Storm Shadow was one of the most popular characters in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, created by Larry Hama. His history and skills were a perfect match for the tough missions the G.I. Joe team faced, making him a hero all kids could identify with.

Tommy Arashikage (born June 16, 1977) is a native of the town of Hilo, Hawaii, and also the youngest member of the original G.I. Joe team. He is a skilled martial artist and a U.S. Marine who serves as the Red Ninja’s bodyguard, confidant, and weapon of choice. Nicknamed “Storm Shadow” by his fellow G.I. Joes, his elusive nature and many disguises make him a serious threat in the war against Cobra. He is often seen as one of the most powerful members of the G.I. Joe team, though there is some debate as to whether he is one of the most powerful, or if he is just one of the more talented

The 1975’s “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unconscious When You Dream” is a great song and it’s one of my favorites. The line I like is “I like it when you sleep, I like it when you stare.” The song was actually written about the real life of Tom Arashikage. Here’s a bit of his story.

Of course, you can’t make a movie about Snake Eyes without also including his brother in the blade and his nemesis Storm Shadow, and the next movie will certainly do that. The new sequel will focus on the white-clad ninja Andrew Koji, and his complicated relationship with Snake Eyes will likely be covered in more detail than in the first two films. In the movie G.I. Joe: Cobra Rising and G.I. Joe: In Revenge, the character is played by Byung Hun Lee, albeit in a version that differs greatly from the original: He was mean and cruel from the start, which immediately embittered Snake Eyes, even when he was a starving street orphan. Before we see what they did with this controversial villain, let’s take a look at the original.

Tommy Arashikage was born in St. Louis. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of a Japanese man and an American woman. On his father’s side, Tommy is the heir to the Arashikage clan, a sect of ninja assassins that has been active in Japan for thirty generations. From an early age, while traveling in Japan, Tommy trained with his uncles, Hard Master and Soft Master, and acquired remarkable skills and the nickname Young Master. However, when the US needed him, he left the clan and returned to join the US Army, just in time to fight in the Vietnam War. After attaining the rank of sergeant, he joined Sergeant Wilkinson’s reconnaissance patrol along with Wade Collins, Dickie Saperstein, Ramon Escobedo, and an unnamed man who would become known years later as Snake Eyes. The latter soon becomes Tommy’s best friend, so much so that he invites him to come to Japan to join his family’s clan. For Tommy, warfare was almost an extension of his original training, and he was much better at skill and ability than his teammates, with the exception of Snake Eyes, who was a natural at everything to do with fighting and warfare. When the LRRP group is ambushed and most of its members are killed by the NVA, Tommy refuses to believe that Snake Eyes is also dead and, against Wilkinson’s orders, returns alone, storms the enemy units and finds his friend wounded but alive in the jungle. This episode made the two friends grow up as brothers, and they promised to always support each other. When their service was over, they returned home and Tommy immediately left for Japan, where he resumed his training and waited to be appointed successor to the Raw Master. Shortly thereafter, Snake Eyes arrived: His family was killed in a car accident while he was away, and he eventually accepted Tommy’s offer to join the Arashikage clan. Tommy’s uncle took him in, and the young man was happy to have him around again, until Snake Eyes began to outshine him.

As Snake Eyes improved his skills and demonstrated a deeper morality, killing only when absolutely necessary, Tommy began to see him as a rival, and when rumor spread that the Tough Master wanted the American in place of his own cousin as the new clan leader, his resentment against the man he loved like a brother only grew. What happened next was the final nail in the coffin for the relationship between the two: One night, while Master Merciless was in the dark room teaching Snake Eyes the technique of the blind sword, an assassin shot an arrow at what he thought was Snake Eyes , but was in reality Master Merciless. After witnessing the events, Tommy pursued the killer, but he fled in a helicopter with a sign from the Cobra terrorist organization at his side. After learning that everyone in the clan, including Snake Eyes, thought he was his uncle’s killer, Tommy left the clan and never returned. Secretly, he blamed his former friend for Master Hard’s death because he imitated him in his mirror fight training, killing him. To get revenge, Tommy took the name Storm Shadow and joined Cobra, the organization he knew his uncle’s killer worked for: His plan was to rise high enough in the ranks to discover the identity of Master Hard’s true killer and take revenge on him. With his skills and ruthlessness, Storm Shadow quickly became Cobra Commander’s bodyguard and leader of his assassins. Cobra Commander himself promised to reveal the identity of Master Hard’s killer in exchange for his absolute loyalty, and Storm Shadow secured his loyalty: He even crossed swords with Snake Eye in Silent Castle when his former brother joined the G.I. Joe team born to fight Cobra, and even led the rescue operation when Cobra Commander was captured by the enemy. If working for murderers and terrorists was the price he had to pay to get his revenge, Storm Shadow would gladly pay it, with all that entailed.

Tommy Arashikage is a man of honor, but also of great pride, and these two sides of his personality often clash, causing him to make bad decisions out of anger and a desire for revenge. As Storm Shadow, he is a formidable fighter, a black belt in the martial arts with multiple fighting styles, deadly in the use of swords, shurikens, nunchucks, and especially the longbow, weapons at which he is almost unquestionably adept; although he specializes in the use of traditional Japanese weapons, Storm Shadow is also more than capable of using modern weapons, which he finds unrefined and vulgar, however. Hero or villain, depending on what he faces, Storm Shadow struggles to reclaim his honor, a path that led him away from his swordsman brother Snake Eyes and back to himself, Cobra, and then G.I. Joe, in a dance of death and betrayal where only his ultimate goal has real meaning.


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Tommy Arashikage is an unsung hero of the original GI Joe cartoon series and the live action movie, starring Shia LaBeouf and Jon Voight. He was not only a major character and a valuable technical advisor to the film, but was also a key member of the production team. He was an integral part of the design process, and his input was the reason that the movie looked the way it did.. Read more about snake eyes real name and let us know what you think.

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