After a brief hiatus due to production delays caused by the pandemic, “This Is Us” returned with an episode that focuses primarily on Kevin, yet is peppered with a few bits of information about the family. While focusing on Kevin’s trip back to Madison, we also saw how Jack took Kevin to quarterback camp when he was 15. It also brought back memories of his own sports history with his own father, Stanley. Let’s see what happened there.

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Kevin is about to film a big scene with Robert De Niro when he hears that Madison is in labor. Although she is six weeks early, the babies are ready to come. At that moment, he fulfills his promise to “do it all together” and his desire to provide for his family. He is ready to leave the compound and be with her while she gives birth to her twins. This may cause him problems later in his career, but for now, nothing is more important than going to Madison.

Going to the airport, he took Miguel’s calls as they tried to find a flight from Vancouver for him. As he tries to get to Madison, his feelings about reaching his destination are clarified by memories.

We see it as a preparation weekend where he spends the weekend with Jack going to quarterback camp. Young Kevin is physically ill and, despite the business cards his brother helped him make, he is incredibly nervous. Jack doesn’t know what’s going on at first, until Kevin admits it in a conversation with Rebecca, in which he calls Kevin “soft.”

Jack tries to explain, but Kevin won’t leave him alone. It wasn’t fair of Jack to say that about Kevin, and it was nice to see Kevin stand up for himself and admit what really upset him. He also told Jack about the soccer coach’s attitude toward him and the fact that he had been called “stupid.”

Although Kevin is not feeling well at first, Jack takes him to a bar restaurant to talk to him about his own experiences with his father. Jack played in the minor leagues, and although his father came to his games, he got drunk every time. His mood also varied depending on whether Jack’s team won or lost.

Kevin learns a little more about the grandfather he never knew, and when Jack thinks he’s just like him and pushes Kevin to play soccer, the teen refuses. Jack may have been arrogant, but he’s not as bad as his father. And when Jack notices his son’s coach in the restaurant, he quietly confronts him in the bathroom and tells him never to insult Kevin. Although he doesn’t tell Kevin, his oldest son doesn’t believe him, but he doesn’t scold him either.‘This-Is-Us-Episode-5×07-Recap-“There”.jpg Photo by NBC

These memories show that for Kevin, his father was always there. Not being there for them when they were born was devastating to him.

While driving and Miguel finds the leak, Kevin arrives at the scene of an accident. Having no signal to call 911, Kevin rescues the driver and loses his license in the process.
While escorting the injured man to the hospital, Kevin opens his eyes and tries to keep him awake. When he tells him he doesn’t want to miss an important day for his twins, the man objects. The man tells Kevin that his own children don’t remember anything after two years. The man tells Kevin that it’s okay if he doesn’t make it, but that’s all Kevin needs.

Although he has arrived at the airport, the TSA will not let him through because he has lost his ID card. Exhausted and without options, Kevin asks to be let on board. He senses that Madison is alone and that she needs him. What Kevin doesn’t know is that she is not as alone as he thinks she is.

When Randall and Beth heard their brother’s distress on the phone, they called Madison. On the way back from New Orleans, they couldn’t sit back and do nothing knowing that Madison was in labor and that no one was there for her. Since Kate can’t be there because Ellie has to get the little girl that Kate and Toby are adopting, Madison is alone, physically and emotionally.

At first Madison, hinting in bits and pieces that her family was not there, did not want to force them to stay in touch with her. But when Randall and Beth offer to stay with her and support her, even calling her family, she starts crying and tells them she really wants to talk to them. It’s sad that they can’t be with her physically because of COVID’s limitations, but this way they can support her when Kevin can’t.‘This-Is-Us-Episode-5×07-Recap-“There”.jpg Image via NBC

At the end of the last episode, when Randall first contacted Kevin, I felt that he would try to help as much as he could. His meeting with Madison is not only a springboard to welcome her into the family, but perhaps also an open door for him and Kevin to solidify their relationship.

The next episode will focus on the newcomers and will also answer the question of whether Kevin will arrive at the hospital. With new journeys for the Pearls, we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

What do you think the new babies will be called? Let us know in the comments below if you think Kevin will.

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