Last week on Walking Dead… Out-of-world findlings were cheated to help a stranger, but eventually found a way to reach their destination earlier This week reveals the path of Huck who helped Hope discover his secret about Elton’s mother.

Well, let’s see. ‘Hodja-Hubica-Za-Svetom-1×07-Vide-Truth of Dare.

The adventures of the Huck

We will learn more about Huck (Annette Mahendra), and more specifically about Jennifer in this episode this week, and it will take some time to really enjoy the series. First of all, I’ve never seen Huck so happy as when she can take a pair of military boots out of an empty trunk and throw them to Silas (Hal Cumpston) when she goes back to the Endlings. She comes with all kinds of gifts for everyone, and the look of joy to see them again is undoubtedly inspiring. Then we find out she was in the army before the night sky fell. The way she treated herself, harshly and deliberately, in public and in battle.

When we first met Huck, we doubted her. It is a total mystery, and that can make her an extraordinary ally that we want to be like everyone else in The Walking Dead, but that mystery can be reversed. And when you look at Walking Dead and Fear of Walking Dead, you can never be too careful.

We’re really glad she came back with the end. Without her, last week was different.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×07-Review-“Truth-or-Dare”.jpg AMC

Night with the boys

Flashback’s at Huck’s this week. We will learn more about her time in the army, the post-traumatic stress she has experienced since the night of the fall from the sky and her commitment after the events of that night. Although it’s pretty light, it reminds me of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) from The Walking Dead (it’s also a funny fact, Cudlitz is the director of this episode!).

The first look at the horror that just came out of the door is heartbreaking and sheds light on the way in which the military tried to deal with the situation. But the more we learn about Huck’s past, the clearer it becomes that Huck’s mission to help others has become the murder of everything that happens.

If they don’t know it’s a lie, they just live it. We pay for it, but they live thanks to us. – Huck

The moment she experienced with Hope (Alexa Mansour) when she heard that Hope had murdered Elton’s mother (Nicholas Kantou) is a true expression of her character. It’s a sign of affection and honesty, just like Huck and his team. This gives Hope someone to rely on, and the same goes for Huck, who, as we learn more about Huck, is happy that the two support each other.

Seeing Huck take action against the man holding Hope hostage is both frightening and epic. We’re not going after Huck’s family. With the promise to help a person after they have been bitten, she kills them instead and leaves them with the memory of how they killed so many helpless people with zero attachment and emotion. But his strong will to get out of that dark place and remember that person never to forget and be by clicking on the scars on his cheeks is a powerful heartbreaker. That’s what they have to see, see, feel in the mirror every day. A really emotional and dark background that we didn’t expect.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×07-Review-“Truth-or-Dare”.jpg AMC


Between Felix (Nico Tortorella), Huck and Tony (Scott Adsit) they find the next gas station, but they don’t know where to find Father Iris and Hope. The decision is quickly made by Iris, who uses the card Elizabeth gave her.

This is such an important step for everyone. For the Finns it’s going nowhere, but we’re with them on the whole holiday front. But Percy (Ted Sutherland) goes too far in the game of truth or duty. Some buttons just don’t need to be pressed, and in this apocalypse everyone has certain buttons that are too sensitive to be pressed. We are really surprised that Iris (Aliya Royal) doesn’t defend her when we know what Hope has been through.‘The-Walking-Dead-World-Beyond’-1×07-Review-“Truth-or-Dare”.jpg AMC

In short moments of frivolity we see relationships become stronger, some more romantic than others, but certainly the bonds to which we are bound. But the shock of Tony’s end, which had torn Silas’s head off in the neighborhood and missed Percy, quickly turned this beautiful future into a nightmare. A way to leave us on the cliffhanger!

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