The taepad film is about a smoky but long gone subject that requires our immediate attention. That’s what his nickname says: He hits people who think it’s normal to hit someone in a relationship. The Taepad is based on all the doubts people have about how far the other half can go with just one firm tap. It seems so difficult that it is imbued with catharsis.

Thappad’s film defines boundaries and opens the way to expectations without being a preacher. He uses five stories with different perspectives not only to investigate a slap in the face, but also to extrapolate further to determine which other types of errors are not normal.

A movie is a lesson, and lessons aren’t for everyone. People who have chalk on their plate from the beginning will find it difficult to get rid of their faith. For some it would be difficult to digest such a simple but effective concept. But for those who have walked the same paths as the main character, who has experienced the same old, deep-rooted story, this film opens their eyes as if it opens their eyes.

Led by Tappad

By concentrating on one story, the film also mixes different layers of life, even if they are mixed with a single thread. It always brings to light the disturbing official disgust that begins to lighten the lives of others. It is perfectly staged, for a concept that seemed very simple and clear from the trailers.

Taapsi Pannu as Amrita in Tappad.

Accepting this simplicity and building on it with real content, transforming this seemingly simple story into a complex drama with additional characters and editing it as a planned reconstruction – these are commendable works that reach director, editor and screenwriter Tappad together.

Anubhav Sinha has started collecting good projects. Last year’s criminal drama is another good film in which he deals with the internal problems the country still has to deal with. I think he started asking the right questions. He climbs in the dirt and does the dirty work because someone has to.

It fills our lives with the hope that there will be more stories like this, that there will be more serious problems. After all, there are countless objects on the operating table that need to be evaluated and are waiting to be dissected. You know it! The list is huge.


The film on Taepad reveals this disgusting monster hidden in every human being. A sense of justice, of control, of the immaculate devil throwing himself into the world as if every other being were less important than his own needs and desires. Anubhav Xinha expels the devil, and all hell breaks loose.

It goes without saying that every stubborn person is selfish. We are one of the unbreakable beasts of creation, not afraid to cross everything that stands in our way once we have adapted to it. Bring every other species on the planet into the arena, and we will act with all our might. One: Never give up, for it is a hard core of impeccable courage that has made us what we are.

Access to Gulati as a husband in a Taepad movie.

But all we need is some kind of awakening, some kind of regression, to see in our gross, raw anger what collateral damage we are causing. The end result and the price to pay to saturate the beast inside. What are those things we burn when we try to fight?

Why has mankind become what it is? Why would you write about billions of lives to prove your courage? We don’t need that. You don’t have to. So many lives, from birds to animals, every living, breathing soul is afraid to follow in our footsteps. What for? Why should we be afraid to mark our place? It’s not just about limiting ourselves to our other halves, but also about being a more universal probe.

It’s about power for men. But we have to understand the cardinal statement that this is not real power. Power is when you know you can hurt someone, but you have control over them. We’re not taking advantage of it. Even in the worst case, you let your brain dictate, not your heart.

Paval Gulati as Vikram

One of the most interesting characters in the film is Vikram, played by Paul Gulati, the quintessence of her husband, who does everything right until nothing more happens, until he means nothing. Nothing he does matters anymore, because he did the unthinkable.

It is all the more disappointing that his behaviour after this event is never a valid excuse. Instead, he tries to argue his actions somehow if there is no reason to justify them.

In fact, no attempt has ever been made to correct this infringement. I’ve never seen an actor apologize for his mistake. It’s so true when you’re fighting someone. People often take other people’s lives for granted. to wear armor and use it against their own people to hurt them even more.

Gulati Paval in Vikram

At the forefront of acting and casting, the film wonders whether Indian filmmakers are obsessed with the idea of not using strong names or popular actors for the role of the man. You’re always afraid to play the bad guy. They’re afraid if they play with a guy like Vikram, their name will be dragged through the mud. To do this, you have to give it to Paul, who prefers his actions to the consequences. That was very brave.

Taapsi Pannu as Amrita

It is very important that the actor really feels and experiences the main character’s pain. To embody this man, Taapsi Pannu is forever the right choice for a click. His own life reflects his choice of film. She’s also sarcastic in person.

She is the only woman who can speak justice in the role of Amrita, and so she proves how her dramatic play breaks you to pieces. There are so many cases of rattling that it reduces you to sobbing and moping. You feel sorry for her with all your heart, even though you’re trying to understand her husband.

Tappad is talking about Amrita Taapsi. She is the only female force that changes so many perspectives. It’s great to see how their lives give other people the inspiration they need.

Another important role on which Tappad’s film is based is the relationship between Amrita and her father Jayant, played by Kumud Mishra. It is so heartbreaking to see my father go through pain and torment and face a man he has treated like a princess all his life. Jayant is constantly worried about what his daughter is going through, but he’s glad she’s here. Sandhyaki Ratna Pathak Shah doesn’t go unnoticed either.

Severity of effects

There are so many unsatisfying fundamental problems in India that it would take another three generations for the country to come to radical thinking. One of these problems is domestic violence.

The question is where to define this thin line. A slap is a slap or just a slap. Or maybe that’s how it starts? The Taepad asks many reasonable questions.

The film is also very good in its script.

Jod ke rakhni pade koi cheez toh matlab tooti aujourd’hui hai na?

Sketches like this are scattered all over the clique. The spectacular and difficult returns are reminiscent. The story is very similar to that of marriage, where divorce lawyers come out of their ditches to be convicted.

It’s a good thing that the film is not in Vikram’s favor, he’s wisely left open. It is nice to see this shameless man come to his senses and realize the seriousness of his mistake. It’s a victory for everyone. This means that, if possible, the film is finished with a good grade.


All in all, it’s an excellent watch, which certainly reinforces the myth. The men who committed this crime must urgently examine their conscience, and the women who let this happen must also come out of their shell and do the right thing.

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