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Everett Stone returns to his family in Thayer, Connecticut, for the Christmas holidays. He’s bringing his new girlfriend, Meredith Morton, into his family. The Stone family is a very liberal family, in stark contrast to the nervous and conservative Meredith. The fun comes when Meredith conflicts with the Stone family, but she’s also attracted to Everett’s brother, Ben. Will Meredith follow her heart, or will she be faithful to Everett?

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Family Stone (2005) Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) returns to his family home in Thayer, Connecticut for Christmas. He takes his new girlfriend, Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) to meet her family. The Stone family is a very liberal family, in stark contrast to the nervous and conservative Meredith. Meredith gets to know the whole Stone family after she was greeted by Everett’s younger sister Amy (Rachel McAdams) at a pre-dinner party.

Instead of staying at Everett’s, Meredith decides to stay in a local hotel. To support her morale, she invites her sister Julie (Claire Danes) to stay with her in a hotel. Everett starts to attract a much cozier and less stressed Julie. Meredith struggles to get accepted into the Everett family and even tries to get into a masquerade that ends badly. Everett Tad (Tyrone Giordano), a deaf gay brother, and his partner Patrick (Brian J. White) discuss their plans to adopt a child at a family dinner. This leads to a discussion about nature in relation to education and sexual orientation, which Meredith wants to deal with in a clumsy way. Everett Kelly’s dad (Craig T. Nelson) closes it down quietly but angry.

Destroyed, Meredith runs away and tries to get back to the hotel, but ends up crashing her car. Everett’s brother, Ben (Luke Wilson), comes to comfort her. They go to the local bar, which is open, and start drinking a lot. Meredith’s starting to enjoy herself. She meets Amy’s high school flame and local paramedic Brad Stevenson (Paul Schneider) and invites her for Christmas breakfast at Stone’s house the next day. The next morning, Meredith wakes up in Ben’s bed and falsely assumes she had sex with her boyfriend’s brother.

On Christmas morning, the Stones family learns that matriarch Sybil Stone (Diana Keaton), a survivor of breast cancer, has been diagnosed with an aggressive recurrence of the disease. Sybil offers Everett her grandmother’s wedding ring after he refuses to do so, even before Everett has asked a few questions. But Everett’s feelings are now focused on Julie, not Meredith. In a moment of confusion he asks Julie to try on the ring, but it sticks to his finger. Meredith and Julie lock themselves in the bathroom and try to take off the ring. They both assume that Everett asked Meredith to marry him, who still feels guilty about sleeping with Ben.

The family comes together to exchange gifts. Meredith presents each family member with a framed and enlarged photo of Sybil, taken when she was pregnant with Amy and didn’t know her new cancer prognosis. Everyone’s emotionally touched by this gift, which makes Meredith a little relaxed. Everett asks him to talk to her briefly, but Meredith tries to avoid the conversation because she thinks he’s going to propose. Suddenly it’s a blur that she doesn’t want to marry him. Everett said he wasn’t gonna ask him. Meredith falls apart in front of the whole Stone family. All personality conflicts come to mind, and everyone starts the healing process.

A year later, the Stone family comes home for Christmas. Meredith and Ben are a couple now, just like Everett and Julie. Amy and Brad resumed their love affair at school, and Ted and Patrick adopted a boy named Gus. Everett’s older sister, Susanne (Elizabeth Reaser), has had a baby since last year. The film alludes to the fact that Siberia died last year. Their presence is referred to as the family gathering with Christmas decorations around the tree. Sybil’s picture is framed on the wall next to the Christmas tree, and Amy is pictured with her wedding ring.

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