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The Revenge Mummy is a Spanish supernatural horror film from 1973, directed by Carlos Aureda (The Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll, Horror Rises from the Grave, The Devil’s Curse), based on a screenplay by Jacinto Molina [also known as Paul Nashi]. The film shows the latter as well as Jack Taylor (Wax, Play, Female Vampires), Maria Silva and Helga Line (Laurelly’s Capture, Horrible Express, Horror). Produced by Julian Esteban (Devil Hunter). Original name La venganza de la momia


The ancient Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep (Paul Nashi) tortures and kills innocent virgins in a blood sacrifice so that he and his beloved concubine Amarna (Rina Ottolina) can find immortality. His tyrannical reign ends when he is poisoned by the righteous sorcerer Amin Ra, who takes possession of his soul forever as a mummified corpse.

Centuries later, American archaeologists Nathan (Jack Taylor) and Abigail Stern (Maria Silva) excavated the tomb of Amenhotep. The couple takes the mummy with them to London, where their British financier Sir Douglas Carter (Eduardo Calvo) uses the help of the Egyptologist Assad Bay (also Paul Nashi) to decipher his secrets.

However, Assad and his assistant Zanufer (Helga Line) are fans of Amenhotep. Soon the resurrected mummy sneaks through the streets of London and kidnaps the local virgins. Then Amenhotep discovers the half-Egyptian daughter of Sir Douglas, Helen (again Rina Ottolina), the reincarnation of his lost love, Amarna …

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Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

…he knows how to enjoy himself almost in spite of everything. Beautifully photographed, the art direction is surprisingly beautiful, the mummy’s make-up is very subtle and the film is dynamic; it moves from one scene to the next. And best of all, there is an extremely high body weight (20+) and a lot of blood, pain and action. A fucking pit of terror.

Director Carlos Aured, who starred in four films with Nasya, offers bloody stab wounds and throat cuts. There’s even a guard who shattered his head. The best part is that there is an order in which a mummy breaks the heads of the virgins, and the restorative effect is something that can easily work today, almost 40 years later. Video recording

Monster fans will enjoy watching the mummy crush his head, spill cherry syrup or crush his face in wax-cellulose. Despite all its kitsch-comic qualities, the mummy remains an intimidating presence and collects an impressive number of corpses before the film finds a spooky and rather unexpected ending. Rotate the image

The only place where the work of the mummy Molina stumbles. The film stops when there is no blood and violence on the screen, which fortunately is not often the case. Countless plagues, throats cutting, crushing the head and drinking to comfort the followers of the Spanish horror icon. Cool cinema @ss

Paul Nasha’s character sends an inspiring message. It is paradoxical that we indigenous Egyptians have to travel the world to study our own civilization. The revenge on the mummy here is not only due to the fact that the pharaoh was betrayed, overthrown and buried alive by his own people a thousand years ago, but also to the curse itself, which is a kind of revenge for the archaeological violation of the holy graves. In an insane mansion.

…Aured creates a misty atmosphere in the walking scenes, similar to the curse of the mummy hammer. But this old detail is dedicated to the view of Tower Bridge, surrounded by modern buildings, and the end – where Helen, after kissing a mummy, becomes a mummy herself – is a good idea, poorly executed. Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic.

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Gumersindo Andres’ skilful art direction maximizes the film’s obvious shoe budget, but while Fischer’s creation, played by Lee’s imposing and ascetic figure, was motivated and victimized by his passionate love for a beautiful woman, Molina’s weight-lifting figure, combined with the misogynistic, fast-paced script, turns the mummy into a foolish butcher. Encyclopedia of Aurum Films : The atrocity

The actors and characters:

Paul Nasha… Amenhotep/Assad Bay
Jack Taylor Professor. Nathan Stern
Maria Silva … Abigail
Helga Line… Zanufer (as Helga line)
Luis Davila … Detective Taylor (as Louis Davila)
Rina Ottolina… Amarna and Helena
Eduardo Calvo… Sir Douglas Carter
Fernando Sanchez Polak. Anchaff (under the name Fernando S.)… Polish)
Luis Gaspar … Mozo en el pajar
Jose Yepes… George (as José Yepes)
Juan Antonio Soler … (as Juan A. Soler)
Celia Cruz
Pilar Bardem … Miss Gloria Burton
Ana Maria Paul… (as Anne Mary Poole)
Jose Monn
Mr. Cruz Fernandez…
Amaya Perello Chica (as Amaya Perellon)
Jose Martinez Blanco … Advertiser (not accredited)

Shooting locations:

London, England (some outlying areas)

Technical details :

91 minutes
color Eastman
aspect ratio : 2.35 : 1
tone : Mono

Credits for the photos : The Bloody Abyss of Terror: Rotate the image

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