Of course, plastic surgery isn’t necessarily bad. She has helped many people regain their self-esteem and overcome their illness. But sometimes celebrities go too far, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by their looks and their bank accounts.

Nicole Kidman – 1,400

Nicole Kidman spoke openly about her Botox injections and made it clear to the world that she didn’t like them and wouldn’t do them again. His exact words were: Sometimes you need to know if the grass on the other side is green for you. At least she is honest about what she thinks about this procedure, which people usually try to hide or deny.

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman – 1400

Although she doesn’t like this small change in her appearance, the Hollywood world is still full of gossip and many people think she has done longer and more extensive work, such as rhinoplasties or facial fillings. Some of her fans on Twitter even said she was destroying herself! Fans notice everything, and it’s hard not to notice the difference.

Three hundred beaks – $10,650

You’ve probably seen Trista Sutter at various reality shows, from Big Brother and Survivor to Bachelor and Bachelor. She never hid the fact that she didn’t like her divine appearance and drew the public’s attention to her transformation by publishing it in Life and Style magazine when she went under the knife! Yeah, she was paid to tell the magazines what she did.

Three hundred mother ships Three hundred mother ships – 10,650

Some of his treatments include eye lift and reconstruction, as well as plastic surgery of the breast, and it seems that much more needs to be done. Does she love her body now? Luckily she is satisfied with the results and says she loves her body now that the work is done. In their case, it’s worth paying thousands to look impeccable.

Tom Jones – $90,000

Those rocking hips may not match every cup of tea, but for women of a certain age, Tom Jones presses all the right buttons! However, not everything looks natural and Tom underwent several cosmetic procedures to stay young when he was 70 years old. He knows that his advice contributed to his success and ticket sales at the time, so why not do something to stay young and fresh.

Tom Jones Tom Jones – $90,000

If you see him on stage, remember that he has had work done on his eyes, nose and teeth and has had a complete facelift. Because he’s always on stage and touring all over the world, he probably thinks the money is well spent. That’s a lot of money he spent on these procedures! It pays off, but his music is still what people want to hear, and that’s something you can’t forget.

Courtney Love – $9,800

Courtney is known for experimenting with her appearance and style, and we are used to seeing her appearance noticeably different through her new hairstyles and clothing choices. True to the lifestyle of a rock star. But his plastic surgery is a little different and certainly more permanent. Over the years there have been important changes, and it is not at all the same as before.

Courtney Love Courtney Love – $9,800

The late Nirvana’s wife, Kurt Cobain, is said to have had her lips filled, a breast lift and a nose lift to improve the shape of her nose. She has always been considered a beauty, many say she didn’t need the work she did, and she has her own house style. You can tell by those looks, and people know what to expect when they see him. The knife doesn’t seem to frighten her, and she takes over her outdated lifestyle and combats it with plastic surgery.

Tara Reed – $9,500

Tara Reed is one of the celebrities who openly admit that she made a mistake while practicing plastic surgery. When she was young, she had her belly lifted and had breast surgery and eventually had to repeat the surgery to correct what she had done. The operation was clearly a success, as it was shown in Playboy in 2009 with a presentation of her upper body, and she told the magazine that a problem was no longer a problem. Lucky for them, because some people have scars that can last a lifetime.

Tarrite Tarrite – 9 500

Michael Jackson – $1,000,000

When you hear celebrities in plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is their faces and their names. The king of pop music, Michael Jackson himself, is the only one! The world is always happy to discuss the operations of the rock god MJ, including numerous rhinoplasties, skin care and facial reconstruction operations. He literally looks like a different person since he started.

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson – 1,000,000

At one point his nose was rebuilt and the step of changing his skin colour from black to white caused him a lot of problems in the press. There were rumors that it was related to skin diseases, but people found it hard to believe. He seemed to simply want to escape everything that gave him glory, especially his roots.

