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When a shady rodeo promoter tries to steal John Scott’s $900 prize money, Scott accepts at gunpoint. However, immediately after his departure a man named Pete arrives with an accomplice to rob the same officer, but he is killed. Pete gets something on John and his friend Kansas Charlie, who was spotted by the authorities when he left the office. When Pete fled to a nearby city shortly afterwards, two new fugitives followed him to clear their names.

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Desert Trail (1935) On a stagecoach ride to Gulchu’s Rattlesnake, Red Easter John Scott and his gambling friend Kansas Charlie meet a traveller named Juanita. John Scott informs Juanita that he will show his talents at the Rattlesnake Rodeo Break, which has a cash prize of $5,000. While Scott drives his damn bronco to the rodeo, Kansas Charlie plays cards in the local saloon.

The duo decided to repay their debt to the fraudulent promoter of the rodeo, Mr Farnsworth, by going to Farnsworth’s office and forcing him to hand over $900 in cash, which Scott owed them. Minutes after the duo left Farnsworth’s office, another duo, Pete and Jim, robbed the Redo office and killed Farnsworth. When the local lawyer’s dogs start investigating a murder, the real killers link the murder to John Scott and Kansas Charlie, who they saw leaving the office outside. The sheriff has Kansas Charlie in custody for questioning.

While escorting Kansas Charlie to prison, John Scott stops the group and forces the troops to lay down their weapons. He’s letting Charlie go. If John goes to Juanita, he’ll get to her real boyfriend, Pete’s killer, in minutes. Pete, hidden in the closet next door, hears John and Juanita talking. Kansas Charlie, who is also impressed by Juanita, comes to her house to argue with John.

According to friends, Pete leaves the closet and steals their money before he goes to Poker City. The buddies decide to follow Pete to Poker City, but a Sheriff’s team chases them before they split up.

Scott, by the name of John Jones, meets Jim in Poker City shortly after the loan shark boards the stagecoach and Jim is questioned for the crime. John follows Jim to the shop where he meets Jim’s sister, Anne, to buy a supply of nerve tonic.

Jim and Pete try to get on another stagecoach, but the scene is saved by John and Kansas Charlie, pretending to be Reverend Harry Smith. The heroes chase the bandits, but they go to jail after being trapped as real stagecoach robbers. Ann, trying to save John and Kansas Charlie, helps them escape by smuggling saw blades into their cell.

The duo eventually ran away and was shot by the sheriff. After his conscience has improved, Jim wants to confess his crimes, but Pete shoots him in the back. The crew, including John and Kansas Charlie, is looking for Pete. Pete was finally shot during an escape. Jim confesses to all the crimes and lets John and Kansas Charlie be free men. Ann and John became friends and lived happily ever after.

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