Eight decades. Eight ghost stories. Under one roof.

The Ghostbuster Hotel is a 2021 British horror anthology film featuring eight short stories about ghost encounters from different decades.

Gene Campbell Hogg… (observation segment)
Joshua Carver … (forty year old segment)
Adam Collier … (Segment 27)
Deveril …
Joshua Dickinson… (Writing segment)
Amy L. Feeley … (Segmentation contract)
Jane Seagull… (Ghost of a Chance segment)
Toby Roberts … (Inside the Devil segment)

Written by : (in alphabetical order) Joshua Dickinson … Amy L. Feeley… (Segment) (Segment writer) Daphne Fox… (Segment) (Surveillance Segment)Stephen Henning… (Segment) (Segment) (Segment in the Devil)Victoria Manthorpe … (Segment) (Segment) (Segment) Room 27)Paul Saxton … (Segment) (The Ghost of Fortune segment) Robbie Sunderland … (Segment) (Contraction segment) Thomas Winward… (Segment) (Segment Forty Years)

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Where The Haunted Hotel fell short for me is that I would have liked it to be much scarier […] This is just a minor point and it does not detract from the film as a whole. Hotel Haunted is a community project that deserves praise for its cooperative nature and use of limited resources. I found the film compelling…. Final session

The Ghostbuster Hotel is a beautiful setting… …but it’s really more than that. The collective team of directors and actors behind this episodic horror event is a real coup. Unlike a regular anthology, the style here is consistent, the quality is consistent, and the interpretations, photography, and direction are always top notch. The award for the film Monkey Bread Tree.

Told with intent, a fast pace, a sense of relativity that undoubtedly brings out the higher moral of each story, and the more compelling, exciting, scary, humorous, dramatic, hilarious, or some combination of all of these the story remains, the more the individual stories weave a bigger picture of what it means to be human and the degree of influence our choices can have on us, not only in the present, but also in the future. Movie fan.

There are a few scare moments, a few slow-motion moments, but what the film does best is its comedy. Much of the comedy here is due to the actors, who pull off all the stops. Each director had a few minutes to introduce the story, and it was up to the actors to bring it to life with aplomb, and not once did the film overcome this problem. UK Movie Review

Main protagonists and characters:

Hugh Frazier… Tim (Segment: 40 years old) Rhys Ritchie … Charles Dickens (Segment: Observation)Rob Jarvis … Owner (Segment: Room 27b) Paul Moriarty … George (Segment: The Devil Within) Dominic Taylor … Malcolm (Segment: Writer) Kate Cook … Miss Jenkins (Segment: Phantom of Luck)Andrew Hollingworth … Eddie (Segment: Room 27b) Joshua Dickinson… Tom (Segment:Roderick Smith (Segment:The Devil Within)Judith Sharp … Julie (Segment: The Devil Within) Dan Rutter … Lenny Maitland (Segment: The Devil Within) Judith Sharp… Julie (Segment : Devil Inside)Julie (Segment : … : 40 years)Geir Madland … Peter Fearless (Segment: Writer)Kyle Malan … The Hobbit (Segment: The Devil Within) Richard Bates … Pickwick (Segment: Monitoring) AG. Longhurst… The Mountain (Segment: The Devil Within) Agnes Lillis … Jenny (Segment: Cleaning) Susie Purnell … Bartender (segment: writer) Mil Jovian … Bob (Segment: Spirit of Happiness)Peter Sowerbutz … Terry (Segment: Ghost of Fortune)Peter Sowerbutz … Terry (Segment: The Devil Within) Julien Meri … Howling Father (Segment: Ghost of Fortune)Charlotte Luxford … Young Julie. (Segment: 40 years old)Joe Lit… Fred (Segment: Room 27b) Basil Marples… Young Man (Segment : . : Ghost of a Chance)Selena Chambers … Guest of Honor (Segment: 40 years old) Rocio Rodriguez-Inniss … Maisie. (Segment: Cleaning) Peter Byatt… Tonka (Segment: Inside the Devil) Patrick Marlowe … Arthur (Segment: … Plot: Peter Barfield … David. (Segment : 40 years old)Catherine Pike … Audience (Segment : Writer)Molly Scurell … Betsy (Segment : Room 27b)Alice Osmansky … Hostess (Segment: Room 27b) Sophie Scannell … Laura (Segment: Writer) …)


The film was shot entirely in 2020 at the (now closed) Great White Horse Hotel in Ipswich, England, which dates back to at least the 17th century. It dates from the nineteenth century.

Fun facts:

The quotation at the beginning of the film, which begins with Never was there such a labyrinth…. is from the novel Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens and refers directly to the hotel.


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