News from the British royal family reveals a surprising connection between Meghan Markle and the late Prince Philip. Apparently both were frustrated by the treatment they received from the palace servants when they joined the royal family.

Royal Family News – What does Meghan Markle have in common with this royal family?

Ingrid Seward, an expert on kings, wrote the book My Husband and I: The Inside Story of a Royal Marriage about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. According to her, he was treated like an outsider and patronized when he married Princess Elizabeth.

In the book, Lord Brabourne, a relative of Phillips, stated: Life in court was very frustrating for him at first. It was very stuffy.

Royal family news – Prince Philip had to adapt

Apparently the courtiers did not accept Philip from the start, in part because he was born in Greece and therefore a foreigner, Seward writes.

She wrote: Tommy Lascelles (the king’s personal secretary) is impossible. To him, they were bloody. You patronized him. They treated him like a stranger. It wasn’t very funny.

He laughed about it, of course, but it must have hurt. I don’t know if Princess Elizabeth noticed. She probably didn’t see it.

The Queen is said to have fallen in love with Philip when he was a teenager, and the couple married in 1947. Even in those days, the palace servants and high-ranking members of the court had enormous influence and power.

News about the royal family– Prince Philip retires Saturday.

Philip’s niece, Lady Pamela Hicks, said in Seward’s book that the palace advisers thought Philip was rude and discourteous. He knew he was going into the lion’s den. He was very aware of how he was treated and how difficult it was for him to fight for his position and independence (against the establishment). What he didn’t know was how scary it would be.

News from the Royal Family: Prince Philip passes the baton to Prince Charles’ son, who is in hospital

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After the sudden and unexpected death of her father in 1952, Elizabeth became a sovereign at the age of 25. In return, Philippe had to give up his naval career and adapt to palace life.

His former personal secretary, Mike Parker, told the Express newspaper: Philip was constantly being squeezed, cleaned, pinched, beaten on the knuckles. It was unbearable. The problem was that Philip had energy, ideas, superiority and movement, and that didn’t sit well with the establishment, not at all.

This is very similar to Meghan Markle’s story. The difference is that Philip behaved decently, while the former starlet threw the entire royal family under the bus at Oprah Winfrey Criefffest.

Royal expert Camille Tomini told The New Yorker: I think it was a culture shock because he came from the celebrity world, which is very dynamic and demanding. The royal world is very different – it must be slower and extremely hierarchical.

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