.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Discuss with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @TheSeriesRegs to stay up to date on other series you love.

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