Watch these Filipino movies on Netflix. We promise you that. You can thank us later. Jacqueline José in the award-winning film Patay on Cee Jesus (Jesus died).

Since the filming of Michael Red’s Bird Shot* on Netflix in 2018, many Filipino films have been shot on Netflix. But we couldn’t resist noticing that this year has proved to be the best year for online film distribution, because we literally have no choice.

Don’t worry, we’re releasing films shortly before the end of the year that you can watch on YouTube. But in this list you will find the names that have already been placed on the platform at the beginning of this month and the names that will be viewed in the coming weeks. Do you feel our excitement when we publish this in the small hours? I hope so, because it’s one of the best films that will be released towards the end of the year.

(list randomly and indicate the date of the first in Rh time)

KALEL ’15 Kalel ’15, premiered last night. With Ilya Canlas in another fascinating performance. Photo courtesy of Kalel ’15 FB.

Director Jun Lana always finds a way to show untouched stories about LGBTQ+ topics. From The Beautiful and Now to Kalel ’15, which refers to another spectacular performance by Ilya Canlas, prepare to be surprised by the beautiful monochrome images brought together by the brilliant performances and the narrative arch that summarize how young people continue to survive and how families try to reconcile with the truth.

For more information, see the fb page of Kalel ’15.

ISA NOT SENTIMENTAL (DECEMBER 25TH) Maine Mendoza and Isa Pa with feelings

It will be a beautiful Christmas morning for all of us, because our best movie of 2019 will be on Netflix. Maine Mendoza shines with Carlo Aquino in this film about the black sheep, written and directed by our favourites Prime Cruz and Jen Chuaunsu. An aspiring architect loses the desire to pursue his passions because he finds an improbable inspiration in his deaf neighbour. She begins to discover a world that may be similar to hers, so that the public identifies with a world we don’t always know.

Listen as you dissect the film with the filmmakers:

Love the stars and come back (December 17) Do you remember when JoshLia was something? Do you miss me? Let’s do it on the 17th. December is behind us.

There was a time when JoshLia was one thing, and as a member of the anonymous Cinema Universe of Love team in our minds, every time Antoinette Giadaone made films with the LT of that generation, Love of the Stars and Back provided the Love team of Joshua Garcia and Giulia Barreto from a teenage image in which Star Cinema had transposed them. A film about a journey in which two tracks are engraved of two opposing polar characters, who seem to have been banished from the formula Star Cinema had set up for his Rhomkom, but who nevertheless allowed Giadaone to give his characters a break so that they could transform freely.


Who doesn’t know the charm of Patay na si Hesus by Victor Villanueva?

Victor Villanueva, a friend of the capsule, still complains occasionally about his sense of humour and the feeling that people are going to get it or not. In reality it was a charming attraction that surpassed him in the way he directed the screenplay Patay na si Hesus (Jesus is dead), written by Fatrick Tabada and Moira Lang. He’s not the worst, even Mendoza Diamond agrees he’s really funny.

You can listen to our funny episode with him and the other worst director here:

Pathai in Si Jesus travels to Cebu with his grieving ex-wife and his three children. Note the Pangco-Pangco and some incredible product placements such as ultra wide TV.

BALANGIGA: HOLLING WILDERNESS (December 20) This is not a Le Havre film: Balangyga welcomes the return of the billboards on the 20th. December.

Is that a Havn movie? How can this not be a Le Havre movie? Regardless of our questions, Balangyga has received the most important prizes in her race for a purpose. Look it up again (this year it was also part of the repetition of the QCinema International Film Festival), which took place on the 20th. December on Netflix.

While you’re here, listen to one of our favorite episodes of third world movies with Havn Dela Cruz :

SYSTEMS PANTI (10 December)

The three homosexual sons are summoned by the father from whom they have distanced themselves and receive an offer they cannot refuse: £300 million in exchange for the allocation of a grandson to each of them. This is a far cry from the usual gay comedy, which treats Filipino films with ridiculous antics – Sister Panty June Lana starring Martin del Rosario, Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Babbles. He’s on Netflix now.

LEVEL TRAINING (30 December)

Trailer courtesy of Pinoy Boys Love

Caymazing and Angel2000 are finally on their way to Netflix !!!!. Pinoy Boys Love, who stormed into our quarantine life, is offered a new home on the 30th. December: finally the Netflix treatment. This issue contains some of the never before seen scenes: Cairoel’s love team and lots of heathlands!

Need a little guide to help you through this edition of Gameboys? Listen to our exclusive interview with Cairoel and director Ivan Payawal (with our own Kayo Jolongbayan).

Hello, Favorit Goodby (December 24th). Was there ever a suitable couple for Katherine (okay, okay, except the DJ of course), except Alden Richards?

Drumroll, please!

Katnielle and Katherine fans are partying! The largest Filipino film ever made (881 million pesetas as of September 2019) will be shown worldwide on a small Netflix screen. In a love story about TFOs working in the busy streets of Hong Kong, he shares the screen with his beloved Catherine Bernardo, probably one of Alden Richards’ best performances to date. Enjoy Christmas morning, darlings, while the movie is aired on the 24th. The month of December is in progress.

Look at the trailer here:

CHILD APOCALYPUS (20 December) What happens when you find out you’re the son of an Oscar-winning director? Apocalypse Children’s Streams on Netflix 20. December.

The movie that always made us listen to UDD’s Young. Get ready to see one of the best films of Filipino cinema on December 20th of this year. Directed by Mario Cornejo, written with the monster Jimenez, the Child of the Apocalypse follows the legend of the introduction of surfing on Baller while filming the movie Apocalypse, now. Besides this legend there were also rumours about a love story between director Francis Ford Coppola and a local resident. The latest rumor is of course fictitious, but the result – the entanglement of lives around the popularity of Ford, portrayed by the brilliant Sid Lucero. Keep an eye on the trailer downstairs:


In this film by JP Habac, two first-year students play a game of courage on the last day of their studies, allowing them to finally face their problems and perhaps the romance that is about to begin. McCoy and Alice play the leading roles in this light romantic drama. It feeds on Netflix 17. December.


The film that brought together the general public and the Indian audience at the beginning of the evening is finally broadcast on Netflix for a wider global audience! Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot as Remington underwent several transformations before it became the successful film. Perhaps with the help of Ang Pagdadalaga and Maximo Oliveros Aureus Solito, the summer bathers allowed the characters to discuss the transformation of their identities with acceptance. Directed by Jade Castro, with Martin Escudero, Lauren Young, Kirby Zamora and Janice de Belém, and a performance with a star in support of Roderick Paul and John Regal. Sink the 20th. December.

BWAKAU (16 December) Yes, Eddie Garcia + Pretty Dog is all we need to brighten up our sad days.

Eddie Garcia plays a 70-year-old man who takes care of a stray dog. As a homosexual, he understands that it may be too late for him to find love or brotherhood, because his days are now devoted to death. But as he prepares for the inevitable, a stray dog wanders into his house, where he is renamed Bwakow. This film was selected for the Best Foreign Language Oscar in 2012, but was not on the shortlist. Be ready to take your eyes out of the water on the 16th. December Bwakaw appears on Netflix.

BETWEEN MACHINES (3 December) In the midst of differences of opinion between the Maybes, Netflix feeds from the 3rd generation of December onwards.

The former actress decides to travel to Japan to escape the pressures of her life in the Philippines and meets another Filipino who is already accustomed to the simplicity of Japanese life. Let’s see if there is more than disagreement around these two threads, because at the time of writing this article about Netflix, it is still in motion.


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