This week’s masked episode of The Masked Singer caused a much-needed postponement of the madness of the American elections. With yet another triumphant comeback of Group C, we’ve had a lot of great voices and other clues about who the celebrities are.

In addition to the clues in the video packages, we also got more clues thanks to the magic lamp. There were a lot of funny assumptions, and the celebrities just proved they were there to win. 'The-Masked-Singer'-4×06-Recap-Group-C-Play-Offs.jpg

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We also have a funny guest referee, Wayne Brady, the winner of the second season, who had some funny and stupid moments with Ken Zhong. Maybe the approval of some of Jeong’s assumptions means the comedy judge will stand out in some of his assumptions!

As far as today’s discussion is concerned, it seems that the judges agree too! Did you find out who this celebrity is? Let’s go through Group C’s new clues and find out who’s been exposed.


This actor continued to shine when we got more clues about insects, the film Crappy Girls, and showed a picture of the former masked singer Kangaroo. Does this mean that Mushroom knows Kangaroo? There were indications that the judges suspected the existence of Adam Lambert, Jayden Smith and Donald Glover. I’ve been a fan of Lambert for years and I can’t hear his voice, but he’s so good at disguise! Who do you think it could be?


And once again Broccoli brought his game to the stage. Or should I say game C? Anyway, for his hints we had everything from GoodFella’s reference number 37265 to quite a bit of cheese. In addition the extra reference to the magic lantern is the roulette wheel. Can Brocollie be connected to Las Vegas? Among the judges’ riddles were Martin Short (you can guess who said the name three times), Jason Alexander and Wayne Newton.

You’re really wondering who that big cheese is.

Scraped Sample‘The-Masked-Singer’-4×06-Recap-“Group-C-Play-Offs”.jpg

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Oh, how we worship the doodling monster. After many clues of intimidation and pancake in the White House, there were several assumptions about his identity, including Al Gore and Ted Danson. His extra clue was a teddy bear, so we don’t know what kind of celebrity he is yet. Unfortunately, the doodle was left behind tonight, which is a shame because it’s so cute!

Most of the judges thought it might be Bob Saget from Full House. They were fine, and Saget was exposed! He talked about wanting to be part of the fun, especially when everyone needs it. We are happy that he was part of the show and that he will be missed by Squiggly Monster in all his glory.


We finally heard our singer again, and we’re still trying to find out who she might be. His current references include Big Bird, yoga and trips to various concerts with his father. Moreover, his magical reference to the lamp was a stuffed tiger, which gave rise to interesting speculations. Sophia Ritchie walks again, just like Lana Condor and Halle Bailey.

Now that we have a meeting with Group C, we will see Group A again next week in the last round. We are eager to see who will be unmasked, even though, as usual, with the weeks it becomes more and more difficult to let go. Let us know your suspicions and communicate with us on social networks!

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