Although the marriage contracts are certainly no longer reserved for the rich and famous, there is no doubt that a lot is at stake in the case of a celebrity wedding. There’s more money, fame, paparazzi and usually drama to understand.

These are incredible prenuptial agreements for celebrities that we can’t even imagine if we write them ourselves.

She gets $500,000 from her husband, billionaire.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana divorced last year and the marriage contract means that if they divorce, she will probably receive about $500 million. Janet herself is worth about 175 million dollars, but it is estimated that her husband is worth a huge billion dollars. Although this massive payment has not been confirmed, it is assumed that the singer left her marriage with so much, because she was married to a Qatari corporate magnate five years before their divorce. She receives $500,000 from her husband, who is a billionaire.

No advance payments jeopardize their assets of $55 million

When pop singer Katy Perry married British comedian Russell Brand in 2010, they looked like a paradisiacal couple, because they both had very posh identities. However, Brand filed for divorce after only 14 months of marriage, and without a prenuptial agreement many feared he would steal $55 million of his assets. That didn’t happen. Instead, he left everything to her and even signed over her $6.5 million worth of real estate in Hollywood Hills. Lack of marriage threatens their $55 million estate.

At the time of the divorce in, she received $15.3 million.

When former soccer player Michael Strachan filed for his wife’s divorce in 2007, the court ordered him to abide by the marriage contract they had signed a few years earlier. Master of Live! had to pay a large sum of money to his ex-wife Gene. The marriage agreement stipulated that for each year of her marriage she was legally entitled to 50% of her family’s property and 20% of her annual income. He was worth $15.3 million! As part of the divorce, she received $15.3 million.

He left with $35 million of his assets in.

When Sir Paul McCartney announced his intention to marry Heather Mills, everyone advised him to sign a marriage contract to protect his enormous fortune. The legend of the Beatles surprised them all when he said there would be no marriage because there was no marriage for love. Unfortunately for Paul they have already filed for divorce after five years of marriage. A fierce custody battle ensued and Mills walked away with a staggering $35 million and $70,000 in child support a year. He left with $35 million in assets.

$300,000 a year for Brett Rossi

Charlie Sheen never really married Brett Rossi, but they had a marriage contract when they made the life pact. A glamorous model would receive $300,000 for every year of the wedding. Not bad! Plus, she’d get $4 million if he cheated on her! Yeah, it’s the same as his marriage contract with Denise Richards! They were only 18 months engaged before they broke up in October 2014. $300,000 a year for Brett Rossi

She had to pay him $30,000 a month.

In 2016, singer Mary J. Blige filed for divorce from her husband Martin Kendu Isaac, 13 years old. She said her prenup meant she wasn’t obligated to support her husband, but the judge said otherwise. Blige was ordered to pay $30,000 a month to Isaac for the duration of the divorce proceedings. This would allow him to continue the lifestyle he was used to when he married her. She’d pay him $30,000 a month.

Departure from previous day

As CEO of one of the world’s largest companies, General Electric, one would think that John F. Welch, Jr. could give a little more advice on prenuptial agreements. Despite the fact that he was a business tycoon, his divorce proceedings did not go according to plan. He and his then wife, Jane Beesley Welch, signed a marriage contract, which expired 10 years later. He cheated on her after 13 years of marriage and was worth $450 million. Auslaufender Ehevertrag

Beyoncé receives $5 million for child.

J.Z. and Beyonce make a lot of money, so it makes sense that they signed a prenup. A couple’s marriage agreement obliges them to pay the queen of the bay $5 million for every child they bring into the world. He also has to pay $1 million a year for every year she stays married to him for up to 15 years, and $10 million if the marriage ends less than two years later. You wonder how many kids she’s planning to have! Beyonce receives $5 million per child.