Curtney Kardashian – $25,000

The whole Kardashian clan loves his plastic surgery, and Kurtney started very young. The breast augmentation surgery has already been performed at school. She had the opportunity and the money, and she didn’t understand what these decisions would do to her in the future. She often talks about the possibility of adjusting the operation so that it looks more natural.

Courtney Kardashian Courtney Kardashian – $25,000

Unlike her siblings and other family members, she actually finds the operation a bit radical, and she prefers the idea of less invasive procedures such as laser surgery to achieve the desired results. It seems that during her childhood she got to know herself better and developed a personal attitude towards operations and procedures.

Susanne Somers – $9,000

Susanne Somers is hardly recognizable from her earlier appearance. Many people think she’s had all the cosmetic procedures to look younger and maybe get more work in the world of the stars. Because it was once very famous and has not kept its young and fresh appearance over the years. It was about time you couldn’t do much more.

Susanne Somers Susanne Somers – $9,000

Of course, it must be hard to be someone who was once considered a pin-up girl and is now ignored by young women. Susannah underwent surgery, including breast, jaw and lip treatments. She was also operated on to rejuvenate her neck.

Aiken Clay – $11,000

For many, Clay Aiken was a real winner of the American Idol, even though he didn’t reach the first place in the last round. Unlike many other celebrities, his plastic surgery for medical purposes was related to his temporomandibular joint. The operation consisted of a reconstruction of the entire jaw, so he decided to take the opportunity to go under the knife to do something to feel safer.

Oak Clay Oak Clay – $11,000

He asked the surgeon to remove some fat from his chin and neck. Why wouldn’t I? Clay looks older and different, but he seems to have achieved his goal of getting what he wanted out of surgery.

Nadia Suleman – $12,180

Remember the squid? It’s true, Nadia Suleman is known to have had eight children at the same time, all born healthy! An incredible achievement and of course an excuse to be operated on to get back in shape and feel more like yourself. Nadia also injected her lips and had a rhinoplasty more than once, because she is now in the spotlight at the age of eight. Acute plastic surgeryNadia Suleman – $12,180.

Many say she’s trying to look like another Hollywood celebrity, none other than Angelina Jolie herself. We don’t think Angie has anything special, but it looks like she’ll keep trying to improve her appearance and put more and more time in the spotlight.

Claire Denmark

The fact is Claire Danes has always said she wants to try plastic surgery when the time comes, if that’s what she wants. It’s more reasonable than swearing you’ll never do it and then lying!

Claire-Denmark Claire-Denmark

So far Claire has had eye lifts, lip fillings and a few implants, but because she is one of the biggest names in television with her starring role in the hit show Homeland, we wouldn’t be surprised if she had surgery in the future to stay young.

Victoria Beckham – $12,956

The other half of David Beckham is one of the most beautiful women in the stratosphere of celebrities, and she also pleads to be happy with what you have, not extreme change. She had breasts, but she now admits that she did it out of uncertainty and not because she really wanted to do the job.

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham – 12,956

Although there are rumors that she has had other operations, such as rhinoplasty, the lady herself has never confirmed that this is true.

Ashley Simpson – $13,000

Fans of younger sister Jessica Simpson Ashley will remember her popular MTV show, as well as her hit albums and catchy tunes. She is also known for her lack of self-confidence, maybe she feels she can’t live with her big older sister and she will always (as her famous song says) be in the shadows.

Ashley SimpsonAshley Simpson – $13,000

She changed her nose and also did some work on her face and chin. She says she made her decision a long time ago and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tori spelling – $13,000

The star of Beverly Hills has moved to the big screen, with roles in big blockbusters like the movie Scary. It’s another actress talking about her feelings for plastic surgery.

Thorium Score Thorium Score – 13,000

She underwent breast augmentation, but she later explained that people should be aware that working with her breasts can prevent breastfeeding at a later stage. She may have regretted the surgery, which is very embarrassing for her and her children.

