Killer Mansion is a 1972 Spanish-Italian horror film about a group of people trapped in an old house by a dense fog.

Directed by: Francisco Lara Polop (The Monk, 1990) to a screenplay by Luis G. de Blaine and Antonio Troiso [played by Antonio Troiso], based on a story by de Blaine.

The Mundial Film-Tritone Cinematografica co-production stars Evelyn Stewart, Analia Gade, Lisa Leonardi, Andres Resino, Franco Fantasia and Alberto Dalbes.


A murderous mansion opens up to several people traveling individually through the landscape. After a few minutes we get to know them and soon realize that they are all familiar giallo types. There is the chilly businessman, the lusty man with a beard and driving gloves, and of course the free-spirited young lovers who have just met. And then there’s the emotionally unstable Elsa (Analia Gade).

As a dense fog lifts, Elsa is the first of the travelers to be caught by a premonition outside the mansion. She believes she sees two ghostly figures – a woman and a man in a driver’s suit – chasing her through the fog. As she walks through the fog, she encounters young lovers who find themselves in the same situation. They decided to take refuge in the villa and… And then what? It turned out that all the other travelers had decided to take shelter there too!

It turns out that the mansion is maintained by a housekeeper named Martha (Ida Galli, aka Evelyn Stewart). Martha explains that the previous owner of the mansion was killed in a car accident years ago, along with her driver. (HmmCOPY) Martha also explains that the village around the mansion is deserted because the villagers are convinced that the woman and her driver are vampires. Martha then invites everyone to spend the night.

As everyone prepares to retire for the night, they notice strange things. First: Why is every bedroom decorated with an ominous image? And why does the photo of the previous owner, now deceased, look so much like Martha?

As you may have guessed, the mysterious character soon begins to roam the house, killing travelers one by one. Meanwhile, Elsa continues to suffer a nervous breakdown and begins to remember some of her father’s unspeakable deeds…..

Murder Mansion is an entertaining little giallo with an eerie atmosphere, intricate plots and memorable, quirky characters. It’s actually quite fun to watch our heroes crawl through the house collecting all the clues.

In terms of blood, gore and nudity, Mansion Murder is surprisingly restrained by Italian (and Spanish) thriller standards, making it a good introduction to the genre for people who may not have seen many giallo films.

Lisa Marie Bowman, guest critic on Broken Lens.

Other reviews:

Thanks to the soundtrack, female angst is omnipresent. Despite a slow start that makes it a bit difficult to get into the film, I liked the structure of the film and what many have already noted as a Scooby-Doo story. In the House of Madness.

The house has a history of vampires, the previous owner was a witch, and hey – it’s starting to look like an adult version of Scooby-Doo with prettier women. It’s not bad. But if you’ve never seen a giallo movie, don’t expect this to make sense. B&S on films

There’s something going on like Gaslight/Screaming Skull, but to get all those people in the house, most of whom are still necessary strangers to carry out the plan, depends on a series of coincidences that undermine credibility. A vampire witch rising from the grave to claim more victims seems more plausible. The movie isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. D:contextual :

…Polop sometimes opens the scene with a detail, rather than a still image, to immediately confuse us about where we are and what perspective we share. The color palette of the film is also interesting. The interior of the villa is dominated by orange, while the surrounding exteriors are dominated by blue, creating a striking visual contrast between the two….. Giallo fever

…This gothic Miallo is actually quite fun, and while the central mystery of how they came to be remains intriguing enough to keep you enthralled […] Needless to say, nothing is what it seems, not with a huge legacy at stake. There are liberal flights of gothic horror from the past, including Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath (1963)….. The hysteria continues!

…This one is very much in the Spanish Gothic tradition, a complicated but entertaining psychological drama with plenty of scares and only a moderate amount of blood and sex compared to its European neighbors. The most Italian element here is undoubtedly Marcello Gombini’s amazing and ferocious musical score […] If you like 70s European horror, this is a real treat….. Mondo Digital

Full of impressive gothic atmosphere, there are large parts of the film that don’t exactly look like a giallo painting, but they come close enough that you don’t complain too much. The cinematography is excellent in all areas, and the haunted setting of the old mansion with its creepy, dungeon-like basement is really the perfect place to shoot a horror movie. Rock! Shock! Dad!

The film is wonderfully twisted, and although Scooby-Doo’s plot is ultimately far less complicated than Elsa’s frequent flashbacks, Polop masterfully keeps the tension going with close-ups of candles and flickering eyeballs, strange noises in the dark, and an incredibly unsettling role from the usual Evelyn Stewart (real name Ida Galli). Rotate the image

Dialogue about the elections:

Luggage rack: I still feel like we crossed the line from present to unreal.

Blu-ray release:

Vinegar Syndrome released Killer Mansion as part of the Forgotten Ghials, Vol. 3 3-disc set, along with Autopsy and Crazy Killer Wishes.

Recently scanned and restored in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative
Includes original Spanish soundtrack with new English translations, and English and Italian dubbing (Italian dubbing not translated)
Lady of the Mansion – Interview with actress Ida Galli aka Evelyn Stewart
Back cover
Newly translated SDH English subtitles from the original Spanish soundtrack
Blu-ray with no region

Only immediately available for the vinegar syndrome

The actors and characters:

Evelyn Stewart… Martha Clinton (as Evelyn Stewart)
Analia Gade … Elsa (as in Analie Gade)
Lisa Leonardi … Laura (as Anna Lisa Nardi)
Andres Resino … Fred (as Andres Resino)
Franco Fantasia … Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Porter
Alberto Dalbes… Ernest (as Alberto Dalbes)
Elena Samarina … Ma’am. Tremont (as Elena Samarina)
George Rigaud … Elsa’s father (as Jorge Rigaud)
Ingrid Garbo … Ellen
Eduardo Fajardo… Mr. Tremón
Jose Luis Velasco Chauffeur / Ghost (as Jose Luis Velasco)
Saturno Serra … The man in the street
Emilia Rubio … Hotel for women
Jose Felix Montoya … Hotel for women (as Felix Jose Montoya)
Magoja Montenegro … Second Ladies Hotel
Maria Reniu … The first hotel for women… The first hotel for women


Aranjuez, Madrid, SpainGuadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain


86 minutes,
format Eastman Color
: 1.85 : 1
Audio : Mono

Alternative names :

La mansión de la niebla The Mansion of Fog (Spanish title)
Quando Marta urlò dalla tomba When Marta Screamed from the Grave (Italian title)
Maniac Mansion

Trailer [2160r]:

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