We managed to come back and give us a lot of answers, but also leave us with a lot of questions. Not only did we learn more about Kate’s pregnancy, but we also deepened the relationship between Kevin and Madison while Randall struggled with a surprising revelation. Let’s see what happened at The Long Road Home.

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While we could see what was going on with her brothers, Kate’s story in this episode really touched on a subject that is tough on all fronts. She told Toby that she got pregnant when she was 18 and finally had an abortion. Toby, stunned by this revelation, is just surprised and a little insulted that she didn’t tell him, especially since they went through so much to conceive Jack.

It was an important moment for Kate because she didn’t want to be seen as a victim by the man she loved the most. But Toby’s support and his own courage have enabled him to fight the demons of his past. After finding Mark through his MySpace (real, man, real), Kate and Toby decided to confront him.

We’re not sure what Kate is going to tell him, but we’ve seen how lonely Kate has been on this trip in the past. With her mother and brothers in New York, Kate had no one to go to. And just as she was about to receive her phone while her mother left a voicemail, Rebecca hung up and left her in the dark about what her daughter had been through. Teenager Kate, probably hoping to see if Mark would change if she talked to him about it, realizes that he’s still self-centered and that the decision she’s made is the right one for her.

Kate decides not to reveal this information, past or present, when she comes face to face with Mark. When she realizes that Mark is still the same person as back then, she realizes he’s not worth her time. Instead, she discourages him in the best possible way because he has had a negative influence on his emotional and mental state for the past 20 years. We’re very proud of Kate, who stood up for herself and took control of her own feelings, and didn’t let Mark have more power over her.

From this point of view, the chapter seems to be closed. Whether or not she decides to tell her family what happened, it’s clear there’s no need to talk about it. But only having the support of a man and relieving that burden can hopefully be enough for them to continue their journey together.

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Kevin is also in the midst of personal and professional turmoil. Even though he’s a father, he still has problems after Kevin had to travel to Vancouver for work because of COVID. Depending on how things go, this can lead to a story about how Kevin eventually balances his upbringing and career.

Madison, on the other hand, has plunged into a world she’s still trying to navigate. Given that she wasn’t at all prepared for Kevin to take his whole family with him when he had work to do, it was understandable that they didn’t communicate as they should, about what they both wanted. She tells Kevin that he has to take his time in Vancouver to decide if he really feels like it.

We know Kevin will be there for his children, depending on his future shape, but he still has a long way to go to get there. He has to make sure that he is clear about his own wishes and needs and how he can integrate these into his relationship with Madison. For the time being it seems that they can work better together as parents, but they have to talk about it and find a solution.

As far as his brother is concerned, Randall is disappointed when he receives a form from a man named High, showing that he knew his mother, Laurel, and that she died in May 2015. Randall is sedated when William tells him that his mother took an overdose after childbirth. Believing he’s been betrayed by another parent, Randall jogs to clear his head. He takes Beth’s advice, which is always right, and calls his therapist. His therapist reminds Randall of the road he took to know who he is and his story. Although he’s connected to William’s side, he hasn’t found his mother’s story yet.

While he’s trying to figure all this out, Randall gets a call from Kevin. The two, who haven’t spoken for a while, are clearly still tense and don’t really know how to communicate. Even when Kevin talks about trying to understand what Randall would have done in a difficult situation, there’s always a backlog when he tries to talk about what Randall went through last year. Kevin doesn’t know Randall is in the middle at this point, but the timing doesn’t work, especially since he’s also distracted on his way to Vancouver. It’s a conversation they should have together, if they’re both capable of wanting it.

Clearly, Kevin appreciates the way Randall works. He may not have followed his advice to move to L.A. when he was young, but he’s someone Kevin thinks about a lot, even when he’s talking: What would Randall do?

Although Kevin can count on his brother’s advice, he still doesn’t see the big picture. Kevin still has a lot to figure out about his own behavior before they can really dive into the conversation. A personal conversation is the best option for this, and when both are ready. Today, none of them is able to give them a chance to come back from such a painful breach.

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After talking to Kevin, Randall High calls, the man who sent him information about his mother. He went straight to the point and asked why William had told him Laurel had taken an overdose. High assured Randall that it’s very likely William thought Laurel was dead. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Randall can barely speak, so Beth takes over. High invites him to visit New Orleans, where his mother lived, a trip we will see in the next episode.

We can’t wait to hear more about Randall’s mother and her story. It’s sad that we can’t see it now, but the fact that Randall gets the piece of the puzzle he was looking for is something to look forward to. It’s been a long time, and I hope this will help him on his way.

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