Nicole Ritchie – $13,000

Nicole is quoted as: Why grow old with dignity when you have the technology to avoid it? From where I’m standing, we can assume Nicole Ritchie is a fan of plastic surgery! She is one of a handful of celebrities who decided to produce a mini chickadee.

Nicole Ritchie Nicole Ritchie – $13,000

It’s a natural species that many people don’t even notice, unlike the large breasts that were once popular with celebrities. Nicole also had a rhinoplasty, and we think she looks great.

Diana Agron – $15,000

You probably know her as Glee Club Quinn, but Diana Agron takes her role as a role model for many teenage girls very seriously. Clary recorded a rhinoplasty performed after she broke her nose while dancing with friends.

Diana Agron Diana Agron – $15,000

The hump she stayed with clearly disturbed her enough to fix it, but she doesn’t advocate changing your face easily or for no good reason. We like her and we’re glad she brought it up.

Ellen Pompeo

When millions of fans watch you every week for 15 years, you can be forgiven for growing old gracefully. Ellen Pompeo is known as Meredith Grey in the hit series Anatomy Grey, and she has played that role since the first episode 14 seasons ago.

Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo

Even though she never said it, it seems she did something with her face and neck to control the lines. She looks incredible for her age, and we hope she will stay in this role for many years to come!

Heather Locklear – $18,500

As an actress and model, Heather Locklear has made a number of natural changes to her face over the years. This includes cheek implants, Botox injections and a nice facelift. She also had a rhinoplasty, which gave her more self-confidence.

Heather Locklear Heather Locklear – $18,500

She is known both for her famous relationship and for her own celebrity status. She has relationships with many big stars, from Tommy Lee Jones to Richie Samborra.

David Gest – $20,000

Known as a great friend of the late Michael Jackson and the ex-husband of superstar Lisa Minelli, David Gest could start a club for people who have survived extreme plastic surgery. The media reported that Gest at one point suffered from a real addiction to plastic surgery, with various facelifts, Botox and eyebrow lifts.

David Gest David Gest – $20,000

He underwent chin surgery to strengthen his jaw and he says he ended up spending a lot more than he should have done.

New Leaks – $20,500

If you loved real Atlanta housewives, you wouldn’t have to introduce this lady. She made a name for herself there before she signed up as a judge in the fashion police hit show and even played on Glee!

nene leaks nene leaks – 20 500

She loves plastic surgery and has chosen her treatments well, from breast reduction and more proportional body placement to nasal surgery and liposuction. She looks great, and she’s got buckets of confidence.

La Toya Jackson – $21,500

When you represent the Jackson family and plastic surgery, you probably think of Michael right away. But La Toya Jackson and the other Jackson siblings also have their share of lower abdominal operations. La Toya has performed a rhinoplasty, an eyebrow lift and a breast correction herself.

la Toya Jackson la Toya Jackson – $21,500

If she did all this to have the best chance of becoming famous, she was probably disappointed because she is widely known as the less popular sister of two music legends, Michael and Janet.

Nikki Cox

You can’t hide the work Nikki did on her lips, because she clearly underwent a procedure to enlarge her lips with fillers to make them bigger. This is done with needles and chemicals that seem very unpleasant! Nikki Cox has also used and experienced Botox breast implants.

Nikki Cox Nikki Cox

All this work actually made her less popular as a celebrity, but like many other celebrities she refused to admit she had work.

Vivika Fox – $26,085

Vivika Fox was 50% with a rapper, but she is also known for the hit series Days of Our Lives. Like many other celebrities, Vivica started with small treatments such as Botox injections and lip fillers.

Vivika Fox Vivika Fox – 26 085

After a while she started to take the changes to her face and body more seriously and was seduced by breasts, jaw implants and even a complete facelift. Maybe it’s the pressure on women in Hollywood these days. She spent over $25,000 on a job she did.

Cathy Griffin – $30,000

Known as an actress and comedian, Kathy Griffin has done a truly brilliant job of preserving her youth without exaggerating and ruining her appearance with plastic surgery. The work she has done over the years consists of breast plastic surgery, nose and eye work and eyebrow lifts.

