When I saw the name Clancy Brown in the description of the morgue, that was all I needed. He’s one of my favorite characters. In fact, he is so good that he even observes things like Pet Semataria II.

Honestly, the pendant didn’t give me confidence, but I jumped anyway. After hearing Brown’s story on the first line of the film: The world isn’t made of atoms. It’s made up of stories. I was already sure I’d made the right choice. He’s off to a good start and he’s held out.

Low tread part

Unfortunately, the Sea Collection is a film that is difficult to discuss without ruining it, but I promise I will do my best. There are many unexpected moments and I want them to surprise you as much as I do.

It is an anthology, i.e. it consists of several fairy tales, each linked to a big story. Hooded stories or New York stories are some examples of this style. It arrived at Shadder just in time for Halloween.

False sense of security

I’ll tell you one thing. When you start, it sounds a little scary, maybe even to young viewers. Like goose bumps, or the franchise at the Hotel Transylvania. Funny little PG rating. After seeing the first part and the beginning of the next, say to yourself: Maybe for teenagers. So, think about this: Okay, no, this is for adults.

I don’t think you want to see this movie with the kids. Or, you know, if you want to be the next Stan Winston or something. He’s going from cute to oh, my God! All of a sudden.


In our main story there is an older, wonderfully eccentric undertaker (Brown) and Sam (Caitlin Custer, who is called Caitlin Fisher here), a young woman who comes here to look for a job. Each story is in fact the story of an undertaker who tells the anecdotes of a death without land. Looks like he’s doing it to test Sam’s intestinal strength.

The stories start slowly (at least the first) and are anchored in their intensity. They also grow in their pain factor, just to warn you. Although, to be honest, the mourning is almost humorous, a bit like a series of fairy tales from the crypt. And here is the collection of corpses in a carefully crafted summary.



This film is well aware that this is a very funny film. After our undertaker, Black Montgomery, told her his name. It’s a family name, he says, and in such a shameless tone that he tells us that many people have talked about it over the years. It’s a subtle but important moment. It also made me laugh because I said literally: Really? Out loud when I saw the character’s name on the BIMD.

After the first contribution to the anthology Sam goes there as a film critic and gives his opinion. Sounds like she’s speaking in front of the audience. The film winked at us and let us know that everything was going to be interesting. It is very effective because it increases the desire to look further.

Returning actors/persons

Another thing that could draw your attention as these episodes unfold is the fact that some characters (or at least their actors) are not visible in any of them (in fact, one of them is visible even at the beginning of our main story). You can find a theory as to why this is so. At least, I did. The conclusion I draw is that Sam sees the characters in his head when Montgomery talks about the events. It’s like reading a book. She can therefore associate certain characters with familiar faces.

Or maybe it was made to successfully merge a previously separate short film with the rest of the film (we’ll come back to that later).

This second floor, at

To say the second story would surprise me would be an understatement. Besides, I don’t want to ruin the party for you, so I’ll be as vague as possible. There’s definitely some kind of answer to the fact that Sam was reported missing in the first story. In fact, it may be the most appropriate punishment I’ve ever seen for getting a character. In addition, the Kissing Stand can make the casting of this film a pleasure for moviegoers, like our very own Nick Kush.

There is one point in particular that has been known for centuries. Classic cult material. Mark my words: Remember that scene in the body collection at ____? Unfortunately, it can also serve as nightmare food for a certain segment of the public.

A bonus: The end of this story reminded me of many episodes of the X-Files series that I enjoyed very much. I’ll take that as a yes.


Wait… What?

I think I should review one of the clips from this movie called Down to Death, because it’s the only clip I really haven’t missed the ending. Did that really happen? Delirium as part of the main character’s depression? A dark fantasy?

Even if I didn’t understand it, I think it might have been my favorite passage (apart from the main plot with Montgomery the Dark, of course). The acting was credible, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. This is a strong emotional push.

I can’t say at all that it was a mistake in the movie, because I’m 99% sure it was my problem. Maybe I can put it in the comment section after another point of view [embarrassed laughter].

Murders of nannies

The last vignette in our collection with the highlights was originally a 22 minute short film titled The Babysitter Murders. It’s probably a tribute to Halloween, because it’s an alternative title, and the soundtrack of a horror movie on TV is very similar. In 2015 the festival ended with a short break, now it is interwoven in a tapestry, this is the peculiarity.

As you can see on this page, director Ryan Spindell has been involved in fundraising for the funeral collection. Trapdoor Pictures presented a trailer for a short film as a step in the project. It is clear that it took a lot of time, work and effort to make this film. And you can see that.

Nice fact: Barak Barely, the man who directs one of our sons, played a substitute in the original short film. This anthology is linked to each other in such a way that its appearance serves little other than as a separate summary. Brilliant.

Clancy Brown

Speaking of brilliant, let’s not mention Clancy Brown as Montgomery the Black. He’s probably the most important element here because he sews all the pieces together. Literally, at some point.

The Dark One is a much more complex character than almost anyone I have ever known in horror. Of course I am relatively inexperienced in this kind of work, but still I support this proposition! The darkness is both manic and stoic. Intimidating and charming. He is a fantastic character, both in terms of writing and presentation.

Final reflection

I think it was a lot of fun to make this collection. From the effects team that burst out like no other, to the actors (of course) and musicians who created this sinister and charming music. I bet no one would have appreciated this process more than writer/director Ryan Spindell. He’s waited years for this, and we can’t stop partying with him.

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