Evil has a new home

Elm Lake House is a 2017 British supernatural horror film about a couple and their young daughter who move into a new house. They know nothing about the brutal, ritualistic murder of a family years ago. They soon realize that a latent evil has awakened, a possessive force that has besieged unsuspecting families like theirs for centuries.

The film is directed by James Klass (Mother Crump or The 12 Dead of Christmas) to a script he wrote with Shannon Holiday (The Tooth Fairy, The Scarecrow’s Bride, Mandy Doll) and Scott Jeffrey (Bad Nun, Madman, Foxcatcher). The film from Proportion Productions stars Becky Fletcher, Andrew Hollingworth and Faye Goodwin.


A man, convinced that Lucifer is in him, brutally murdered his wife and child in a Satanic sacrifice.

Years later, Eric (Andrew Hollingworth), Hayley (Becky Fletcher) and their daughter Penny (Faye Goodwin) move into the same house after it went unsold on the market. They think they’ve got a good deal – but what they don’t know is that the Elm Lake house has been home to Lucifer’s minions for centuries, and it harbors an insidious evil waiting to be unleashed…..

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There are a few scary moments, a few good scenes here and there, and there’s even a good amount of tension at times. Unfortunately, he also manages to burst those positive bubbles with some really stupid sequences. The story is distracting, and Hirani and Hollingsworth carry much of the cast. Cryptic rock

It’s a movie to get attached to. It starts out slow, but increases at an alarming rate. Twisted, embarrassing, gory, strange, primitive – this film has it all. An unexpected journey and a nightmare for eternity. I was shocked and surprised…. The society of horrors.

That minor criticism aside, this is easily the scariest British horror film I’ve seen since Elliot Goldner’s Borderlands (2013). This film, full of glorious and terrifying images and full of atmosphere, was a real treat for the audience. Schlock Pit

Elm House will leave you longing for more after seeing it, as it is a dark and uncompromising film. The mix of raw horror and surreal reality makes you witness the events rather than enjoy them. Visually creative and relentless in its execution, it has the original feel of true horror that fans have been waiting for.

At one point, the bedroom door slams shut and a demonic voice screams: Go away! I had to laugh at this unintentional reference. Add a pinch of Rosemary’s Baby, and that’s my only real complaint: a good movie takes elements from two other good movies. If that’s the worst I can write, it’s a solid movie. Nerdy

There are thousands of movies where someone is possessed by Satan or the devil and goes on a rampage, etc. The film has to climb a mountain before it even begins, just to be different. But in this case, the other drawbacks don’t help either. Robla

The actors and characters:

Becca Hirani… Hayley Jones (as Becky Fletcher)
Andrew Hollingworth … Eric
Faye Goodwin… Penny Jones -12 The Christmas Dead; Unbalanced
Lorena Andrea … Crystal – Unbalanced
Tara McGaughran … Julie Soskin – End Game; Mandy’s Haunted Doll; Fox Trap
Oliver Ebsworth … Smithy – The 12 Dead of Christmas; Curse of the Witch Tree
Tony Manders … Elliot – Young Cannibals; The Hound; The Fox Trap; 12 Dead at Christmas
Kate Lasch … Miranda
Charlotte Hawkins… Beth
Tim Freeman… Mike


The film was released in the UK on 11. September 2017 DVD release by Leftist Films with a cover by Elm Lake House.

In the United States, the film Wild Eye was released on the 10th. April 2018 released on VOD.

Fun facts:

The film was apparently made in 2014 with virtually no budget, and then remade in 2017 with a bigger budget and script.



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