After Mr. Trump was tax-exempt last week and his former campaign manager underwent psychiatric treatment, he finally got the coronavirus, and what many have called the worst presidential debate ever, it left me alone, and I said just one thing: At least that gives us some time for Trump’s biopsy, which we’ll see someday.

We’ve already seen footage of Donald Trump – Showtime, who recently made his Comey Rule debut, and miniatures showing James Casey’s research into Trump’s campaign. I haven’t seen the Komi rule, and I don’t intend to. The only thing that interests me is Brendan Gleason in the role of Donald Trump, a performance that seems to capture both the threatening and the absurd human nature (at least among the followers). But other than that, it seems that… Partisan. It vaguely resembles propaganda, with the intention of influencing the voters instead of telling a compelling story or just being a good show. I’m not sure what the recipe is for depicting real events, but I think we should play the first – and hopefully the last – trump card before we start saturating it. And Brendan Gleason is a great actor – such a good choice for Trump; it seems Gleason deserves the best project to play Trump.

A much better example of how the film will resemble managing an asset can be found in the satire The Death of Stalin, the satire of 2018, which tells the story of the sudden death and the vacancy of power, followed by the most notorious dictator of the USSR.


One of the advantages of Stalin’s death over all of Tromp’s satire is that it is clear that the repetition of events must be quick and costly. This is shown by the way the actors speak with the right accent, not in Russian.–.jpg

The film does an amazing job by depicting laughter and reconciling it with the horrors of the Stalinist regime. The two scenes depicting the twofold character of the film come quite close together: Stalin’s death and the liberation of his legacy. Death itself is a long and tedious process that ends with the members of his council pulling his unconscious body onto his deathbed – making him feel uncomfortable and complaining about the smell of urine. He plays for fun, and it’s fun. Less hilarious are the few scenes in which the NKWD lands on Stalin’s property and executes anyone who knew anything about Stalin’s death.

I’d be a fool to say that Trump is on an equal footing with Stalin, although I think he would be if he had his own drummers. He’s a lesser tyrant – but he doesn’t go beyond parody or judgment. When we finally make and watch films about America’s most divisive man, they should be just as absurd, irritating and funny, for lack of a better word.

It doesn’t matter. I hope when we get the movie on Trump’s administration, it’ll be something that will make me laugh and sigh. Something reminiscent of the funny and scary headlines of the past four years. Something that shows how ridiculous a selfish government can be, and how much comedy there is in leaders who are so interested in projecting an image of power for their own satisfaction instead of governing their country properly or honestly.

Here we go:

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