Cathy Griffin Cathy Griffin – $30,000

She is also known for her taste for Botox and chemical peels to keep her face fresh. There are no wrinkles or fine lines!

Holly Madison – $32,000

While some say that Hugh Hefner gave women an excuse to be confident and autonomous in their bodies, many actresses were in fact filled with uncertainty about domestic life. Holly Madison is one of those women, and it actually led her to undergo plastic surgery to deal with some of those bad feelings.

Holly Madison Holly Madison – $32,000

She said it was almost mandatory in her industry. You should see the mansion. Plastic surgery has made it easier for me to get what I wanted in my career. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.

Girl Barbie

A real Barbie is probably one of the most extreme versions of self-transformation we have ever seen, but Valerya Lukyanova claims she only had breast augmentation! It’s hard to believe, because his facial features, his height and his eyes look completely unnatural.

Barbie-girls Barbie-girls

She claims she wants to spread the idea that there is always room for perfection, but we don’t feel particularly inspired when we look at her transformation. It’s just weird for a lot of people.

Tom Cruise

Did Tom Cruise work face-to-face for the Bufth Awards 2016? We may never know the truth, but the Twitter world has exploded with rumors and speculation, and one of its followers proclaimed it. It seems that Tom Cruise has just gone on a mission that is impossible to steal the entire global supply of Botox in front of his face. It’s funny, but a little cheeky!

Volume Cruise Tom Cruise

Now it’s back to normal, so whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be permanent.

Mickey Rourke – $36,000

Can you believe Mickey Rourke has had a face-lift six times in his life? It’s a rumor in Hollywood, just like his rhinoplasty. Since his heyday as a boxing hero, he has been the trademark of hundreds and thousands of women, so the operations for many of them have preserved his youth as if he were in their minds.

Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke – $36,000

For others, he got too far away from plastic surgery and had to give up with dignity many years ago. What do you think?

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas comes from one of Hollywood’s most famous families, and before Michael married his superstar wife Catherine Zeta Jones, he had a facelift. It was around 2000 and three years later he underwent facial enlargement surgery around the same time as the birth of their child.

Michael Douglas Michael Douglas

The whole family is a perfect picture, whether it’s the beautiful looks of God or a little help from the best plastic surgeons in the world!

Anna Faris

Anna Faris never really went out and said she needed plastic surgery. So we cannot say with certainty whether she is on that list or not, but the experts have only guessed about the type of treatment and operation she could have undergone over many years.

Anna Faris Anna Faris

At the top of the list are eye lifts, facial fillings and pilling procedures such as collagen injections. Rumours have been circulating in recent years that she, too, has had a rhinoplasty.

Pete Burns – $38,000

Before he died, Piet Burns was known for his androgynous looks, in a public fight with nobody but Boy George, because he would have copied his unique style! Some of his advice came from numerous operations, including lip fillings, rhinoplasties and even cheek implants. Pete Burns Pete Burns – $38,000

All his work would have cost him about $38,000, but unfortunately he died too young to enjoy old age with his transformed face.

Rosanna Barr – $45,000

Roseanna is best known for her comedy sitcom, in which she played the leading role, but she is also known in the industry as a writer and producer. Some people say that Hollywood and the TV industry is not nice to tall ladies, maybe that’s why she decided to stay backstage, especially after the show. = =

Barrels with roses Barrels with roses – $45,000

She also decided to undergo surgery to lose weight, including having a gastric band placed and her stomach folded to make her feel thinner.

Barry Manilov – $70,000

In 2003 Barry Manilow had a serious accident, he hit a wall and damaged his face so badly that he had to undergo several dental procedures and also had to reconfigure his face. Its entire upper and lower surface had to be lifted to limit the damage caused by the accident.

Barry Manilow Barry Manilow – $70,000

Some plastic surgeons suspect that he underwent rhinoplasty and Botox injections while at work.

