Who won Survivor 2020? We’ll know soon enough. Yes, we’re ready for the final results of Survivor’s 2020 season because Jeff Probst will show you who won the war. Will it be Tony, Sarah, Ben, Michele, Denise or someone about to die out? Before we come to the final vote, we still have a few problems to solve and a few votes to hold.

Tonight’s show will last longer than normal, as the finals will take place from 8/7c to 11/10c. So please accept our live reporting and merits here. We’ll keep you informed of all the dramas and results all night long.

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2020 Last survivor: Extreme shutdown call

To start with, tonight we will see which of the previously eliminated players will win their return to the game. And because Natalie had so many fire badges, she bought three extras. So there’s no need to say that no one had a chance against her. Really? But it wasn’t that easy. She choked a little, robbed her for a second. And then Wendell, Rob and Sophie leave her. Natalie has finally caught up, and she’s winning again! She’ll be back in the game. It turns out her perks didn’t even help her that much.

2020 Last survivor: Request for immunity – 1st round

Immunity returned to prison. We have our first nocturnal immunity challenge, so let’s go! Who comes closest to the Only Survivor title this season? Michele was in last place, came from behind and won immunity!

2020 Last survivor: Stem Board – Cycle 1

Who will be sent first tonight and who will survive another round? Let’s meet the voices and find out!

But first, play idols! Natalie plays them. Tony’s playing it. Ben’s playing his.

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Ben. It’s time to give the signal. It’s just between Sarah and Denise.

Second ballot : Denise, Denise, Denise. Denise voted.

And now we’re getting ready for a repetition, because they keep limiting the finalists to 3 in the finals!

The watch of the idol: Natalie finds a re-elected idol!

2020 Last survivor: Immunity Application – Series 2

Who will use immunity in this cycle? Tony wins immunity!

2020 Last survivor: Stem Board – Cycle 2

Now we’re gonna find out who’s gonna make it to Final 3. Natalie, of course, is playing the idol she found. Let’s take a vote.

Votes: Ben, Michele, Ben, Michele, Ben. Ben voted.

2020 Last survivor: Last call for immunity

For the last time, the handle’s immunity has been restored. Who will win their place in the last three? Tony went out first. Sarah’s next. Michele is next. Natalie wins immunity and goes to the last three.

Final Stem Board

Natalie decides to choose Michele to sit next to her. Tony and Sarah have to make a fire for last place. And Tony wins the firefighting match! Last 3 – Natalie, Michele and Tony!

2020 Last survivor: Announcement of winners

Jeff reads the voices: Tony, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony… Tony – winning 40!

What do you think of the results of the winner of Survivor 2019? Did the jury do the right thing? Share your thoughts below! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and receive our email updates to find out more about the survivors.

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