Eva LaRue (Celeste Rosales) Young and restless spoilers reveal that the legend of the day Eva LaRue (Celeste Rosales) has just announced that she is recovering from a coronavirus.

Eva also played the role of Maria Santos in All My Children, and she shared with her fans that her daughter Kaya is also recovering. Kaya’s father is the late John Callahan (Edmund Gray, AMC). Last week Eva was spotted at a virtual show in the city of Genoa, Wisconsin.

Young and ruthless – Eva LaRue test positive for coronavirus

Eva informed her CMA co-star Jacob Young (JR Chandler), who also played Rick Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful. She told him about her new Real Conversations podcast and told him that Kaya and I met COWID last week. We thought we’d dodged a bullet, and of course yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, we both tested positive for HIV.

Strangely enough, I think we’ve grown tired over the past year of fear of the invisible monster under the bed – always asking questions, looking over our shoulder, all of us. And strangely enough, I feel it’s okay to come here. Let’s do it. We’ll think about it: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s load up, fuck it, I think: Come on, come on!

Y&R Disturbing Spoilers – Eva LaRue uses integrative medicine against COVID

Eve continues: The problem is, nobody knows which one: Are they the ones who will survive? Will they admit defeat? Will they have a residue after exposure? We don’t know until we get there and go. So we can only pray for the best.

Her positive attitude is striking and she has informed us that she is receiving an intravenous treatment, which she hopes will reduce the side effects of the virus in the long term.

I don’t assume that with every new technology or new medical [therapy]. I’m going with guns! I have an extraordinarily integrative doctor with whom I have worked for a long time, and I know that a lot of people feel that way: No, we only do western medicine and that’s fine, I love western medicine…. but integrated medicine and western medicine should go hand in hand in my opinion. Because I think we need to open up to what is new and what exists.

Spoilers and news from the Young and Restless (Y&R) : Devon’s with Amanda or Elena? https://t.co/ImCfVhvYl2 pic.twitter.com/SU8f1Vq511

– 5. SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 6. SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) January 2021

Young and restless – Eva LaRue was recently in Genoa, Wisconsin

With regard to her IV treatment, she stated that her doctor told her that all of her COVID patients had survived and that none of them had any long-term residual symptoms, side effects or problems following the use of this particular IV treatment.

Eva made her AMC debut as Maria Santos in 1993. In 2019 she made her debut at Y&R magazine as a screenwriter and won a Daytime Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Guest Performer.

Don’t forget to find out more about Y&R now. Check back here often for spoilers, news and updates from The Young and Restless.

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