Although it has come to an end, Arrow seems to be the gift that continues to be given as Fire Hedgehog and his friend have found another cartoon character that I missed. In the third episode of the season, Sarah, one of Komodo’s targets, Tom Weston, is represented by Gerald Paetz, a shady manager from Amertek. This isn’t even his first live-movie: only known by his last name, he appeared in the (terrible) movie Steel, played by Michael Preston. In this version he is an arms dealer and attends the auction of Nathaniel Burke’s advanced military weapons. He’ll stand up to him if Burke’s ambitions take the best of him. In the comics, he’s not a businessman or a gangster, but a career manager… …with a darker side. Well, let’s see.

Thomas Weston was a man of ideals. He had a glorious career in the U.S. Army when he assumed the rank of colonel. Then, like many before him, he learned that ideals were not enough to make ends meet, and he found more opportunities and potential in the private sector than in the military. Living and working (primarily) in Washington, D.C., Weston joined Amertek Industries, a private company - Whos-Who.jpg that develops advanced weapon systems, and was chosen as the new CEO because of his experience and talent. Weston found talented young scientists, hired them and supplied them with weapons which they then sold to the army…. But it wasn’t his only source of income. At the beginning of his new career at Metropolis, Weston came into contact with Manuel Cabral, the director of Rainforest Technologies and one of the most celebrated philanthropists in the country: Like him, Cabral had other devious intentions, because he was also the evil Hazard, head of a crime syndicate known only as Black Ops. Through a secret alliance between Amertek and Black Ops, Weston Hazard and his men began to provide advanced weapons and found an incredible source of profit. He also began selling top-quality weapons to ordinary street gangs, mostly through arms dealers such as White Rabbit, expanding his market and providing law enforcement agencies with more weapons to protect themselves from heavily armed criminals he supplied himself. He didn’t care about the victims: Weston was a racist at heart, and he didn’t mind black trash being killed on the streets for his cause. While continuing his illegal activities, he naturally took care of the legal activities, allowing him to develop new talents. One of those new promises was John Henry Irons, straight out of Yale.

Irons was a great young man, an engineer full of talent and creativity: Colonel Weston took him under his wing and made him one of the greatest scientists who ever worked for Amertek. Irons’ greatest achievement was undoubtedly the Toastmasters, technically the BG-60 handheld weapons, a real breakthrough in the development of energy weapons. Unfortunately, Irons was rather idealistic, and he wanted the BG-60 to be a non-lethal weapon; apparently Weston gave another piece of advice, and sold the model to the army without informing his apprentice, , when the soldiers tested the Toastmasters directly in the field in Kwarak, where they did some short-term work on rebels and Kurdish civilians. When Irons found out, he deleted all files from the BG-80, an upgraded version of the BG-60 he was working on, and left Amertek. Fortunately, one of Irons’ closest colleagues, and even for a while his mistress, Dr. Angora Lapin, was the same white rabbit that Colonel Weston had hired for his illegal operations: She copied the Irons files without her knowledge, allowing Amertek to develop an improved version of the Tomaster behind the maker’s back. Ironically, among the Weston gangs selling BG-80 were the Central Avenue Skulls, a gang led by John Henry’s cousin, Jemal Irons. Weston’s actions took warfare on turf to a whole new level. Some gangs use stolen Amertek weapons, others rely on drugs such as tar to increase the strength of their members to superhuman levels: Amertek is flourishing in this chaos, and more and more government contractors are asking for weapons that could keep them safely on the streets. However, some contacts of the crowd colonel warned him of two possible threats: first, the return of John Henry Irons himself to Washington, who could make public that he knows that his weapons are being used without permission; second, the emergence of a new superhero who would join the internal war, Steel, with ties to Jemal Irons. Colonel Weston will quickly and permanently deal with them if he wants his business to continue to grow….

Colonel Thomas Weston is a fervent and cruel man, a born strategist who supports a series of alliances and secret plans to ensure the greatest possible profit for himself and his company, Amertek, regardless of cost. Equipped with a true arsenal of futuristic weapons, it provides street gangs and crime syndicates with the latest weapons in the hope that they will kill each other while freeing the American streets from scum. Colonel Weston, a racist and murderous monster, is the worst of all businessmen who profit from the blood of people spilled on the streets.


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