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I’m not really into sports, or sports in general, but I do love movies. I’ve been told I’m a film geek, so here goes my attempt to get myself out there and try to make you guys laugh.

I’m a sucker for movies. I mean, I’m a sucker for anything with stories to tell, but when movies are involved, it’s like I’m being awoken from a slumber that lasted years. You bring out the talent in everyone involved and the subject material becomes the focal point of the enterprise. Put a movie in front of me and I’m watching.. Read more about the team television show cast and let us know what you think.


Weddings are similar to fan films. (Ha, you’re paying attention!)

Consider that for a moment. A trip to City Hall or a few pals in the garden may be as inexpensive and easy as a wedding. Alternatively, they may be lavish galas with hundreds of guests and all the accoutrements. They may also be anywhere in the middle.

It’s the same with fan films. We receive anything from cardboard sets and mobile phone scenes to professional-looking shows with experienced actors, detailed sets and costumes, high-quality recording equipment, and budgets well into the five-figure range, if not more.


It’s the same with fan films. We receive anything from cardboard sets and mobile phone scenes to professional-looking shows with experienced actors, detailed sets and costumes, high-quality recording equipment, and budgets well into the five-figure range, if not more.

The AVALON UNIVERSE fan films aren’t quite Kardashian weddings (thank god! ), but they’re still fairly remarkable, with production quality that’s a cut above most Star Trek fan films. This isn’t intended to take anything away from the other fan films. Support and encouragement are due to all fan filmmakers. When you contribute to an Avalon Universe crowd-funding effort, however, you can be certain that your money will be properly spent, and the final product will look, sound, and be amazing.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of donations, Avalon is now running a crowd-funding campaign if you’d want to contribute…

A well-run fan production, like a good wedding, requires meticulous planning and preparation, which includes having the appropriate people in the proper roles… not just during the shootings, but throughout the months and weeks building up to the first time the director yelled “Action!”

Even though I consider Avalon Universe director/showrunner JOSHUA IRWIN to be a close friend, I wasn’t intending on becoming a member of “Team Avalon” at first, as I stated last week. (On INTERLUDE, Josh was my Director of Photography and Editor.) I did offer to assist Josh and his producer, PIXI NEREID, on crowd-funding strategies…advice I’ve given to numerous fan filmmakers over the years.

Even though I consider Avalon Universe director/showrunner JOSHUA IRWIN to be a close friend, I wasn’t intending on becoming a member of “Team Avalon” at first, as I stated last week. (On INTERLUDE, Josh was my Director of Photography and Editor.) I did offer to assist Josh and his producer, PIXI NEREID, on crowd-funding strategies…advice I’ve given to numerous fan filmmakers over the years.

Let me introduce you to the team…

1626912244_967_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Beck Hale with her recording gear

There are, of course, all the technical personnel who assist keep Avalon looking and sounding nice. These are people like EARL HALE, who ensures that you can hear everyone’s voice and that it doesn’t seem like they’re speaking from across a vast, empty room or while standing in a windstorm. BECK HALE, Earl’s daughter, has been assisting her father with boom mics since she was able to handle one. Sound quality, even more than video quality, is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. (And if you still don’t believe me, watch this little film.) So, if you want a great fan video, you’ll need a great Audiographer sound guy…or gal…or both!

Of course, although sound quality is ultimately more essential than visual quality, having both is ideal. Josh Irwin has served as Director of Photography on prior Avalon films. The DP is a visual artist who, as Josh puts it, “paints with light.” He also done a fantastic job on the earlier Avalon fan films as well as Interlude. Josh, on the other hand, is moving into the single role of Director, and he wants to focus only on that hard task, leaving the framing and camera and lighting to someone else.

As a result, Josh has invited his 30-year buddy, NEAL BILBE, to join Team Avalon as the new Director of Photography. Josh and Neal attended film school together, but their careers took very different paths after that. “While I became more aggressive in my pursuit of a career as a filmmaker,” Josh explains, “Neal accepted a position as Chief Engineer at the Fayetteville Government Channel, which shares a facility with the local public access channel.” When he first arrived, the place was a total wreck: Commodore 64 computers, an ancient video switcher from the 1970s, and other antiquated equipment. He threw out almost everything and started over with a new studio. He maintains it up to date on a regular basis. The facility is unquestionably superior to any of the market’s commercial television stations.”

1626912246_122_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Neal Bilbe is wearing a light gray shirt and Josh is wearing a dark gray shirt… Only Starfleet officers, it seems, are permitted to dress in bright colors!

Josh recruited his boyhood buddy to be DP on the recently released COSMIC STREAM after working with him on a variety of non-Trek film projects. “That film is very lovely, and it’s because he chose a different approach,” Josh explains. He and I are the odd couple, to say the least. He has a really clean, immaculate approach to things, while I’m always roughing it with gorilla filmmaking. He performs a lot of the smooth tripod camera work when we work on films together, and if the scene needs anything handheld, I typically do the camera work…at least for now. We’re aiming to expand the crew so I won’t have to touch the camera again.”

But Josh’s job doesn’t finish when the cameras stop rolling…in fact, it’s just beginning! Josh will be in the driver’s seat when it comes to post-production since his editing abilities are second to none. And, since the editor collaborates closely with the director throughout the editing process, and because Josh is both director and editor, post-production will undoubtedly be fast and painless (unless Josh develops multiple personality disorder and begins arguing with himself).