Ben refused to sign a marriage contract with No Fraud paragraph

Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were things? He broke her heart when he blew off the wedding. He clearly refused to sign a marriage contract that included a heating ban! The marriage contract obliged Ben to pay Jen half of his profit if he was wrong. Some sources report that not only did the actor want to raise $5 million, but an appointment was made to have sex four times a week! Ben refused to sign a prenup without heating.

She got a $15 million divorce from Tom Cruise.

Katie and Tom may have divorced in 2012, but of course the actress has not been abandoned. When the couple signed the prenuptial agreement for their marriage, Katie made sure it was in her favor by signing a contract that, in the event of divorce, would require Tom to pay her $3 million for each year of the marriage. She ended up getting a nice $15 million and $400,000 a year in alimony. She got a $15 million divorce from Tom Cruise.

Justin pays $500,000 if he cheats on.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beale’s marriage contract say he should give her $500,000 if he cheats on her. Bienne fears that he will wander around when she gets fat, but after seeing how well she has taken care of her son, we don’t think she has anything to worry about! It’s a good idea for all famous couples to sign a marriage contract, but what does it say about their marriage if they don’t trust Justin to be faithful? Justin pays $500,000 if he cheats.

Angelina got full custody of the children

Surprisingly, Brad and Angelina didn’t have some weird marriage agreement. However, they agreed that in the event of divorce, he would not have custody of six children. The actress retains full custody of the child while receiving a therapeutic visit. Although the rumours are true, they are now in the middle of a messy custody battle, which Brad hopes will give him shared access to their brood. We just hope it’s done soon for your children. Angelina received full custody of the children.

Crystal Harris got $0 from Hugh!

What may surprise many is that Crystal Harris came to Hugh Hefner with a very strong pre-nuptial agreement, saying she wouldn’t get anything from his estate. A former Playboy businessman died in 2017, and Harris had no claim to his $43 million fortune. Hefner’s wealth went to his children, the film school of the University of Southern California and various charities. Although the source says she’s being taken care of. Crystal Harris received $0 from Hugh!

Spielberg’s $100 million error.

Amy Irving was at the beginning of her acting career when she met director Steven Spielberg. So it made sense that she signed a marriage contract when they got married. However, they did not bother to consult lawyers to draw up a marriage contract. Instead, they wrote it on a napkin! It is not surprising that at the time of the divorce in 1989, the judge ruled that the marriage contract was invalid. That means Amy received $100 million, half of her assets at the time. Spielberg’s $100 million error.

A weekly appointment inis required.

Priscilla Chan must have been worried that Mark Zuckerberg’s work would take too long, because she forced him to sign a marriage contract stating that they would see each other at least once a week. And not only that, but that they must be at least 100 minutes away from his home or Facebook headquarters. Let’s face it, the launch of Facebook must be pretty demanding, so we can’t really blame Chan for wanting to spend time with her husband. It requires a weekly wedding night.

If she were to arrive, she’d have to pay him.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo never made the decision, and we think it might have something to do with the marriage contract! The former football quarterback would have wanted to include a clause in the agreement stating that if he weighed more than £135, he would put $500,000 in his pocket. Jess had had weight problems in the past, and she said herself she was any size. But we think Romo should have been ready to love him no matter how hard he tried! When she arrives, she will have to pay for it.

She won $5 million if he cheated on.

Katherine Zeta Jones was madly in love with Michael Douglas when they met, but because she was afraid that he would constantly cheat on his first wife, she made sure that they would take care of her in the event of a divorce. Not only would Douglas have to pay her $5 million for walking expenses, but Zeta-Jones would receive $1.5 million for every year she married him. In return, he was given a confidentiality clause that prevents Zeta-Jones from revealing private details about their marriage. She won $5 million when she cheated.

Take drugs and you get nothing.

When Nicole Kidman’s advisors insisted she sign a contract with country singer Keith Urban before the wedding, she made sure it contained a safeguard clause. Although both agreed that he would receive $640,000 for each year of the marriage, the marriage agreement stipulated that if he resumed the illegal drugs, neither would receive cash in the divorce settlement. That’s one way to make sure it stays clean! If you use drugs, you have nothing.

