(Last updated January 31, 2021) Beginning in 2021, many countries are facing prolonged blockages due to COWID-19. So snuggle up on the couch and watch the snow on the screen. Here are 5 suggestions for movies and TV series set in a snowy winter wonderland….

Filmed in Bavaria, Germany


I recently re-read the incredible true story of Eddie Edwards – nicknamed Eddie the Eagle – who was the only ski jumper in England.

In 1988, Eddie (Taron Egerton) went to the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, even though he had almost no experience and only started ski jumping at the age of 22.

Firing sites

According to Imdb, the ski jumping scenes were shot on real springboards in Garmisch-Patenkirchen and Oberstdorf in Bavaria, southern Germany.

The Eddie the Eagle scene. Photo: Larry Horrix is © TM and © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

My opinion

Garmisch-Patenkirchen in Bavaria has some great photos of the surrounding ski jump. Like when Eddie goes there to learn to ski jump.

I myself have not been on the springboards of Garmisch or Oberstdorf, but I have been on the Holmenkollen springboard in Oslo, Norway, which is just as awesome.

Filmed in Fernie, Canada


In 2010, Adam (John Cusack) and Nick (Craig Robinson) try to comfort their friend Lou (Rob Corddry) after a suicide attempt. For old time’s sake, they go to a nearby ski resort for the weekend. They also bring along Jacob (Clark Duke), Adam’s 24-year-old nephew, who happens to be in Adam’s house.

After partying in an outdoor Jacuzzi at their resort, four men go back in time to 1986. It was a time when Michael Jackson was still black, when Nick, Adam and Lou were reckless teenagers and Jacob wasn’t even born yet!

Firing sites

Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed primarily in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, and at the Fernie downhill ski resort, which acts as the fictional Kodiak Valley ski resort in the film.

The time machine scene at the spa: After a trip to the hot tub in 1986, the boys see younger versions of themselves in the mirror (well, except Jacob, who hasn’t even been born yet…) Photo: © 20th Century Fox

My opinion

Yes, Hot Tub Time Machine is a pretty stupid movie…. But every now and then, I love a good comedy! It’s so nice to laugh out loud and not take life too seriously.

Oh, by the way, there was a sequel in 2015 called Hot Tub Time Machine 2. This movie is about boys who travel ten years into the near future, in their case it is the year 2025.

And honestly, I think solo riding anywhere is a pretty realistic scenario. But I think it will take a little longer than the next four years.

Filmed near Toronto, Canada


Figure skater Kat (Kaya Scodelario) hopes to compete in the Olympics and trains non-stop to achieve her big goal. But is it really her own goal, or that of her mother Carol (January Jones), who gave up all her dreams when she became a young mother with Kat?

In addition to the stress of skating, Kat also has boy drama when her training partner and notorious womanizer Justin (Evan Roderick) begins flirting with her….

Firing sites

The background for this series was very beautiful, often the mountain range of Ontario in eastern Canada.

Shooting took place in the city of Toronto and smaller neighboring cities such as Orangeville and Mississauga.

Many scenes were shot in and around the ski resort of Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada.

I’m pretty sure Jozo’s bar at Blue Mountain Resort was used as the bar where many of the scenes in this series take place.

A scene from the movie Spinning Out. Netflix

My opinion

This Netflix original series came out in the early 2020s, when I started watching. Unfortunately, the show was discontinued after only one season.

Personally, I saw many parallels to the New York drama Back Swan with Natalie Portman, which I really enjoyed.

And if little sister Kat…. looked familiar Yes, actress Willow Shields also played Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, in The Hunger Games (2013-2015).

Filmed in Kananaskis Country, Canada


During a fur trading expedition to Montana in the 1820s, frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) was attacked by a bear and seriously injured.

Thought dead by members of his own hunting party, he decides to fight for his survival and returns to his former powers against all odds. Now all he wants is revenge….

Firing sites

The story is set in the modern American states of Montana and South Dakota. However, most of the locations of The Revenant are in Western Canada, specifically Kananaskis Country, near Calgary, in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Additionally, when the snow began to melt in Canada, the team moved to the southern tip of Argentina to continue filming some scenes from the harsh winter.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

My opinion

After seeing The Revenant, I was really relieved that I was only going through this difficult time because of the movie and not in real life.

Still, the realistic time travel experience of the film certainly inspired me to explore film locations in Canada myself, which I eventually did in May 2017.

Check out my full review of The Revenant.

Filmed in Røros, Norway

Christmas may be over, but you can still watch this series set in January in the beautiful snowy Norwegian town. That’s why…


Johanna (Ida Alice Broch) is a sparkling Norwegian. She lives in an apartment building with a friend in Riros and works as a nurse in the local hospital.

But, uh… Johanna is 30 years old and… she is still single. All too often she is reminded that it is not good for her age…. especially at Christmas time in December.

So Johanna does the only thing that makes sense. 24 days before Christmas she goes looking for a new boyfriend …. and has many, many bad dates ….

Firing sites

Röros is a former mining town whose colourful wooden houses are covered in snow every winter from October to April.

In the second season, Johanna has an appointment with whom she will spend a weekend on the outskirts of Röros. You travel in a horse-drawn carriage that looks like a breathtaking winter paradise.

It could have been so romantic…. He’s not expected to be romantic at all! But see for yourself!

The scene in the house at Christmas. Photo: Netflix

My opinion

So far, two seasons have aired on Netflix (one in December 2019 and the second in December 2020).

I hope there will be more, because I loved Johanna very much. I would even call her the Norwegian Bridget Jones!

Since the episodes are very short, only six per season, it’s easy to watch the whole season.

Watch my full review of the movie Home for Christmas.

Starting in January 2021, all of these movies and series will be available on Netflix Germany. Availability in the country may vary.

Do you know of any other winter movies that you enjoyed seeing and that may have inspired you to go to the movies? If so, let me know in the comments below!

And to plan your own trip to the winter wonderland of Post Covid, check out my list of things to do in Lapland: My top ten things that inspire me!

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