The Muzan and the Tanjiro are two legendary warriors that have been fighting since ancient times. The only way to decide who is stronger is for them both to enter a deep sleep for three hundred years, awakening when their power has grown weak as they have aged.

The “muzan vs yoriichi” is a fight between two powerful ninjas. The question is, who is stronger?

Tanjiro Vs. Muzan: Who Is Stronger?

Tanjiro Kamada, the series’ protagonist, and Muzan Kibutsuji, the ruler of the Demons and the series’ major enemy, are the two most prominent characters in the Demon Slayer series. Muzan’s last confrontation with Tanjiro in the manga’s final chapters was the climax of a saga that started with Muzan slaying Tanjiro’s family. So, who is the more powerful of the two, Tanjiro or Muzan?

Tanjiro was stronger than Muzan at the conclusion of the tale, which is why he was able to vanquish him. Even when Muzan forcedfully merged with him to live, the protagonist of the narrative managed to overwhelm him just enough to vanquish him.

After you’ve read the quick version of the answer, the remainder of the article will be broken into three parts, the first two of which will introduce the characters, their powers, and their talents. Finally, we’ll provide our final conclusion and explain why Tanjiro is ultimately more powerful than Muzan.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Abilities

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro Kamado is the main character. He is a Demon Slayer with the rank of Kanoe in the Demon Slayer Army, who has enlisted in the search for a cure to transform his sister, Nezuko Kamado, into a human, as well as hunting down and killing demons to prevent others from suffering the same fate as him.

His whole family was slain by the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, before he became a Demon Slayer, and his younger sister, Nezuko, was turned into a demon.


Overall Capabilities

Tanjiro was a natural fighter from the outset, with a high natural talent for fighting, particularly fencing. Tanjiro had previously been demonstrated to possess superhuman abilities such as incredible senses, a keen sense of smell, tremendous willpower, and exceptional intellect.

His naturally acquired powers have allowed him to outwit and catch one of the most powerful demon slayers, Giyu Tomioka, off guard, and nearly administer a lethal blow to him using nothing but his heated emotions.

He was able to effortlessly destroy numerous low-level demons without the assistance of others after learning Water Breathing and making the ultimate choice, even those that held the Blood Power and had previously been members of the Twelve Demonic Moons, particularly the Swamp Demon and Kyogai.

After remembering the Hinokami Kagura, he learnt from his father as a boy that he would have beaten Rui, the Eleventh Moon, if Rui hadn’t chopped off his head first, a feat many thought only a Hashira could do.

What’s most striking about Tanjiro is his incredible pace of development, even in the heat of combat, which surprised Sekido and enabled him to fight higher level demons after only fighting lower rank demons a few months before. As he activated his Demon Slayer Mark and continued to practice, his power grew even greater.

Despite being poisoned by him, Tanjiro was able to stand up to Muzan, who had recently fought the other Five Hashira, as well as Zenitsu and Inosuke, on his own. Muzan was uneasy about Tanjiro because of his resemblance to Yoriichi, the most formidable demon hunter and swordsman who ever lived, demonstrating his great strength.

While he didn’t become the greatest Demon Slayer by the conclusion of the series, there’s no disputing his incredible strength and improvement.

Breathing Techniques

Tanjiro learned the Water Breathing method from Sakonji Urokodaki, a former Water Hashira. This was Tanjiro’s first breathing method before switching to Hinokami Kagura, a breathing style given to him by his father as a youngster and which he claims suited him better. He grew exceedingly good at Water Breathing at the place where he employed it, enabling him to face up against two members of the Twelve Demonic Moons, Rui and Enmu.

Tanjiro’s second style was Hinokami Kagura, commonly known as the Dance of the Fire God. Specifically, Tanjiro discovered a recollection of his father teaching him this Breathing method after his near-death experience in his fight with Rui. Tanjiro’s physique was not physiologically acclimated to the strain imposed by the Breathing method at the time, but he eventually overcame it via a series of difficulties.

Tanjiro awoke the Hinokami Kagura in the fabled Sun Breathing when he completely beheld Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s thirteenth form and became conscious.

Tanjiro was able to combine two styles of Breathing, the initially taught Water Breathing and the awoken Hinokami Kagura, during his battle with Upper Moon Six, Gyutaro, allowing him to significantly increase his speed for a short period of time and perform attacks that possessed the qualities of both styles of Breath. This is a highly challenging method that is seldom used.

Muzan Kibutsuji’s Abilities

Muzan Kibutsuji is the primary adversary of Kimetsu no Yaiba and the first of his kind. He is also the ancestor of many other demons. He’s also the demon that murdered the majority of the Kamado family and turned Nezuko Kamado into a demon.


Style of combat

Muzan may take on a more monstrous appearance in battle, with a dark crimson mass covering his limbs, large mouths with sharp fangs, and his chest exposed. Her hair is becoming longer and more unkempt.