Liz’s seventh husband would have made a million dollars.

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor married Larry Fortensky’s seventh husband in 1991. The couple signed a pre-marriage contract that states that if they stay married for five years, they will earn $1 million. And if they were still married then, he’d still have the money. They’re divorced, so they have the money. As the couple remained great friends, Taylor even left them an extra $800,000 in his will. Liz’s seventh husband would make a million dollars.

She needs to put her implants back on ice T

According to Ice T’s girlfriend, Coco has signed a marriage contract asking her to return her buttocks and breast implants if they ever get divorced. Apparently, it’s perfectly legal, and they both had the lawyers sign a strange agreement. There’s no hard evidence, but we’ve seen so many celebrity names that they could be true. We just wonder if Coco can get her implants back easily! She has to put her implants back on the frozen T.

Maria banned discussion on data protection

Rumor has it that Maria and her former Nick Cannon signed a marriage contract with a non-disclosure clause. None of them were allowed to talk about his private life in the media after the divorce. That’s fair, isn’t it? But is it fair that Mary has to cough up $500,000 if Nick gets half of that as punishment? The reason for the singer’s higher fee is that she married with a much greater fortune than her husband. Maria prohibits data protection discussion

Mother – Word in Kim and Kanye Prenap

Kim and Kanye’s marriage contract is a little odd because it doesn’t contain a guardianship clause, but there’s a section that says her mother shouldn’t let Chris make career decisions that affect her interests. You can imagine Kanye added that to the deal! The prenuptial agreement also stipulates that Kim will receive $1 million for each year of the marriage, as well as income from television programs, clothing lines and entertainment. Mama is the word that appears in Kim and Kanye’s marriage contract.

$2 million + surcharge for Chloe Kardashian

Like all Kardashians, Chloe knows how to make money doing nothing. She and former basketball star Lamar Odom signed a marriage contract that earned her over $2 million. When they got married, it took four years. She also gets Laker seats, a new car every time her lease expires, $5,000 a month for a purchase allowance and $1,000 a month for beauty care. Oh, and she’s got the house too! $2 million + additional costs for Chloe Kardashian

Chris Rock’s expiration date has passed and his wife was picked up in.

This should be a lesson for all celebrities: Don’t let the marriage agreement expire! That’s exactly what happened to comedian Chris Rock, and he certainly paid for it. The rock schisms were submitted by his wife, Malaak Compton Rock, 18, in 2015. However, the marriage contract that the couple had signed before the debt bondage expired recently. Compton Rock has apparently decided to make a large payment to Rock, worth about $70 million. Chris Rock’s expiration date has passed and his wife wanted to buy it back.

K-Fed ran around with nothing.

When Britney married long-distance dancer Kevin Federline in 2004, everyone was skeptical. He made almost nothing compared to his 65 million dollars. What does he get when they break up? The good news is that Britney has arranged for him to sign a prenup that says he’s leaving with nothing. One of the smartest decisions a singer ever made was to choose a carefully drawn up prenuptial agreement in case of a divorce. K-Fed walked around with nothing.

The fraud would have cost Charlie Sheen $4 million.

Many say Denise Richards set the standard for Hollywood’s infidelity clause. That’s what she would have written in her marriage contract with Charlie Sheen. There were rumors that Shin would have to pay him $4 million if he was caught cheating on another woman. You may not think that a large sum of money is fair all of a sudden, but you can’t deny that the actress was smart to take this point. Fraud would cost Charlie Sheen $4 million.

Childless Roseanna lost $50 million.

Well, we’ve been cheating since Rosanna Barr and Tom Arnold ran out of prenuptial agreements. But we think she was crazy not to. The actress forcibly refused to sign a marriage contract when she got engaged to Arnold and even fired her lawyer after he tried to change her mind. To Rosanna’s sorrow they divorce four years later and an unpleasant divorce follows. He left the wedding with the $50 million. Childless Roseanna lost $50 million.