Christopher Maloney – $92,000

Some of you may remember Christopher Maloney as the 2012 Factor X candidate. It wasn’t easy for him, the audience laughed at his performance, both in person and online. Social networks can be hard, and just because Christopher looked different from the usual cliché of being cute doesn’t mean he was threatened with death.

Chris Maloney Christopher Maloney – $92,000

Chris decided to make a few changes and bought himself an eye lift, dental veneers, hair transplants and not one but two plastic rhinoplasties. He sounds great, but it’s a shame people made him feel needed.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may not be the celebrity you know who’s had plastic surgery, and of course, he’s never done anything big. Brad was insecure and knew his ears were too limp. While other celebrities made it their trademark, I think Will Smith, Brad, wanted to change his appearance.

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt

His ears were clogged, and he hasn’t had surgery since. He doesn’t even dye his hair and he gets to age with all his faults. Bravo! Bravo!

Chambreur Willis – $100,000

If you just look at Roomer Willis, you immediately see that she is the child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, she looks like the two big celebrities. Although still so young, she has already spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery, from chin reconstruction to rhinoplasty.

Roomer becomes Roomer becomes – 100,000

Because her mother also loves plastic surgery, we think she felt hypocritical not to support her daughters’ changes, but we think she was more beautiful.

Demi Moore – $500,000

Like her daughter, Demi Moore spent a small fortune on plastic surgery, this time half a million dollars! She’s had rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelift and breast surgery. She is now in her fifties, but many say she still looks like a woman in her thirties, and she is not replaced by young actresses for the best Hollywood roles.

Demi Moore Demi Moore – $500,000

So Demi must be happy that her cosmetic surgeries have worked so well in her life.

Ryan Gosling

Men rarely perform plastic surgery to correct what they experience as facial imperfections, but of course this happens in Hollywood! Ryan Gosling is one of those people, and he got a rhinoplasty before we knew who he was!

Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling

He thinks it helped him gain confidence and make his mark on Los Angeles, marking his territory as one of the sexiest actors in the world and playing in films like La La Land and Notepad.

Cher – $750,000

No wonder Cher is a fan of Botox injections and takes every opportunity to keep her face smooth. She became famous during most of her teens when she started climbing to the top of the charts. One of her most famous melodies is I Got You Babe, who runs off with her late husband Sonny.

Plastic Surgery Cherry – $750,000.

With Botox, Cher underwent eyelid adjustments, multiple rhinoplasties and breast augmentation surgery. The price of their cosmetic work is quite high, up to three quarters of a million dollars.

Heidi Monday – $1,000,000

Heidi Montag made headlines for her spectacular plastic surgery because she already had ten pieces that she changed in one day! She and her husband Spencer Pratt are known for doing crazy things to keep themselves in the public eye, and Heidi’s uncertainty and confidence in surgery was well documented on Hill’s reality show.

Heidi Monday Heidi Monday – 1,000,000

Heidi and Spencer may have spent over a million dollars on plastic surgery, but that money is long gone and they are now trying to keep their heads above water.

Kenny Rogers

Country music star Kenny Rogers is one of the least lucky celebrities on our list. He was operated with a knife for centuries, but unfortunately the operation failed and he came out with more problems than in the beginning.

Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers

He says he’s sorry and he doesn’t want him to ever have an operation the results of which are driving him crazy! You can see the difference between the two pictures, and many will agree that it hasn’t changed for the better.

Rene Zellweger

The interesting thing about Renee Zellweger is that she rejects all jobs. She even attributes the shocking transformation of 2014 to the fact that she was a bit busy that day. Usually our faces aren’t quite the same, Renee!

Rene Sellweger Rene Sellweger

She categorically rejects any surgery because she believes that women only become more interesting as they get older, so why should she try to avoid that? Only she (and maybe her surgeon) knows the truth!

Sharon Osborne – $200,000

It cost $200,000 to give Sharon Osborne the look she has now, and she’s not ashamed to admit it. I didn’t have much to tinker with, stretch, clean, climb, tackle, strengthen or remove, she told the reporters.