1626912247_896_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Adam Mullen and Samuel Cockings

SAMUEL COCKINGS, the Big Poobah of grand CGI scenes, is also engaged in the post-production process, giving the VFX of any fan film he works on an uncanny degree of polish. Finally, composer ADMAM MULLEN has composed music for an absurdly large number of Star Trek fan films and audio dramas (including the overwhelming majority of fan films starring VANCE MAJOR as Eric Minard…just check at Adam’s IMDb profile!). And Adam composed the music for LEGACY, AIR AND DARKNESS, and COSMIC STREAM, the first three Avalon films. Adam composes fantastic music in a very short amount of time. He’s certainly someone you’d want on your fan film team!

Moving to the front of the camera, there are some recognizable personalities from future Avalon productions, as well as some new faces, all of whom are bringing energy and passion to their roles. WARREN HAWK (who will portray Commodore Imari Jakande of the USS Excalibur) and TYLER DUNIVAN (who will reprise his role as Captain Derek Mason, who was granted command of the USS Excalibur in the first Avalon fan film GHOST SHIP and subsequently perished in the second episode AVALON LOST…or did he?

1626912249_521_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Tyler Dunivan, Pixi Nereid, and Warren Hawk (from left to right) (below)

But there are three new actors joining the Excalibur cast, each of whom is a formidable woman. Pixi Nereid, who was featured in last week’s column and will portray First Officer Allenby, is the first. ASHLEY WYLES, a green actress, will portray an Orion bridge officer in the upcoming episode. Ashley grew up singing, playing instruments, writing poems, and doing a variety of other artistic activities… She aspired to be an actress, and she worked hard to achieve her goal. Instead, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, became pregnant, was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, overcame the disease, and gave birth to a son who spent his first year in the hospital (but who is now 7 and doing fine). All of this is mentioned because Ashley is one of the most upbeat and cheerful individuals I’ve ever met.

Ashley assumed that as a full-time mother, her life path would not allow for any acting. Then she performed a nice deed for a stranger in Tennessee who turned out to work in indie films and placed her in a project he was working on in Florida, where she had a major part (a witch named Bessie). “I knew my life would never be the same again flying back to Arkansas,” Ashley recalls, “and I couldn’t live without acting in my life.” It sparked a fire in me that no one could put out…pure unadulterated emotion and expression.” RAY TESI of NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS in Kingsland, GA cast Ashley shortly after for an upcoming Star Trek fan film on which Josh Irwin was assisting. After seeing Ashley perform, Josh approached her and asked if she’d want to be in a fan video set in her home state of Arkansas. Ashley leapt at the opportunity, and the rest, as they say, is history.

1626912250_614_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Reilly Principe and Ashley Wyles

REILLY PRINCIPE’s blue face is the other new addition. Her first appearance in front of the camera will be in Avalon, although she has been performing in musical theatre since she was a child. Reilly, a close friend of Pixi Nereid, received her “big break” from Pixi shortly after Pixi received hers from Josh. They say, “Pay it forward!” “Everyone on the cast and crew is really wonderful to work with,” Reilly adds, adding that he is looking forward to shooting more and getting to know everyone. I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience!”

There are a few last members of the squad that ought to be mentioned. The first is GLEN L. WOLFE, a lifelong fan film fulcrum. For over a decade, Glen has been a part of numerous fan videos, both in front of and behind the camera. He is the co-showrunner of the anthology fan series THE FEDERATION FILES, as well as the co-founder and co-builder of WARP 66 STUDIOS, the TOS sets in Arkansas where Avalon episodes are shot (along with Neutral Zone Studios in Georgia). Glen, on the other hand, does a lot more than simply open the front door and switch on the lights in the Avalon film production. Glen serves as the 1st Assistant Director, ensuring that everything and everyone is on track throughout the day. If Picard is the Director, Riker is the First Assistant Director.

1626912252_487_THE-TEAM-%E2%80%93Glen Wolfe bears the brunt of this fan-made production.

The Executive Producer is AARON McNEAL. Aaron, a pilot and veteran, is married to Pixi and adores her. How did I get to this conclusion? Aaron was a “Star Wars kid” when he was younger. Pixi referred herself herself as a “Star Trek child.” While some mixed marriages are difficult, Pixi was able to get her husband to binge-watch EVERY Star Trek episode (of every season!) and movie in sequence, even the duds. Aaron, on the other hand, grew to adore all things Trek, and now he’s in charge of Avalon’s logistics, working out how to keep expenses down, finding suppliers for things like costumes, and figuring out who has to be there and when… When you have a big crew, this is very essential!

MATT FUJAN, who is functioning as Producer, is the last but not least. In other words, he ensures that individuals get paid. “Wait, aren’t we all volunteers?” I’m not referring to such individuals. Food and catering, petrol and other travel costs, accommodation, equipment rental, hair and make-up supplies, and a slew of additional budget line items come to mind. Someone has to keep track of what is spent where and how much is left while you’re crowd-funding tens of thousands of dollars (ideally!). Matt is in charge of this (along with Aaron). Matt has a lengthy history of managing and organizing comic conventions, including the creation of his own. As a result, he is well-versed in bookkeeping.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: Team Avalon! That is Reason #3 for donating to this worthwhile GoFundMe effort, which you can do right now by clicking here:

As always, we’ll start with the cast: – Matt White – Director and Multiple Shooter (half a dozen projects and counting) – Michael Krumholtz – Writer and Comedian – Nikki Bell – Writer and Comedian – Megan Ketch – Writer and Comedian – Cody Pickens – Producer – Angela A. Walls – Producer – J.T. Johnson – Producer – Damien White – Producer (most recently on The Lion King). Read more about the team series 2 cast and let us know what you think.

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Where can I watch the team Season 2?

The team Season 2 is currently not available on any streaming service.

Why was the A-team Cancelled?

The A-Team was cancelled because of low ratings.

How many episodes are there of the team?

There are currently four episodes of the team.

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