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In this paraphrase of the classic story of Charles Dickens, the puppet plays several characters who revolve around the main character in the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is a cold-blooded businessman who hates Christmas and despises anyone who celebrates it. But when, on Christmas Eve, the spirits of his former partners appear before him and warn him that if he doesn’t change his ways, he may share their curse, Scrooge embarks on a magical journey through the past, present and future that will give the wretch a new perspective on life and on Christmas.

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The Christmas Carol for Dolls (1992) In this paraphrase of Charlie Dickens Muppet’s classic fairy tale several characters play in orbit around the protagonist in Ebenezer Scrooge’s (Michael Kane) fairy tale. The story is told by Charles Dickens, played by Gonzo the Great (David Goltz) and his companion Rizzo de Rat (Steve Whitmere), and is set on Christmas Eve 19th century. century in London. Scrooge is a cold-blooded businessman with an incredibly bad temper and a fondness for imitation leather. Scrooge hates Christmas and everything it symbolizes, and despises everyone who celebrates it, including his own cousin Fred (Stephen McIntosh). At the opening of Scrooge two gentlemen raise money for charity, performed by Dr. Banson Hanidu (Dave Goeltz) and Bicker (Steve Whitmeyr). Scrooge prefers to place the poor in poor houses or graves before they help anyone.

Scrooge has a dedicated employee named Bob Cratchit, played by Kermit the Frog (Steve Whitmeyr), who asks for a day off for Christmas. Scrooge hesitates to take time off because there are no other things to do during the holidays, but insists Bob comes early on the day after Christmas. Eventually Scrooge returns to his home, where he lives alone with a minimum of comfort. Scrooge confronts the bound spirits of his deceased trading partners Jacob and Robert Marley, played by Stutler and Waldorf (Jerry Nelson and David Gölz). Marley warns Scrooge that he must repent, and not only Christmas in his heart, or he will be condemned to share their fate in the afterlife. Two ghosts tell Scrooge that three ghosts will visit him at night. But as soon as the spirits leave, Scrooge convinces himself that he imagined their visit because of food poisoning.

Shortly after midnight Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jessica Fox), which takes Scrooge back to childhood and early adulthood. Scrooge saw his first years at school, where he was often left alone during the holidays. He also saw his first work with Mr. Fozzivig, performed by Fozzy Bear (Frank Oz), where he met the love of his life, Belle (Meredith Brown), at the Christmas party. Unfortunately, Scrooge had to survive his mistake by concentrating on his desire for more money, which led Belle to leave him, which Scrooge could never overcome. At the end of their journey, the ghost leaves Scrooge sobbing in their room.

Shortly afterwards Scrooge visits the huge but extremely cheerful Ghost of Christmas Gifts (Jerry Nelson). This ghost shows Scrooge the joys and wonders of Christmas. They visit Fred’s house, where Scrooge’s nephew entertains several guests. The party people mock Scrooge for his stinginess and general bad manners. The Phantom then takes Scrooge to Bob Cratchit’s house, where Scrooge is surprised that his employee has such a large family, including his wife Emily, played by Miss Piggy (Frank Oz). Scrooge feels sorry for Tiny Tim’s sick son Bob, played by Robin the Frog (Jerry Nelson). Tim is small, but has a big heart and says a blessing to the absent Scrooge, who does not approve of his mother. The ghost begins to grow old as the journey progresses, but he keeps telling Scrooge that Tim will probably die before next Christmas.

Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Gifts end their journey to the cemetery where the ghost disappears. Scrooge faces his last spirit, the spirit of Christmas, which has not yet arrived, and appears as a large silent figure in a coat. Dickens and Rizzo, who accompanied Scrooge on his journey to this point, left the businessman on his last visit.

In the finals the ghost Scrooge shows a group of businessmen discussing the death of an unnamed colleague. The men show no sorrow or remorse before they die and declare that they will only attend the funeral if there is dinner. The Phantom also shows Scrooge his Charles, a laundress and an undertaker who sells a few items on a fence called Old Joe (David Shaw Parker) that Scrooge admits to belong to him. The ghost also shows the Cratchit family in mourning at the time of Tim’s death. Finally the ghost brings Scrooge back to the cemetery and shows him his own grave. He shows Scrooge that he was a man who is dead and nobody has mourned. Scrooge overcame his feelings of guilt and emotion and swore to change his habits and accept every day as if it was Christmas.

Suddenly Scrooge wakes up at Christmas in his own room. Glad that he is still alive and can repent, Scrooge begins to make up for lost time. He takes to the streets of London and begins to spread happiness and joy among the people. Scrooge ended his trip with the Cratchit family, to whom he sent a large turkey dinner. Scrooge announces that he plans to increase Bob’s salary and pay his employee the mortgage. He also promises to help Tim overcome his illness. Dickens announces that Scrooge has kept his word and that he has finally become the boy’s second father, who is not dead. The film ends with Scrooge, Cratchitz and other neighbors celebrating Christmas.

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