Sharon Osbourne Sharon Osbourne – $200,000

But while some celebrities still don’t see the end of the cosmetic improvements, Sharon says the world is over now and that she’s happy to grow old with dignity. She’s one of the coolest women out there, and as stylish as she is.

Robert Pattinson

It will take a lot of work and some sacrifice to achieve this on a large scale, and Robert Pattinson knows this better than anyone. Rumor has it that as a teenager he couldn’t get behind his nose in the world of modeling, so he got a rhinoplasty before he could take a big hit.

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson

Some say he also had cheek implants that helped him get one of the biggest heartbeats in Hollywood. It’s good to see that this performance is just as important for men as it is for women to get into a film.

Azalea Iggy – $20,000

When you think of Iggy Azalea, you probably think of his relationship with his most famous rival, Nicky Minaj. Her surgical experience is mainly in breast augmentation, and she is known to have appeared on the Ellen show and said she didn’t do it because there was something wrong with her.

Azalea Azalea – $20,000

I think it’s a personal decision, and every person, man or woman, should be able to make an informed decision, and if you want to change something, it’s up to you to do so.

Amanda Bynes – $18,000

Some baby stars end up with serious problems and addictions, and we have to say that Amanda Bynes doesn’t seem to be going in a healthy direction. On her social networking sites, she said she loved plastic surgery and shared photos and stories about nose procedures and other procedures supposed to correct facial problems.

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes – $18,000

Her breasts were also enlarged and she told her fans on Twitter: I plan on doing all the facial surgery, that’s right.

Pamela Anderson – $10,500

If you start your acting career with a role like Baywatch and immediately become a woman who all men want to know and imitate, it can be difficult to stay in that desirable role. Maybe that’s why she decided to improve some of her features by buying breast implants and doing some work on her face to make it look tight.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson – $10,500

In fact, her breasts are something people know better than the roles she’s played!

Joan Rivers – $99,000

Joan Rivers is posthumously known as one of the funniest actresses in the world. She paved the way for modern female actors and gave them an incomparable role model who left her mark on the real world of male comedy.

Joan Rivers Joan Rivers – $99,000

She was known for her cosmetic procedures and performed 739 treatments, probably a record!

Dolly Parton – $23,000

Dolly Parton’s name is inextricably linked to country music, and she is known for her career of over half a century. She has performed many tasks, including rhinoplasty, facials, lip, neck, eyebrow and even eyelid lifts. But because she is now 70 years old and her career is still in the spotlight, we have to say that we did a good job with her!

Dolly Parton – $23,000

She is a real role model for women and in our opinion she is perfect for her age.

Britney Spears – $2,000

Britney seems to be leaving without gossiping about plastic surgery. Maybe it’s because she always said she didn’t want to have surgery to stay young, and people believe her! She has been honest about what she calls fun things that are temporary measures, such as lip fillers or even laser facials to stay supple and confident.

Britney Spears Britney Spears – $2,000

Some celebrities have exaggerated the importance of word of mouth, but Brits seem to get along pretty well with every job they’ve done.

Kim Kardashian – $16,500

Kim Kardashian is probably the most famous member of the Kardashian family, especially because of her marriage to Kanye West and her two children. She has not spent as much time as other family members making changes to her body and face, opting for nasal plastic, breast and buttock implants and liposuction. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian – $16,500

It was all worth about $16,500 and could have contributed to his life as a star in the spotlight.

Chris Jenner – $71,000

Chris Jenner bought a present for Kim’s daughter’s wedding. But while some of us can do the same by having a new outfit, a haircut or even jewelry made, Chris went one step further. She bought plastic surgery for $70,000, including two nasal operations, breast augmentation, laser surgery and facial fillings.

Chris Jenner Chris Jenner – $71,000

We assume it was televised. Stay on the Kardashians.

