The production value of wrestling, both on television and in the theatres, has changed in recent years. Gone are the days of the theatrical cartoon style, with its vibrant color schemes. Instead, television has been shifted towards being more realistic and darker. This trend might be a turn off for some wrestling fans, as it removes the cartoon style and cartoon characters that we are used to.

The best part about the world of indie wrestling is the possibilities. Imagine a world where a plot can be thought up, a plan constructed, and characters created. Where a film can be made, a promotion can be launched, and a wrestler can have their own comic book. In this world, things like time and money are not a concern. In this world, you can create a wrestling movie, and it will be good. This is the world of independent wrestling.

After my last post, I decided to rent one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. That’s not wrestling #7: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener is a 1992 film directed by Renny Harlin, starring Sylvester Stallone as the title character, Wendell Pierce, who is known in the wrestling world as “Kong.” The two main characters are divorced, and the story follows their attempts to make their relationship work.. Read more about south park wrestling episode and let us know what you think.

This Is Not Wrestling #7 : The grass is not always greener


word-image-11564 Welcome and thank you for coming! A few years ago, it seemed the planets were aligned for a fantastic change in professional wrestling. Everyone was talking about a shiny new promotion with a TV contract and serious, athletic wrestling. Finally, the life of the modern wrestling fan, who had to eat shit and learn to love the taste, was over. Or is it? We meet here every Thursday to deconstruct the actions of stupid, dangerous and desperate people in the pro….. struggle. At least at AEW. word-image-11565 Since AEW has only been around for two years, it hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to feel remorse. We’ve all heard that Vince McMahon can be an unpleasant employee, but is he the worst? I’ve written a lot about Vince before, and while I agree that his world of rules seems like a nightmare, I’m not sure the alternative is much better. Some thought the shy Tony Khan was the lesser evil and jumped in with both feet, but do they regret it? Did they benefit from this move or was it just a symbolic gesture to show their newfound loyalty? Anyway, I understand why people want to leave the WWE, but I also see some regret in it; and let’s not talk about the list of injuries that are piling up…. oops. Chris Jericho. I’ll start with Chris Jericho, because he was the first and biggest name to leave AEW. Jericho seems to be the only one with a relatively long term plan from the start. Everyone else just seemed to come every week and do their own thing. The role may not have been written specifically for Jericho, but if someone had written into the plans that the main superstar needed to be defined in the first year, Jericho was a perfect candidate for the job. word-image-11566 After losing his belt and ending the show, Jericho wanted to take a vacation and go on tour with Fozzy, but the world was closed. Plans changed, and he stuck around for a long time, making things up as he went along. From then on, we were fed stupid matches featuring Orange Cassidy and the teenage Shenanigans a la Monday Night Raw, winking and giggling at the profanity. Unfortunately, he didn’t put his best foot forward by spouting nonsense on social media. If he’s not saying that Kenny Omega and Orange Cassidy are top notch wrestlers, then he’s ignoring the fact that half of the shit that’s happened on AEW so far is a replay of an old episode of Raw from the Attitude Era. It doesn’t surprise me that Jericho has since bounced through WWE and appeared on Steve Austin’s Stone Cold podcast. John Moxley When Dean Ambrose took the name John Moxley, his namesake wasn’t the only one to take a few steps backward. When he wasn’t doing stupid skits at the doctor’s office or being everyone’s favorite uncle, I loved his work at WWE….., except for that stupid clothesline jump. Despite Dean Ambrose’s antics in WWE, he’s almost always a joy to watch in the ring. He knew where he was, his job of going from catch to catch and setting up catches was always enjoyable; I can’t even remember him doing anything exceptionally reckless against himself or others. word-image-11567 When Ambrose became Moxley again, it was hoped that he would incorporate what he had learned in recent years into his repertoire and become the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin. While I’m a big believer in the first coming of myself, that result would have been better than what we got. Moxley, in all his rigid, unbridled, unrestrained freedom, is not the man we think he is. With his wandering around in crowds, self-mutilating and constant attempts to keep his balance, he looks more like a Sandman impersonation than anything else. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll take it seriously, and he’ll be a credit to ECW/CZW until he retires. FTR/renewal While I grumbled about their time in WWE, I was concerned when Dax and Cash signed with AEW. It would be a bigger cause for celebration if Tony Khan’s Toybox was known for its excellent tag team action, but the Young Bucks are present, in the spotlight, and being led, so that idea goes out the window. They are not alone in the division, but other teams with potential dance quietly as management wants. word-image-11568 FTR began by briefly owning the tag team belts, but then gave them up to The Hardy Soyz/The Young Bucks. That didn’t last long, and now they’re in a faction that was created because the Inner Circle washed their heads. They recently lost to the Inner Circle in a stupid fight on the football field. I mean, it’s no worse than the back shaving angle they went through in WWE, but is it better? AEW had the chance to be the best wrestling team in the world when they signed with FTR, but instead they were used to make the Young Bucks look good. If things change and someone knowledgeable takes over AEW, I think FTR will rise to the top sooner rather than later. Cody Rhodes. This was a big step for Cody Rhodes and, of course, Brandi Rhodes. Despite acting like an asshole who promises one thing and does another, Cody has more creative control at AEW, which means he can act like Billy the Big Dummy on a weekly basis. Despite what Cody and the AEW fans would have you believe, I’m sad to say that Cody is not the legend he thinks he is. But the move to AEW has done much more for Cody than the company or the business. word-image-11569 I agree that it must have been frustrating to appear as Stardust in WWE if he wanted to be taken more seriously, and I can see how it’s much easier for Cody and his work to get noticed if you allow everyone to have matches that look ridiculous.  Fact is, he has competed in all the major matches and feuds in AEW and always seemed to be the most serious part of any show. However, Cody has almost a million followers on Twitter; if he was as popular as he thinks he is, he should be able to bring in about that number on his own every week to help the ratings. But it’s not, and the combined efforts of Cody and everyone else can only derail a million viewers if they jump out of the cage, cut off a finger or jump on the shark. The sooner Cody and Brandi are on TV and/or in the movies, the sooner their Triple H and Stephanie cosplays will disappear from my sight. Dustin Rhodes Before I start criticizing Dustin Rhodes for his recent behavior, I want to point out that I was happy for him when he found a place to retire on his terms and at his pace. But lately, he’s been loving the smell of his own farts. I’ve written about this recently, but Dustin’s temperament in the face of constructive criticism from fans has shown me that he’s probably not as funny as he claims. He’s in good shape for his age, and his ring work is still better than most of the other players on the roster, but he just gets put in random situations. For example, he had a match with Nick Komoroto in the Main Event out of nowhere. word-image-11570 Love him or hate him, Goldust is an iconic character in the WWE. And whether he’s embarrassed or not, Dustin can’t help it. Like when Cody was signed as Stardust, they both laughed and said: It’s all right, it’s all right. Dustin changed his perspective when his salary came from a different source, and I think there’s a bit of crying going on here. I mean, Dustin appeared as a character on Howard Stern’s show and suggested getting breast implants in the early days of the character; he couldn’t hate it that much. As with most topics discussed today, not every idea thrown around turns into gold dust. Matt Hardy When it was announced that he would be joining AEW, I was excited to see what Matt Hardy would bring. I imagine a brief feud, then he creates his own group of losers ready to fight, with Hardy himself disappearing further and further from the ring. Matt in his blood red jacket always reminded me of James Michell as a father. We didn’t get it. We were treated to the usual AEW approach: my only superpower is having ten superpowers, and Matt crossed the empty arena in no time. Oh yeah, he was accompanied by a drone that had more personality than many on the roster at the time, a drone that Chris Jericho had with him for a TV interview. word-image-11571 Much like his only appearance in Version 1 a few years ago, the Matt Woken/Broken character gave him a chance to prove he was more than just Jeff Hardy’s big brother. He began to emerge from that shadow and transform into something else. Unfortunately, this character is so over the top with weekly skits that are forgotten after two hours; people just want him to jump on things like Jeff does. He now leads Private Party and behaves more simply than Matt Hardy, but many fear it is too little, too late. He also spends too much time apologizing, arguing with his fans and blocking them online. I understand that Vince McMahon probably said no more often than yes, but that doesn’t mean the solution to the problem is to find someone who always says yes. What if you’re uncomfortable and you’ve suggested something really stupid? Wouldn’t you want your colleagues to suggest you test your work? Maybe it’s not a personal attack. Friends, fans, and colleagues may just want to help you not look like a fool. They may even try to save you from a concussion if you jump from a stupid height and land on concrete. I’m just saying. That’s it for this week. Thank you for visiting. I spent the weekend covering E3 2021 for G+G, so check it out if you’re interested. And don’t forget to check out the Putting It Bluntly website: AEW Double or nothing on my YouTube channel. See you Monday at #AnotherWeekOfWrestling and next Thursday at #ThatsNotWrestling! The background was designed by Rachel Hope. Thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with us on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and/or view anything I write about: word-image-11572Man, where do I begin? This summer has been so good to me, I feel like I’ve been living it instead of just watching it on my computer screen. I’ve met so many new people, and I’ve met some of them in person too. I even got to meet one of my favorite wrestlers, Titus O’Neil, in person, and it was really cool. Also, I got to go to the WWE in Brooklyn, thanks to the WWE, and it was awesome. I had a really good time.. Read more about wrasslin meaning and let us know what you think.

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