He left without a penny

No wonder Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphreys didn’t have many diva-claims in their marriage contract (at least we don’t know!). The only thing that’s really surprising is that he liked to sign an agreement that meant he would leave without a penny of their money. Kardashian, who was worth about $35 million when she married in 2011, made sure she kept everything in case they got divorced. So when they ended their marriage after 72 days, Humphreys had nothing left. He left without a penny.

Rosie O’Donnell: You cheat and you get nothing

Rosie O’Donnell’s marriage to Michelle Rounds included eight months of seemingly exhausting premarital negotiations, and the final document was signed just hours before the couple’s testimony: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How romantic! Although sources say that Mr. O’Donnell was extremely generous to Michelle in his marriage contract, she made sure that her 40-year-old bride would get nothing if she cheated on her. Their relationship probably didn’t last long, as the actor filed for divorce in February 2015. Rosie O’Donnell: If you cheat, you get nothing.

The trump card was the payment of $14 million to Ivan.

Ivan Trump was married to the President of the United States from 1977 to 1992, and although she tried to challenge his marriage contract, she left with a lot of money. The prenuptial agreement guaranteed the payment of $14 million and $350,000 in annual support payments. He also had to pay $300,000 a year in alimony for three children. As if that wasn’t enough, his ex-wife also got the Trump Plaza apartment in New York. The trump card was the payment of $14 million to Ivan.

She got $500,000 because she said I was.

When Charlie Sheen married his third wife Brooke Muller, he also signed a long marriage contract, which meant he had to pay her a lot of money whether they were divorced or not. The actress received $500,000 for the marriage alone and $300,000 a year for the first ten years of the marriage. And that’s not all. Mueller has locked up his part of the house and the rest of his assets. When they got divorced in 2011, things got mixed up. She got $500,000 for what she thinks I did.

Tracy Edmonds: I want half of everything!

In 2008, Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds went to a private island near Bora Bora for a secret catch. However, because the couple had not lived near the place of the ceremony for at least 30 days, the ceremony was subsequently declared invalid. They were planning to go back to the United States and make it official, but that didn’t happen because the couple couldn’t agree on a marriage agreement. Edmonds has asked for 50% of Eddie’s estate! Tracey Edmonds: I want half of everything!

It receives $1 million a year

The retired basketball star Michael Jordan knew he had to protect his fortune when he got engaged to the Cuban model Yvette Prieto. In the end, he had to pay $168 million in his last divorce. Although they agreed to leave with what they had married in the event of divorce, Jordan agreed to give Yvette $1 million for each year of marriage. After ten years of marriage, she’d get $5 million. Every year it receives $1 million.

She gave him half a million as a wedding present

When singer Jessica Simpson married American footballer Eric Johnson in 2014, she was much richer than he was with her billionth mark. According to reports, she gave him $500,000 as a wedding present and then $200,000 a year on his wedding day. If the two of them manage to live five years, Eric gets a bonus of $500,000 and in ten years’ time he’ll get a huge million dollars. Jessica also gave Eric his own high limit credit cards! She gave him half a million for his wedding!

Separate funding for Gabriella and Dwayne

Actress Gabriella Union and basketball star Dwayne Wade talked very openly about their marriage agreement and explained that they have their own money, so you don’t have to take the other person’s money. Gabriella also said that she manages the finances differently with Duane, she said: Actually, I’ve never seen Diane balance on a checkbook, so I have to protect my stuff. Gabriella wanted people to understand that she wasn’t marrying him for the money, so she insisted on the prenuptial agreement. Separate accounts for Gabriella and Duane

Mel Gibson is halfway through.