In this form, his speed, strength, reflexes, and potency were greatly enhanced, to the point where, despite losing a significant amount of stamina and stamina while fending off Tamayo’s Human Transformation Drug, he was still capable of easily outsmarting and consuming dozens of low-ranking Demon Slayers within minutes of emerging from its cocoon.

In this form, the razor-sharp toothed jaws/mouths found all over his body not only serve as his main means of assault in fight, but also as a means of aiding his recovery by allowing him to rip his opponents apart and devour their flesh, simultaneously killing and restoring strength.


Muzan’s Black Blood, Brambles method involves his using his own flesh and blood to create many barbed wires with black points to entangle his prey. The Shockwave Energy Blast is his second different skill, which appears later in the series.

Muzan demonstrated another unique power from his Blood Demon Art after being cornered by Tanjiro and Obanai and weakened by Tamayo’s four-step drug, in which he turned his torso and the top of his body into a large bestial maw.

From there, he let off a strong shockwave scream that could badly injure anybody caught inside its reach. When Tanjiro and Obanai were caught in the explosion, the majority of the attack fell on Kiriya and her sisters, who were linked to them by crows in the vicinity. Convulsions, paralysis, and breathing problems are all possible side effects of this procedure.

However, it is mostly employed as a defensive technique to fend off attacks. This method needs a charging period before usage, so it can’t be used often, however it’s commonly assumed that Tamayo’s medicines make it much more difficult for him to utilize it. Its affects may be lessened by using a Nichirin Sword, since the Self Stab can counteract some of its effects.


Muzan can lengthen his arms and develop several razor blades in his extended forearms, as well as change his hands into multiple bladed protrusions varying in length from 90 centimeters / 35.4 inches to 10 meters / 32.8 feet, which he can then throw about like whips to rip his opponents apart. His strikes have an exceptionally quick swing speed and a high level of precision.

Muzan has such a wide assault range thanks to his long arms that not even three Hashira could approach close to him. Muzan later sprouts 9 thin tubes, each 4 meters / 13.1 feet long, comparable to spine-like protrusions from his back that expand into blade-like tentacles resembling whips, after becoming even more agitated.

Muzan can use them in concert with his whip arms to greatly improve his attack range and amount of attacks, enabling him to quickly mow down hordes of Demon Slayers and corner four Hashira. Furthermore, reading the trajectory of each of the whips is very difficult, making it virtually hard to counter.

Muzan then sprouted four tubes, each measuring 7 meters / 22.9 feet in length, on each thigh.

They are much faster than Muzan’s vertebral whips, and thanks to his immense ability to change shape, he can quickly grow whips and then dispel them faster than human senses can perceive, allowing him to attack easily from his blind spots, as demonstrated when he uses them to seriously injure four Hashira and Hashira level demon slayers without them feeling or perceiving Muzan’s body changing and transforming.

Who Would Win in a Battle Between Tanjiro and Muzan?

Now we get to the most crucial and fascinating part of our article: the analysis. We’ll utilize what we’ve learned about these two characters to assess how all of these details would (or would not) aid them in a battle. Let’s keep going.

The fact that Tanjiro and Muzan are two completely distinct people is why we eventually picked this approach. The fact that Tanjiro is a Demon Slayer and Muzan is a Demon has a significant impact on their strengths and skills, thus we couldn’t compare them directly. Tanjiro, for example, is extremely reliant on his weaponry, but Muzan is not. The same may be said for certain flaws and resistances.

As a result, we had no choice but to use our traditional procedure. Now, if you’ve read our two introductions attentively, you’ve undoubtedly determined that Muzan is the most powerful Demon of all time, but Tanjiro had a long way to go before achieving his current level of strength. Despite this, Yuiichiro remains the franchise’s most powerful character, and it is because to his abilities and talents that Tanjiro was eventually able to overcome Muzan.

If you’ve read the manga’s final chapters, you’ll know that Muzan is a highly strong and sophisticated antagonist who is prepared to go to any length to live. This is why Tanjiro had no choice but to give it his all, which he did, slicing Muzan from the inside and murdering him. Tanjiro may not have been physically stronger than Muzan, but he became stronger throughout their fight and finally defeated him.

And it is precisely for that reason – that a theoretically weaker Tanjiro finally prevailed – that we must commend his abilities, and why we have ultimately determined that Tanjiro is the more powerful of the two characters.

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Tanjiro and Muzan are two characters from the manga series “Naruto”. They both have different strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will try to determine which one is stronger: Tanjiro or Muzan? Reference: is tanjiro stronger than muzan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is stronger Tanjiro or Muzan?

A: Tanjiro is much stronger than Muzan, even though he doesnt have any special powers.

Who is stronger than Muzan?

A: That would be a difficult question to answer.

Does Tanjiro defeat Muzan?

A: No. Tanjiro does not defeat Muzan in the end, and instead becomes ruler of the underworld.

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