Kylie Jenner – $2,000,000

Some people think that Kylie Jenner wanted to look more like Kim, and all her operations were aimed at that goal. She herself denies any surgery and says she only had word of mouth, but it is clear she had breast implants and Botox in her face.

Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner – 2,000,000

Ok magazine reported that the operations on his belt cost him $2 million, which would be a pretty expensive filler!

Caitlin Jenner – $60,000

Another member of the Kardashian family, perhaps the former Bruce Jenner, should have a different category for his type of plastic surgery. The sex change included a facial feminisation that helped her lose her masculine appearance to become a Caitlin.

Caitlin Jenner Caitlin Jenner – $60,000

This will change his hard jaw and make his features softer and more feminine. Caitlin seems safe in her new face and body.

Meg Ryan – $11,750

Meg Ryan scared her fans when she left the house after cosmetic surgery of her own kind. Although they were mostly reversible treatments such as Botox and lip filler, many laughed at her appearance and said she looked like a clown and was overworked.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery Meg Ryan – 11,750

Meg also had face lifts and fillings to stay young, but maybe she got more plastic shine than she had hoped for.

Denise Richards – $13,000

Remember Denise Richards in Saved by the Bell? She’s Charlie Sheen’s wife, and at one point she even had her own reality show! You probably never noticed the size of her breasts, but she needed three surgeries to be happy! Denise Richards Denise Richards – $13,000

The first time she was only 19 years old and they gave her a breast she thought was too big. Two more times under the knife, and now she’s satisfied with her looks.

Lara Flynn Boyle – $28,000

Lara Flynn Boyle is best known for her role in the Twin Peaks Show. Unfortunately, this is one of the least successful cosmetic surgeries. With the young Hollywood actresses in mind, she has had her face, eyebrows, lips and even her nose freshened up.

Lara Flynn Boyle Lara Flynn Boyle – 28,000

Unfortunately, her career dragged on after the operations were over and she looked much worse than before.

Janice Dickinson – $20,000

Did you know that the reports indicated that Nathan Dickinson had begged his mother Janice not to have plastic surgery because she had gone too far? The pictures speak for themselves, and she even played in Botched TV, a show about the results of nightmarish plastic surgery.

Janice Dickinson Janice Dickinson – $20,000

The fact that she had to spend $20,000 on it made the injury even more insulting. She said there will be no more surgeries, and we think that’s wise.


Adele is one of those celebrities who just walk away with confidence, and it has nothing to do with her looks. Maybe she knows that her powerful voice is unbeatable in the charts, keeping her head high.

Nobility Nobility

Rumors of liposuction were never confirmed, nor was the whisper that she had any changes in her nose. We think they’re great and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Blake Lively – $7,300

Have you ever heard Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds talk about each other? The couple’s team is charming, and they obviously love each other very much. Blake was famous for her role in the television series Gossip Girl, but apparently she wanted to make some changes in her appearance before that.

Blake alive Blake alive – $7,300

She suffered from her eyelids, had a rhinoplasty and also had a small relief from her natural freckles.

Donatella Versace – $25,000

Donatella Versace says she’s not a fan of natural species. You don’t need an interview with a famous designer to find out, you just need to see some pictures!

Donatella backwards Donatella Versace – 25,000

She had a lot to do, and her face was now pretty cold and also pretty scary! She probably only spent about $25,000 on her work, but it yielded significant results.

Kelly Rowland – $22,000

It’s really important to think about a solution like plastic surgery, because many of these operations have an effect that lasts forever, even if you try to reverse it. Kelly Rowland knows this very well, and when she turned 18 and wanted to enlarge her breasts, she listened to her older and wiser friends and family members who told her to give her some time.

kelly roland kelly roland – 22 000

She waited until she was 28 to go under the knife and was much happier to have found the time to intervene.

Kim Novak – $9,200

Kim Nowak is best known as the star of films like The Man with the Golden Arm and Vertigo. After these films from the 1950s and 1960s, she disappeared from public attention and even officially retired in the early 1990s.