So we know that the eighties were a different time, but it was a one-book divorce. Mel Gibson and Robin Denise Moore Gibson thought they would be together forever when they made the decision in 1980, but that shouldn’t have happened. As you can see, they didn’t sign the marriage contract, and when 25 years later everything collapsed, Robin left with half her income. At the time, revenues were about $900 million. Wow! Mel Gibson is half sold out.

ExhibitionEva Longoria

When Eva met Tony Parker, the star of the San Antonio Spurs, they said it was love at first sight. They got married in 2007, only three years after they met. When she finally filed for divorce because of irreconcilable differences, both wanted their marriage contract enforced. A messy situation has arisen in which the claims to spousal support were not in accordance with the original content of the marriage contract. In the end, they managed to arrange everything out of court. Messe Eva Longoria

More novels than New Year’s Eve

After seeing his marriage break up with his then wife, Elizabeth Huberdo, John Price insisted that the next time he decided to get married it would be different. He’s now asked Nikki Bell to sign a 75-page marriage contract! He explained how this made him feel safe enough to take the next step: It gives you a sense of security and resilience in case something happens. Shocked? Read more! More a novel than a pre-war novel.

What does Amal receive?

We hope the two will never get divorced, but we think the marriage agreement they signed was good for both parties. George Clooney is currently worth about $220 million, and it is said that if Amal decided to divorce him, he would leave him $20 million. This price seems so low when you compare the other strange pairs we’ve heard about so far. These two people recently welcomed the twins into the world, so we really hope everything will go well. What does Amal receive?

Kaylie Cuoco’s Personal Simulators, Paid sweets

Ryan Sweeting and Kaylie Cuoco had a vortex romance, and you’d think she wouldn’t want to talk about the prenup. She may be a real romantic, but she’s also a smart businesswoman. Their pre-marriage contract provided that Kaylie would cover her personal account with the coach, a quarter of a million dollars and all the money he had at the time. Personal Coach Kaylie Cuoco paid for candy.

Royal Herald

As His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Megan Markle approach their royal wedding, people are wondering if they will sign the marriage contract. Currently, the marriage contract is not valid in the United Kingdom. It seems that Prince Harry is following in his brother’s footsteps, because Prince William also refused to sign the marriage contract before he married Kate Middleton. Impressed by her good intentions? We still have wedding stuff! A Royal Marriage Contract

Iron door

It started to get promising when Justin Teru offered Jennifer Aniston an 8-carat diamond ring. The wedding was attended by guests such as Ellen and Portia de Rossi, Amy Cedaris, Jimmy Kimmel and Emily Blunt, but in 2018 they announced their divorce. Rumor has it that Jennifer insisted on an impeccable pre-marriage agreement and discussed it for hours before getting married. The total income is about 200 million dollars, so you can’t blame him! Eisenbeschichtete Verpackungen

It is best to make sure that.

In January it was announced that Gwyneth Paltrow would walk through the aisle again. Married to Chris Martin, Coldplay’s straw man, she seems to know what she’s doing. Her future husband, Brad Falchuk, was also married. So they were pretty quick to agree on the dirtiest details. Are you surprised? Well, we have another surprise for you, and we bet you didn’t see it coming! It is better to make sure that

A parent who was never.

When Mariah Carey was to marry James Packer, her marriage contract was very tense. Originally, she was supposed to receive $1 million for each year of the marriage, but because of her high income, she found that shocking. The document also stated that it was permitted to use a credit card, which would only be used to pay for personnel and accommodation costs, and that there would be no joint bills during the marriage. Prepare for the worst! A parent who never…

The sex scandal with Tiger cost him $100 million in divorce in.

Although Mr. Nordegren signed a marriage contract entitling him to $20 million, he revised it after he cheated on her. In the end, the first model cost an astonishing $110 million. During the negotiations, Mr. Woods said he’d give her $200 million in the prenup if she agreed to revoke it. She refused and insisted on divorce. The sex scandal with Tiger not only ended his marriage, but also disrupted his professional career. The tiger sex scandal cost him $100 million in divorces.

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