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Scott Calvin is a divorced father who sometimes doesn’t live up to his son’s expectations. Scott is terrified when he discovers that his ex-wife and her new husband are trying to convince their grandson Charlie that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. But on Christmas Eve, Scott and Charlie accidentally shiver for Santa when he delivers presents on the roof. After being entrusted with a mysterious card that allows him to wear a Santa suit, Scott accidentally comes into contact with Santa, which will change Scott’s and Charlie’s lives forever.

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Santa Claus (1994) Scott Kelvin (Tim Allen) is a successful toy seller who is generally a poor father. His youngest son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) spends most of his time with Scott’s ex-wife, Laura (Wendy Crewson), and Laura’s new husband, Dr. Neil Miller (Judge Reinhold), a psychiatrist. Charlie loves his father, but Scott keeps disappointing his son. Charlie strongly believes in Santa Claus, and Scott wants his son to keep believing in Chris Kringle, even though Scott doesn’t believe in the legend itself. Laura and Neil are disbelievers and think that Charlie should come out of his childhood faith as well.

On Christmas Eve, Scott and Charlie wake up to the sound of Scott’s bachelor rooftop. In pyjamas Scott goes to the exam and finds a man in a red suit on his roof. When Scott screams, a man is startled and falls off the roof of a two-storey building. Scott learns that a man has died in a trap, and the body mysteriously disappears, leaving behind a red suit and a business card. The card indicates that if something happens to Santa Claus, the person responsible must wear a suit and continue from where Santa is. Scott is skeptical, but Charlie convinces him to take back what Scott thinks is a strange dream. Scott puts on a suit and spends the rest of the night delivering presents before the deer take Scott and Charlie to the North Pole.

One day Scott and Charlie Bernard (David Krumholtz), Santa’s most important elf, meet at the North Pole. Bernard explains that because of Scott’s trial he is subject to a legal formality known as Santa Claus. Clausula says that since Scott put on his suit and took over Santa Claus, he will be the new Santa Claus and take on all the duties and responsibilities associated with being Santa Claus. Klausula gives Scott eleven months to get his affairs in order before he goes to the North Pole on Thanksgiving. Exhausted and confused, Scott puts on his new Santa pajamas, given to him by elves, and falls asleep. The next morning Scott wakes up in his own bed and still thinks it was all a strange dream until he sees the Santa pajamas he got. Charlie remembers the events very well and urges his father to become the new Santa Claus.

Over the next eleven months, Scott begins to change radically as his body begins to adapt to Santa’s traditional role. Scott’s hair starts to snow-white when he gets a thick beard. The most dramatic thing is that Scott is obsessed with candy and, despite his desire to return to his old body, he is starting to gain a lot of weight. Scott’s physical transformation worries Laura and Neil, who think Scott is deliberately trying to confuse Charlie and make him believe in Santa Claus. Laura and Neil ask the judge to suspend Scott’s access because they don’t believe Scott is acting for his son.

Destroyed Scott visits Laura and Neil’s house for Thanksgiving. Charlie desperately tries to show his father how important he is to the world and shows Scott the magic snow globe that Bernard gave him for Christmas. Scott finally accepts that he is Santa Claus and the duties associated with that name. Scott wants Neal and Laura to talk to Charlie alone. Bernard introduces himself and takes Scott and Charlie to the North Pole. Laura and Neal think Scott kidnapped Charlie and called the police to report it.

On Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, Scott, with Charlie by his side, gives gifts to children all over the world. But when Scott and Charlie visit Laura and Neal, Scott gets arrested. The elves sent a special rescue team to help him escape from prison. After his release Scott goes back to Laura and Neil and convinces them that he really is Santa Claus. Scott asks Charlie to spend Christmas with them because they are also his family. Grateful that Laura burned the court papers forbidding Scott from seeing his son. She tells Scott he can see Charlie whenever he wants. Bernard reappears and tells Charlie that if he shakes a snowball one day, his father will appear.

Before he leaves to finish his deliveries, Scott gives Laura and Neil Christmas presents that they never got as children, so they don’t believe in Santa Claus. Shortly after Scott leaves, Charlie shakes a snow globe and takes his father home. Laura agrees to let Charlie and her father take a little sleigh ride. Charlie joins his father and now fully accepts his role as Santa Claus when he brings gifts to children all over the world.

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