Their form is human, but they’re crossed…. Is it sex after death?

The Witch is a 1969 American supernatural horror film written, produced and directed by William O. Brown. The film’s executive producer is actor L.K. Jones (Brotherhood of Satan). The film stars Anthony Isley, Thordis Brandt and… Alvy Moore.

It has also been published as The Legend of Witch Hollow, The Witch Master, and The Witch Assassination.

In the heart of the Louisiana swamps, a psychic researcher and his student assistants investigate a series of murders of beautiful young women….

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…The plot is incredibly elaborate and far more exciting than what appears on the screen at the end. Horribly tamed in 1969, there are enough sexual innuendo, wacky comedy and courage on the part of John Lodge to turn these satanic antics into a beautiful night of devilish fun in the bayou. Cool cinema @ss

…A very funny work that has somehow disappeared from the minds of fans of the genre. A sad loss of a very atmospheric piece that tells a great story and is a damn good film that deserves to be rediscovered. Synesilla

Apart from the rhythm, there was nothing wrong with it – the acting was largely good, it looked good and the plot wasn’t too clichéd, so I’m willing to put it in the category of people who need to be in a good mood. Day of the horror movie

The atmosphere is fantastic. And if she can get you a movie, so can this one. An over-interpretation of witchcraft that I can understand. Excessive chatter about scenes between the main characters that I can’t. A bleeding skull!

At worst, he’s confused and tired, and every time he tries to play the elements of exploitation, he just becomes a fool. At its best moments, however, the film is atmospheric, intense, and surprisingly sincere; in particular, some of the speeches addressed to the Alvy Moore character are quite moving…. Fantastic music movies and trolls

There’s also enough blood and bare skin to keep the viewer calm for a while (including a strange but memorable sequence featuring a topless Brandt running through a swamp and dissecting his cleavage) […] On the other hand, the pace of the first half is, to be merciful, on the poké side; you have to be in the mood for a film that only occasionally gives nonsense before finally breaking out after 45 minutes. Mondo Digital

…Witch is a cool movie that makes you wish Brown had stayed in the genre. It’s a film that sometimes seems to go against itself; our villains (especially Lodge) are sometimes stage thieves and hammies, while our heroes often have to figure out things we already know; without the combined powers of Techniscope and Technicolor, it would be pretty boring. Oh, the horror!

The film is not particularly daring, but very entertaining and worthwhile for fans of unusual films. In short, if you get a chance to look at it, take it. Films La folie du cinéma

The outline of the plot is known until exhausted. The dialogue is uniformly awkward, and much of the cast is so weak that Anthony Isley is a real movie star. The shocking end to the style of the early 70s isn’t substantiated well enough, and there are some moments that are just incredibly silly. 1,000 plus false hours

A good price is well done and benefits from a structurally sound plot and rhythm; the end of the round is a nice touch. Best scene: Pact party/dance/punishment. The horror trap

Dialogue about the elections:

I’m not a philosopher, I’m a man who takes wood.

Well, now we know what to expect. And his name is Luther!

Main actors and characters :

Anthony Eisley… Victor Gordon – Evil spirits; Deep Space; Monstroid; The mummy and the curse of the jackals; The navy against the monsters of the night; The mighty Gorga; Dracula against the monsters. Frankenstein-Thordis Brandt… AnastasiaAlvie Moore… Dr. Ralph Hayes – Horror Show; The Intruder; The Morgue; The Scream; The Brotherhood of Satan; The MunstersJohn Lodge Luther Berserker-Shelby Grant… Maggie Tony Benson… Owen-Robin Millan… Student Warren Ott… Jesse Helena Winston… Jesse (ex) Burt Mastin… BoatswainRudy HeidelTeska MoreauKatie Lynn … Patty AnnSue Bernard… Felicity Johnson-Goward Viet… San Blas

Shooting Locations:

Marksville, Louisiana.

Technical details :

99 minutes
aspect ratio : 2:35:1 (Techniscope)


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