Barry (Grant Gustin) and his team tracked down the Reverse Flash, but before they could arrest him, he disappeared into the Speed Force. The next day, after his capture, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) went to investigate Barry’s apparent disappearance. Barry appeared with no recollection of his time in the Speed Force, even though he had been there for so long. He was clearly terrified, and was flanked by Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes). They had been in the Speed Force for a while as well, and were also disoriented. Wells remembered the name of the Reverse Flash’s ship, and told Barry that he had to return to the ship to defeat him

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! In Flash Episode 7×15 “Enemy At The Gates” (The CW, 9/6), Barry (Grant Gustin) sees himself in a crowd of people — and that’s no accident. A future version of Barry (Keiynan Lonsdale) is an enemy in disguise, and in this week’s episode, he tries to kill all of Central City’s metahumans. Meanwhile, back in the present, Iris (Candice Patton) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) try to prevent a device that can bring back the dead from falling into the wrong hands.

In the Flash’s latest episode, Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) faked his own death in order to infiltrate the team of the Earth 2 super villain, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). The truth about the speedster’s death was soon revealed, and Ralph’s presence on the team was a welcome surprise. Ralph and Harrison’s teaming up represented a fresh take on the team dynamic, and the episode’s conclusion involved a desperate showdown at the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. “Enemy At The Gates” was another solid outing for the series.. Read more about the flash season 7 episode 15 and let us know what you think.

Flash certainly gave us a lot of questions to think about. In this volume, Enemy at the Gate, we’re all frauds… Where was Iris? No, seriously, where was she? Because she was needed in this episode and we don’t know why she wasn’t there.

Well, the logical explanation is that it’s because of COVID that Candice Patton couldn’t film the last two episodes. Don’t forget she wasn’t in the last episode either. Barry was almost absent in that episode, and in this episode he was there, but at the same time ….. not really. He focused mainly on the possibility that his attempts to get pregnant were successful.

In this episode, Barry did a DNA test on Iris to determine if she was pregnant after trying for weeks. He really believes it could be her because he saw a vision of Nora in his dream. Of course, things aren’t always easy, and an army of queer gods arrives to wreak havoc in the city.

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Trapped in the S.T.A.R. labs, the team is only trying to protect themselves. Caitlin is also having surgery to help Esperanza and hopefully remove the device that was implanted in her spine.

At the end, the sponsors switch from attacking the team to ….. attacking each other. They manage to survive, but they are more confused than anything else.

In this episode, Cecile helps both Barry and Esperanza: She supports Barry when he finds out if his pregnancy test is positive or not, and gives Esperanza the peace of mind she needs to get through the surgery. She has been a great mother figure this season and we love to see her grow.

In this episode, Frost and Mark Chillblain seem to have formed a bond. But he’s not a nice guy, and it looks like he’s letting Frost down. What is her ultimate goal?

As if that weren’t enough, Joe and Kramer find themselves in danger in the investigation of Adam Kreuk. Considering it was already known that Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton and Danielle Panakaber wrote translations for Staffel 8, we’re sure Joe won’t be quite done by the end of the episode. But we’d appreciate it if they didn’t make us suffer the possible loss of one of television’s best fathers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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So, overall, it wasn’t my favorite episode. If there was a reason Iris couldn’t be in the scenes, it would be more understandable to leave her out if the episode wasn’t focused on her character. This is a big moment for WestAllen, and I thought it was cheap to do this show without half the couple whose lives are affected by this new beginning.

At the end of the episode, it turns out that Iris is not pregnant. Or maybe there is one, but it’s so new that the test didn’t detect it. It can happen, right? Anyway, I’m really glad they didn’t take the positive route, because that’s a time they have to spend together. It would be a slap in the face, not only for Candice and Iris, but for the fans who love them and this couple so much.

Hopefully the final episodes of the season will have more momentum and they can turn things around, especially with the return to Godspeed City.

Let us know what you think of this episode in the comments below.

Watch The Flash every Tuesday on The CW.The Flash (Grant Gustin) has come under attack by the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) at an abandoned prison in Central City. With the help of the team, Barry (Grant Gustin) is able to defeat the Reverse-Flash and save Central City, but at the cost of his speed.. Read more about the flash season 1 and let us know what you think.

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