The first movie in which the character was introduced was in the mid-1960s. He was a tall, imposing man with a goatee and large horn-rimmed glasses. In early appearances he was only referred to as the Watcher, but soon he was given a name: the Watcher, who watches over Earth and all the Marvel universe.

It’s an age-old mystery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: who’s watching? That’s right—the Watcher! The Watcher is a mysterious entity who observes the entire universe, but he’s been a part of classic tales like “Doctor Strange”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and “The Avengers”. The Watcher’s actions and motives have been unclear.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t appear in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Marvel’s mysterious Watcher is returning to the screen to fulfill a key role in the company’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. In the comics, the Watcher was a mysterious, god-like being who observed the entire history of mankind, and in the movie, he will serve as a mentor to the titular superhero team.

Watcher of the Skies is a character in the game Watcher of the Skies

Uatu: “As a member of an eternal species, I’ve often wondered what, if anything, happens after the occurrence humans refer to as “death.” It’s possible that I’ll learn anything today. Whatever happens, I’ll stay loyal to my mission and keep an eye on everything. I believe that is a suitable conclusion for the entity known as… The Watcher.”

X-Men #203 is a comic book published by Marvel Comics.

A guy traverses a dazzling citadel. Until he reaches a balcony, he passes numerous items of sophisticated technology. He looks at the lunar surface for a time before moving his attention to Earth, a blue planet. Two hundred thousand kilometers away, events might as well be taking place right next to the guy as he keeps vigil.

Before dying in an ice age, mighty dinosaurs roamed the earth. Intelligent apes emerge as the dominant lifeform, establishing enormous empires. The man’s eyes are met by many crimes, yet he also sees love, compassion, and beauty. Technology develops at a breakneck pace. The Watcher thinks it’s time to come out of hiding as mankind develop atomic bombs and spacecraft.

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic characters is The Watcher. For millennia, he has kept an eye on the Earth and emerges whenever anything significant is about to occur. So, who exactly is he? Who was he and where did he come from? Why is he so obsessed with studying the Earth? Let’s have a look.

The Watcher’s Backstory (First Watch)

“I am The Watcher,” Uatu says. I keep track of what I see and hear. I don’t get involved.”

Fantastic Four #13 (Vol. 1)

In 1963, The Fantastic Four #13 introduced The Watcher. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby collaborated on his creation.

Uatu belonged to a species of immortal aliens. Ikor, his father, persuaded the rest of his race to help less evolved aliens. They gave a youthful race the technology to harness nuclear power as an experiment. Unfortunately, the youths took advantage of the new technology to build atomic bombs, wiping out their civilisation.

The killing shocked Ikor, who declared that his people would never meddle with extraterrestrial life again. As The Watchers, they would simply observe and record. Uatu disagreed with his father and set out to explore the universe in quest of a planet where the uplift had been successful.

Uatu was tasked with keeping an eye on Earth. He became fond of mankind as the millennia passed. He was discovered by a group of space travelers who promised to keep his presence a secret. The Watcher would not show himself to mankind until he was forced to intervene in a battle on the moon between the Fantastic Four and the Red Ghost.

The Watcher’s History of Original Sin

The Keeper: That electric pulse you’ve been noticing more and more lately? The pulse that first seemed to be totally random but now registers with each cycle? It’s what we call a conscience in people. It’s what identifies and distinguishes the good from the bad. It took me millennia to find out what it was. It took me even longer to understand that the best course of action was to just pay attention to it. What are you going to do with your free will?”

#9 in Eternals Vol. 4

The Watcher started to test the boundaries of his pledge of non-interference. When an army of criminals invaded Mr. Fantastic’s wedding, he informed the Fantastic Four about various dangers and even let him borrow a sophisticated weapon. By coming to Earth and assisting the Fantastic Four in stopping the world-eating Galactus, the Watcher came dangerously close to breaking his promise.

When the Watcher became involved in one of Captain Marvel’s battles, his luck ran out. Uatu’s fellow Watchers tried him for numerous breaches, but they were persuaded to let him free if he promised to never intervene again.

Uatu consented to the agreement, but discovered a flaw. He couldn’t assist his pals, but he could keep an eye on them from afar. His appearance served as a forewarning to the heroes that something significant was about to occur. He never said or did anything, so his fellow Watchers had no way of stopping him.

When one of The Watcher’s eyes was taken and many secrets were transmitted to random individuals, everything changed. Nick Fury, whose secrets were among those revealed, assassinated the Watcher when he refused to identify the thief. Fury was chastised by The Watcher’s siblings, who transformed him into The Unseen and forced him to take Uatu’s place.

In the event Empyre, Uatu was recently revived. His brothers had linked his body to The Unseen, enabling him to heal and resurrect, according to the story. The Watcher then released Fury from his position and appointed him as his agent, warning Fury of the impending “First War.”

Beware: The Watcher’s Personality and Powers

The Watcher: “In the multiverse, there are an unlimited number of variables where fate has taken unforeseen twists. Come on over, and I’ll show you four more…”

So, what if? #11 in Volume 2

The Watcher may not intervene, but he is powerful enough to prevent anybody from doing so. He is a psychic with incredible abilities, including the ability to fly, generate force fields, change into energy, and travel across time. His abilities have been compared to those of Odin, Zeus, and Galactus, according to writers.

His cosmic sense is the Watcher’s most valuable ability. He has the ability to view several locations in the solar system at the same time. He can go anywhere to give a warning when he uses his time travel. He also possesses a number of sophisticated technological instruments to assist him in keeping an eye on the cosmos.

One of the rare Watchers who does not agree with the non-interference pledge is Uatu. He is concerned about mankind and will go to great lengths to assist them, even disguising himself to give guidance and counsel. Uatu is fascinated by the multiverse and has presented many programs in which he showcases several worlds.

Actors in the Role of The Watcher

Fantastic Four — Paul Frees (1967) Fantastic Four — Alan Oppenheimer (1994) Silver Surfer: The Animated Series – Denis Akiyama The Super Hero Squad Show with Dave Boat Robot Chicken (Tom Root) Avengers Assemble, Hulk, and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Clancy Brown – Avengers Assemble, Hulk, and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. What If – Jeffrey Wright

Did you get everything?

The Greek chorus from Marvel.

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Marvel has been releasing all sorts of media, from movies to comic books, but who is this mysterious observer known as The Watcher? The answer may surprise you.. Read more about the watcher marvel what if and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the watcher in What If?

The watcher is the one who watches over the protagonist and helps them in their journey.

What are the watchers powers?

The watchers powers are a set of abilities that the watcher can use to help their team. These powers include healing, telekinesis, and more.

Why did Nick Fury Kill the watcher?

Nick Fury killed the watcher because he was a threat to his life.

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