Kim Novak Kim Novak – 9 200

She came to the Oscars in 2014, but many media said she was completely unrecognizable because a lot of work had been done on her face. There are rumors that she’s been given Botox injections, cheek implants and an eyebrow lift. It is often used as an example to show how cosmetic surgery went wrong.

John Travolta

John Travolta has made a name for himself over many decades with iconic films such as Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever. Recently he played the lead role in People VS OJ Simpson. But Hollywood can be cruel, and he would have done some work to preserve his youth.

John Travolta John Travolta

Although he claims it was just a Botox and hair transplant, rumors say he also had a complete facelift. His fans say he went too far with Botox and called him Frozen Face.

Angelina Jolie

There’s hardly a Hollywood actress for whom the factory doesn’t spread rumors about plastic surgery. But despite the whisper of the nose and the facelift, the only surgery we know of is that of Angelina, who underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction after breast cancer. aj Angelina Jolie.

She is one of the strongest and friendliest women in the film world because she adopted many of her beautiful children and gave them a better life in the United States.

Jennifer Aniston – $30,500

Jennifer Aniston likes to give in to various treatments and procedures that make her look young, but as far as we know, she has never had anything permanent admitted through surgery. She is a big fan of scalpel-free facials and performs them up to once a month, supplemented with ultrasound and laser. Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston – $30,500

She is not afraid to spend a lot of money on her looks and to spend up to $900 a year for her eyebrows!

Lindsay Lohan

We’ve never heard anything confirmed about Lindsay Lohan and plastic surgery, but they say there would be no smoke without fire. Social networks and Hollywood say that Lindsay was definitely under the knife, but they change the masks, the implants, the breast implants… from week to week.

Lindsey Lohan Lindsey Lohan

We know she likes to experiment with treatments to support her childhood, as she told her fans on Instagram, she tried an electrical current treatment, Caci.

Nicky Minaj – $11,500

Nicky Minaj has changed his appearance considerably since his decision to become a star. These pictures are actually quite shocking when you think of the change she’s made! She had the controversial skin discoloration that some black stars, including Michael Jackson and more recently Lil Kim, have. Nicky Minaj Nicky Minaj – $11,500

She also got a buttock implant and rhinoplasty. She has an iconic style and is instantly recognisable.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox looks younger than ever, even though she’s 53 years old. At the hit show Cougar Town she played an older woman who is very beautiful for her age, and we bet she didn’t have to play too hard or wear too much make-up every day! Courtney Cox Courtney Cox

The only procedures she talked about were facial fillings and Botox injections, which she hated and didn’t want to repeat. She says she feels better because she looks alike.

Jocelyn Wildenstein – $6,500,000

Jocelyn Wildenstein is now known as the Bride of Wildenstein. If it doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about your nightmare plastic surgery, take a look at the pictures below! She has strange motives for her operations, she would have tried to paint herself as a cat because her late husband loved cats!

Jocelyn Wildenstein Jocelyn Wildenstein – $6,500,000

She said she wouldn’t stop and go under the knife until the ’90s if she wanted to.

Megan Fox – $8,000

Megan Fox has more rumors about plastic surgery than most other Hollywood actresses, but one wonders how jealous she is, how widespread is the opinion that she is the sexiest woman in Hollywood? It is likely that Megan performed lip fillings and cheek implants, Botox, two rhinoplasties and a breast augmentation.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Megan Fox – $8,000

Where’d she find the time? The star of The Transformers is considered one of the most sought-after actresses in the film world, and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Lil Kim – $19,625

Although Lil Kim is not at the top of our list in monetary terms, she is perhaps the most dramatic transformation we have ever experienced. She disappeared from public attention for a few years and when she came back she made big changes to her face and body.

Lil kim Lil kim – 19 625

Perhaps most shocking is that she has bleached her skin a bit lighter than before, but she has also undergone liposuction, breast augmentation, lip implantation and rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, her admirers silenced her because of this change.

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